Victory! Victory!!


You think “you” are your body; you think you are physical or “what you see is what I am.” But the truth is you have a physical body that houses an inner community of both good and evil spirits, out of sight but not out of your mind! Unfortunately, in the asleep human being, the dark unconscious rules and reigns. Triggers come from the outside so people blame external circumstances or people for making them unhappy, angry, fearful, lustful, or anxious. The truth is our body is a house for spirits of the astral world, thinking their distorted thoughts that cause negative emotions that fuel darkness and attract it to us OR we transform in the blood of the Lamb and the Holy Spirit of God comes to dwell in us, with the Mind of Christ producing the pure emotions of love, peace and joy! Until that transformation occurs, we will be in conflict, confusion, and our energy will be drained by life, as we are inhabited by the spirit of this world and his seven demons or negative entities.


It is time to wake up and receive the Light of Christ! See the truth and kick the dark unconscious to the curb, “Get OUT, this house/body temple is a house of prayer and the habitation of the Most High; this body temple is NOW and forever filled with the Light of Christ Jesus that shuts the door, opening the door to only God, Jesus’ Father and God, his Holy Spirit, and his seven spirits/angels from the throne above the highest heavens!!!!!!!! Our bodies are the new wineskins filled with new wine! Christ in you, the new wine, the NEW THING OF GOD, is in a new wineskin, your purified, refined, white-as-snow-in-the-blood-of-the-Lamb body temple!!!!!!!! AND “God’s LOVE is better than wine!” (Song of Songs 1:2) WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do not use the world’s formulas, sorcery, pharmakia, or techniques to remove the dark entities and their distorted thoughts and negative emotions in you; for everything in the world of men is duality and has side effects that hurt and harm. Love does no harm!! If you have been hurt by love or harmed by creations of man, it was not of God! “The greatest of these is Love,” not as the world gives, but true Love is God!! True Love in you is God in you!! If you try to sweep your house clean, seven more astral spirits will take up shop in you, and you will be in a downward spiral that leads to destruction. If you try to remove addictions or bad habits in your own willpower or with the help of your friends, you will remain an old wineskin, declaring a false identity: “I am only human” (or sinner or alcoholic or addicted to porn or overeating or ___). These are lies from the adversary, enemy destroyer, the accuser and deceiver of humans! Our true identity is the image and likeness of God: Christ in you!!!!!!!! The ONLY 100%, no fail, sure, guaranteed solution is Jesus, the visible manifestation of Love: God in the flesh!! His finished work of the cross in 70 AD changed everything and gave us everything we need to conquer and rise with him to rule and reign on earth as it is in heaven!!

His blood removes sin consciousness and gives you his Christ consciousness; his Word gives you resurrection life and ascension spirit power; his Holy Spirit and fire remove the spirit of this world and form Christ in you!! Christ in you is ALL you ever need; Christ in you is the treasure, the splendor, the Love, the beauty, the fragrance, and the glory of God IN YOU!!!! Jesus’ glory in you is perfect oneness with his God and Father!!!!!!!! Christ in you is all the fullness of God, his manifest Presence in you, his pure Awareness in you!!!!!!!!


“My chosen, in whom my soul delights; I have put my Spirit upon her!” When God’s Spirit rests upon you and his Holy Spirit dwells within you, you are unstoppable, a force for change in the world, a healing presence, a light house, a laser light beam, an oasis in the desert wilderness, a guiding light, a river of delight! When you are “hid with Christ in God,” the world receives Christ’s Love Letter and Fragrance through you; a shower and river of blessings; streams of living water flowing in and through you to the dark, dry desert wilderness places in the world! Wake up and BE all God says you are!!!!!!!!

“Do not wake up Love until it is time” (Song of Songs) But in 30-33 AD time was fulfilled and as of 70 AD it is “GO” time: it is GOD TIME!!!!!!!! Time to begin to move in his Spirit, led by his Spirit!! It is time to wake up to the timeless Christ in you!! “Christ remains forever!!” Take his timelessness into you in your timeline and fulfill the cross in you!!!!!!!! Time, as well as all law and prophecy, are fulfilled in Christ in you! NOW it is time to go timeless Way, Truth and Life, all the time, all the way to the Father and the new heavens on earth now (NHOEN and eventually the NHONE!)! The Son of Man rises in you and you will see the Son of God come in his glory in your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirk Cameron Photo

Kirk Cameron Photo

The Son of Man has already come with his angels in 70 AD finishing the work of the cross, destroying fallen consciousness, destroyed Adam and his lineage, destroyed the work of the devil in man, destroyed death and evil, cancelled the bond and legal requirements against man, disarmed the powers and principalities, placed the serpent under our feet and destroyed the external temple, making the way for humans to become God’s temple!

