Born Again!!

Waterfall in jungle

Oswald Chambers says to be born again means to see Jesus! To be “born again” is to see the kingdom of God, so new birth is new vision!! The eyes of your heart open to see anew, a new perspective, a new higher view, a heavenly view!!

The new birth is to receive Jesus’ nature, his Son nature! To be born of God means to receive the supernatural power of God that allows us to listen, hear and act on what we hear! God’s resurrection Life, his Spirit, the same Spirit that raised and ascended Jesus to perfect oneness with his Father and God, lives in us!! God’s Life manifests in us!!

Oswald says we can know doctrine and not know Jesus. We can be religious and never know God. We can be an intellectual believer and never know or experience the Love, Peace and Joy that flow like a River in us when we experience the actual substance and essence of the Son in us! The Son manifesting in us is the visible experience and encounter of the unseen, invisible Almighty God! When Jesus appears, you will be touched; when the Father’s Love comes into your heart through the Holy Spirit you will have a tangible experience or encounter! Even if you feel nothing, the fruit will be apparent! Our soul longs for the living water of the pure, crystal-clear River of Life, Spirit, Love, Light and Truth!!

Allow the Spirit of God to peel you like a banana, leaving only the golden fruit that remains!! Let the millstone of religion be cast into the sea and receive the presence and freedom of God: a fountain of living water continuously flowing in and through you to a thirsty world! According to Mary Audrey Raycroft in her book Releasers of Life: Discover the River Within, “thirsty” is ardent, eager, famishing, all-consuming craving and passion of the soul for complete union with God in the fullness of Spirit!! Jesus says, “Come to Me and drink!” Yes! Amen! Hallelujah!!

Greenness Waterfalls

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