Since 70 AD, we all have to INDIVIDUALLY work in what God worked out AND work out what God worked in! Both/And!! We have to individually conquer our human conditioning and the mind of the world in us and be raised with the ascended Jesus to his Christ-consciousness that is perfectly one with God’s consciousness, that is beyond time, space (the NHOEN)! Only YOU can work out what God puts in: Christ in you! And there is only one force that seeks to keep you from the TRUTH of Jesus and his finished work in you; the evil agenda to keep you numb and dumb, deaf and mute, tongue-tied, Spirit sword-less, closed heart and mind, veiled, asleep, sick, dead, unconscious, under attack, poisoned, polluted, genetically altered, tempted into sin, lustful, needy, hungry ghosts, thirsty desert wilderness, uninhabited cities, depressed, anxious, stressed out, desolate, anchor-less, tent-less, defenseless, religious with no intimate relationship, separated, divorced from God, and distracted by: cares of the world, new age spirituality, false religion, cataclysm, disasters, wars and rumors of wars, lies, deception, trickery, subtle manipulation, mind controlled etc., etc., 

Don’t be deceived! Know the Way, Truth and Life!! Join the First Resurrection and be blessed!!! Jesus was the FIRST of the first-born from the dead; the first of many brethren! Come into Pure Awareness!! Pure resurrected Life!! Pure holy Spirit!!  Christ In You: the inhabited city is possible NOW!!!! The Kingdom of God is within, NOW, HERE, on earth as it is in heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Truly, truly, I say to you, the hour is coming, AND NOW IS” John 5:25

The Son of God will come with these first-born brethren and collectively ALL will see the manifest glory of God in the new heaven and a new earth (NHONE!)!!!!!!!! Divine Glory will fill the born of God’s body temples!! The fire of his glory will burn all that is not Christ, all antichrist spirits, and will rapture our consciousness and glorify all those who belong to Christ Jesus, the beloveds of God our Father; those who heard his call and answered, felt his wooing and romancing, experienced his Love, Peace and Joy, encountered his Spirit and fire,  allowed his Love to penetrate to the depths of our spirit man, marrying our innermost spirit being with his Spirit, making us one spiritualized flesh, perfectly one; the two become one new spiritual being on earth as it is in heaven!!!!!!!!

We are one body and one Spirit with God in Christ; in the true tent: the field of Christ’s Light!!!!!!!! “There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to…one God and Father of us all, who is ABOVE ALL and through all and IN ALL” Ephesians 4:4-6. We move from belief to knowing; faith to the perfect faith of Jesus; grace to the measure of Christ in you: his grace and glory IN YOU!!!!!!!! Our transformed, sovereign city-state nation: Christ In You WILL become inhabited by God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Son of Man united with your body, soul and spirit (Jesus was); Christ in you is possible NOW (Jesus is); the Son of God, perfectly one with his God and Father will come and inhabit your city: Divine Glory fills your body temple (Jesus is to come). His Christ remains forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christ in you was, is and is to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Take what has a rose! 🙂 Become a first-born! Join the heavenly spiritual army on white horses! Take up the Sword of the Spirit and prove Christ in you to you!!!!!!!! Conquer and be raised up with Christ to heavenly places and receive the shower of heavenly blessings, every good endowment, and every perfect spiritual gift from the King of glory who is King of kings!! He made you a kingdom and priests in the order of Melchizedek! He made you kings in the kingdom of heaven on earth! He made you sons of God led by the Spirit! Christ in you makes you the Bride married to the Spiritual Bridegroom!!!!!!!! Jesus is the Way, Truth and Life of God!!!!!!!!

The blood of the Lamb makes us white as snow

We are a white ROSE in the blood of the Lamb; we RISE with him

The Way to transformation is the one sure, guaranteed, proven, highest Way, the Way of Love! The Way of Love is the Way of the heart: the Way of the Mind of Christ in your innermost heart, the Way of transformation of water to new wine in a new wineskin!! Your body is meant to be the new wineskin to contain the blood of the Lamb that cleanses it, to receive the Holy Spirit to inhabit your body!! The new wine is Christ in your body, the new wineskin!!!! The new wine, the blood of the Lamb, is the river of water of life from the throne, the Holy Spirit and fire river, a continuous river of resurrected life, power, wisdom, understanding, revelation, knowledge and fountain of Love, Peace and Joy from Above in you!!!!!!!!


Get in the River and let it rise in you, higher and higher, until you become an overflowing Fountain!!!!!!!! Become a river of life!!!!!!!! Jesus said, “If any one thirst, let her come to me and drink. She who believes in me, as the scripture has said, ‘Out of her heart shall flow rivers of living water.’ Now this he said about the Spirit, which those who believed in him were to receive; for as yet the Spirit had not been given, because Jesus was not yet glorified” John 7:37-39. BUT NOW he has already been glorified since 70 AD when the new covenant began, the finished work Jesus was sent to do: get Christ back in God’s human beings!!!!!!!! The new thing: Christ in you!!!!!!!!

The external temple was destroyed so God could make his new temple his human’s bodies!!!!!!!! Get Christ in you and his divine glory can move into your body temple in the eternal Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!! Be assured of being awed instead of awful tribulation in the ten days of Awe Sept 13-23, 2015 by the Way! Repent! Change your mind! Metanoia! Transform by taking the Mind of Christ into your mind and heart and will! Be baptized by Jesus’ Holy Spirit and fire! Receive the finished work of the cross; the fruit of 70 AD when the new spiritual marriage covenant went into effect: Christ in you in perfect oneness with his God and Father! Watch! Be alert! Witness your thoughts! Drop into your heart and witness his peace, stillness and silence! Pay attention! Witness the experience of pure Awareness as you rise in consciousness and meet with Christ in the air! Feel the rapture of consciousness! Experience the Love of our Father! See the Light! Come into your right Mind! Come to your spiritual senses!

WARNING: TEN DAYS!!!!!!!!!! Move from a new first-born from the dead, repentance into new born of God at Rosh HaShanah (New Year) to at-ONE-ment on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) reverential AWE of God knowing the finished work of the cross in you: Christ in you and be saved from the hour of trial coming on the whole world; coming to those who still have the spirit of the world. WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you refuse to hear and believe and take it to heart, you choose ten days of tribulation and an hour of trial. Do not be deceived!!!!!!!!!! “Keep Jesus’ Word and do not deny his New Name. Behold, I will make those of the synagogue of satan who say that they are Jews and are not (also those who say they are the religion of peace and are not; those who say they are of Christ Jesus and are not) but LIE — behold, I will make them come and bow down before your feet, and learn that I have LOVED YOU. Because you have kept my Word of patient endurance, I WILL KEEP YOU FROM THE HOUR OF TRIAL which is coming upon the earth” Rev 3:8-10.

YOU have to CHOOSE, all are in the Valley of Decision: choose AWE in Christ or TRIBULATION and awful trial in the spirit of the world!

If you stay on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, identify with the world of men having the spirit of this world in them, having the mind of Adam (fallen consciousness), Moses (never got to enter the promised land; veiled), Jacob (the deceiver), as part of the synagogue of satan and you will go through the ten days of tribulation and the hour of trial.

The Messiah has already come; those that believe otherwise are of the synagogue of satan, no matter what religion they say they are. Get out of satan’s tree of the world and grafted on the tree of life in the spiritual realm of the Son! Come into AWE!!!!!!!!!! In Christ, Christ in you, you become a tree of life with the river of water of life flowing from the throne! Your being starts to provide healing, comfort, encouragement, edification, uplift, living bread yeast to rise like effervescent bubbles of Joy, reveal hidden treasures in others, free, deliver, opens minds, hearts and spiritual senses of the heart, and impart spiritual life! Christ in you is his living bread and wine in you; living spiritual food and water of life in and through you!!!!!!!!

Christ in you is the seed of the woman in you who CRUSHES the head of the serpent in and through you!!!!!!!!!! Get thee behind me Satan becomes get under my feet satan in the new covenant!!!!!!!!!! He has no legal right to you or your family or life with Christ in you!!!!!!!!!! Wear Jesus’ Victor’s crown with Christ in you!!!!!!!!!! Prepared to be AWED in WONDER!!!!!!!!!!

The kingdom of God, the kingdom of heaven on earth, is Christ in you, the hidden mystery of the gospel revealed in you!! We transform from the inside out!! The Holy Spirit and fire break open the seed of Christ in you and God grows it to full stature and maturity of Christ in you!! We are watered by the Spirit, fed with the Word, and transformed into his likeness and image by the transmission carried on the river of his blood: water that transmits his frequency of light, royal DNA, and vibration of his sound in you!!!!!!!! We are conformed to Christ on the inside, and we put on the true tent, the Light of Christ on the outside like a garment that completely covers us with an infinite Light field of God’s Goodness, Provision and Protection!!!!!!!! The government and Kingdom that has NO END upon you and in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Human Being Filled With Light, Surrounded by the Light

The Sword of the Spirit of God in your mouth is the greatest tool God has given us to overcome and conquer the lesser forces that have run your inner community for too long! When Christ and his seven angels/spirits from the throne above the highest heavens move in to your physical body, darkness (old heaven) dissolves and old forms melt (old elements of earth)!!!!!!!! But we have to use the Sword of the Spirit in our mouth to curse and give death to all that is anti-Christ in us and in our life and bless and give life to all that is Christ in us and our life!!!!!!!! “The power of death and life is in the tongue!” We use the power of the tongue, the two-edged Sword of the Spirit in our mouth, flowing from our transformed open heart containing the Mind of Christ, to bring the spiritual sword to the evil intentions, seeds and fruit of satan’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and peace/Jesus’ shalom to the all good seed and fruit of the tree of life in us and around us! We slay the inner beasts, kill the inner dragons and entities, and KNOW the seed of the woman in Christ IN YOU crushes the head of the serpent UNDER our feet! When our new married name is Christ In You, the equipment of the gospel of peace on our feet crushes the serpent under our feet and we walk in the Light of Love; the Light of God, who is Love; WHO DOES NO HARM!!!!!!!!

Christ Jesus is the Great Physician who does NO HARM, only heals, transforms, delivers from pain, comforts, makes whole, makes complete, lacking nothing, having everything, including real peace, joy, love, freedom from fear, true security, true rest for our soul, real holy matrimony as our purified, refined soul marries the Spirit of God making us one flesh! Our true tent is Christ’s Light, God’s true habitation!! We are clothed with Christ’s Light making us God’s field of Light!! Christ’s Light is our true tent where we tabernacle with God in one eternal, awesome FEAST as Christ in us satisfies and fulfills ALL!!!!!!!! We are filled with Christ’s Light making us a holy, righteous temple of God!! Christ in you is God’s glory in you!! Christ in you is all the fullness of God in you!! Christ in you overcame all enemies, adversaries, accusers, dark entities, dark unconscious, astral spirits and fallen stars/angels in you! Now be it in the world; bring his Light to the darkness!!!!!!!! Christ in you is the real morning star rising in you!! Christ in you is the real dawn breaking in you the supernal, never-setting, Light of lights in you!!!!!!!! Awareness and manifestation of Christ in you is glory divine filling your body temple!!!!!!!!!!!!! Victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the midst of the world of darkness, arise, shine!!

In the midst of the world of darkness, arise, shine!!

Christ in you is his Sword of the Spirit in your mouth to curse and bring death to all that is dark or evil, and bring comfort, healing, wholeness, freedom, love, peace and joy to all the earth and all her people!!!!!!!! Victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be ready for the Glory to fill your body temple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God’s pure awareness in you is heaven on earth; the world’s spirit in you is tribulation and trials. Be Awed! Be Awe!! Be Wonder!! Be a Miracle!! Be a Light! Be a tree of resurrected Life! Be a river of water of Life! Rise and be a fragrant Rose of Christ; a flourishing bloom of Beauty!! Arise! Shine!! Christ in you is his light and glory risen upon you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Yes! Amen. Hallelujah!! If Jesus delivered this message to you he would only have to say, ” Come to Me and take My Christ in you!!!!!!!!!!”

    Put on the armor of Light! Put on reverential Awe!! Get ready for the ten days and pray away the evil intentions and plans of those who wish to PREY upon the world with a deception. Do not be deceived!! The kingdom and its Christ is not “Out there”; the kingdom of God is within!!!!!!!! (Luke 17:20-23)

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