Christ Crush!!!!!!!!

Heart Rays of Son-light

I fully admit it! I have a Christ crush! The “seed of the woman has crushed the head of satan” in me and I am totally and eternally FREE with Christ in my body, soul and spirit! “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives IN me” (Galatians, what a GAL)!!!!!!!! Have a new KNOWING of CHRIST’S CRUSH! I am CHANGED: I am RENOWN, re-known, and PRAISE x2!!!!!!!! (Zephaniah 3:19-20). In the I Am of God we are as he is in the world!! (1 John 4:17) The ascended Christ of God has changed us so we can RE-KNOW (renown/re-know/reNHONE) and in KNOWING the WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE of God in us, we can only and ever PRAISE God as HE made US renowned and praise in Him in US: we are hid with Christ IN GOD! His Holy Spirit makes us remember the NHONE, a new heaven of a  new earth, the KNOWN NEW of Christ crushing the head of satan IN our new greater being IN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don’t you SEE???? Jesus did it once for ALL externally in 33 AD and made it possible for ALL in 70 AD when he removed the old heavens (plural kingdoms of the human mind) and old earth (manifestations of the many kingdoms of the mind of fallen Adam: fallen consciousness). 70 AD was the terrible day of wrath: the end of the OLD covenant with human beings!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ding Dong the witch is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You no longer need ruby-red slippers or Oz and a man hiding behind a curtain pulling the strings, a false storefront, a counterfeit deception, an imposter behind a curtain. Jesus REMOVED the curtain disguising satan and revealing the true holy of holies IN his human creations once and for all; now it is up to each individual to TAKE TO HEART what Jesus said and did and make it your OWN (no, not Oprah’s OWN) Jesus the Christ’s OWN becomes your own when you wake up and receive Christ’s Light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We FIRST AND FOREMOST need the Christ of God’s Spirit! His holy Spirit in you brings his Consciousness in you which brings his PURE awareness in you!!!!!!!!!!! His Christ-consciousness brings his MIND into you! You go from the world’s kingdoms (plural) in your mind to the ONE Mind of Christ: one kingdom of God, one kingdom of heaven in you!! The Mind of Christ in you transforms your heart and soul! The pure Awareness of Christ in your heart makes your heart pure and you can SEE God! “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God” The eyes of your heart are opened and enlightened! (Eph 1:18) This brings you fullness of JOY: Christ’s pure emotion in you!!!!!!!! This is the pure God fuel for the manifestation (new earth; new form) of the new heaven (new Christ thoughts from his PURE Mind in you)!!!!!!!! NHONE!!!!!!!! IN YOU!!!!!!!! RENOWN!!!!!!!! PRAISE God!!!!!!!! All Glory to God Almighty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tree of Life is a Light in us!

Tree of Life is a Light in us!

We do not need Rosh Hashanah or “special days” anymore because we have CHRIST JESUS!!!!!!!! Jewish holidays begin in the dark, at sunset; they are still looking for a messiah (denial of Jesus as Messiah) as are others. But the truth is Jesus WAS the Messiah eternally, forever!  Christ IS the eternal NEW DAY, new sun RISE, new dawn of Light that was external and IS internal in us and IS TO COME in greater and greater GLORY!!!!!!!! The Messiah has already come!!!!!!!! He sacrificed once and for ALL!!!!!!!! In 70 AD he finished it ALL!!!!!!!! NOW it is up to each individual to make it real by taking CHRIST to heart!!!!!!!! Let your heart be changed with Christ’s Mind in you, his Consciousness, Pure Awareness and Holy Spirit in you! Christ in you!!!!!!!!

Jesus was, is and is to come the TRUE LIGHT that enlightens ALL!!!!!!!! The True Light of Christ dissolves ALL darkness!!!!!!!! “Arise, shine; for your Light has come and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you” Isa 60:1 Jesus brought the true light and the glory; he resurrected it into us; ascended consciousness to unity with his God and Father; and SENT it down to manifest in you!!!!!!!! Come Holy Spirit and fire!!!!!!!! Burn and consume all the lies and deception/ reveal the hidden man behind the curtain and unveil Christ in us!! POUR upon all flesh Holy Spirit and fire of God!!!!!!!! Every cell receive the GIFT of God!!!!!!!! God in the flesh transform and transfigure us!!  Christ in you, the hope of glory!!!!!!!! Know the reality of Christ In You!!!!!!!!! Our God and Father will ALWAYS be greater than us; the Creator is ALWAYS greater than his creation, just as Jesus taught! But instead of us exalting ourselves (antichrist spirit), CHRIST in us exalts us and makes us HIS renown and praise (Zeph 3:19-20), wearing his garment of praise, wearing his Lamb, the lamp, the vehicle of Light that eternally shines the Light of God IN and THROUGH us!!!!!!!!

The Lamb of God is our lamp: arrow pointing to heaven, shining Light on earth!

The Lamb of God is our lamp: arrow pointing to heaven, shining Light on earth!

The glory of God is our Light! His Lamb is our lamp! (Rev 21:23) Arise, shine! The glory and light of God will rise on you with Christ IN you!!!!!!!! Wake up and receive Christ’s light and glory now!!!!!!!! Jesus reconciled us to EVERYTHING in heaven and earth!!!!!!!! Jesus reconciled us with his God and Father making him our God and Father!!!!!!!! It is time to inherit your Kingdom, crown, royal kingship, sonship, brideship, and royal priesthood!!!!!!!! Christ in you is the Kingdom of heaven on earth in you and its High Priest in the order of Melchizedek in you, making you a priest in God’s divine order, carrying the Presence of God, the ark of the new spiritual marriage covenant with God IN YOU!!!!!!!! His habitation IN YOU!!!!!!! Jesus made you a kingdom and priests to his God and Father (Rev 1:6); your biological identity is dead and gone! You are raised to the mother and father-less order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 7) whose Father is God and Mother is Spirit of God! The new name today: CIY DOZ! Christ In You Daughter of Zion!!!!!!!! EVERY DAY is a new DAY in Christ, Christ in you!!!!!!!! His Wings of Love soar in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Lamb of God is our lamp. Picture this: His Lamp shade is over your head; his light bulb is on your forehead: new revelation, unveiled mind, Christ Mind in you! YOU are the life of God’s Party with his Lamb’s lamp shade on your head!!!!!!!! 🙂


The Lamb’s floor lamp rod is in your spinal cord sending his Light to all seven major nerve plexus (energy centers) to flow to every cell of your body!


The harps of heaven play the new Song of Joy in you through the Lamb’s lamp rod of iron!!!!!!!! Christ rules and reigns in and through you, heaven on earth in you!!!!!!!! His Spirit flows through his lamp rod of iron in you, the river of water of life in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lamb’s lamp base is under your feet crushing satan and your soles emit the Lamb’s Light and you walk in his Light and there can be NO darkness under your feet; where you walk the Light spreads! You wear the equipment of the gospel of peace ON YOUR FEET! You receive and become Light from above the highest heavens at the throne, down into your crown covered by the Lamb’s lampshade DIFFUSING God’s Light into the world through you! There is a three way socket: Father, Son, Holy Spirit as ONE LIGHT!!!!!!!!


It flows down the Lamb’s Light rod in your spine and flows to every cell and to every step you take making you a CRUSHER of darkness with Christ’s Light!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christ Crush!



Happy New Eternal Year of Christ’s Light!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make SURE you are in the Lamb and his Lamp is in you and God’s Light and glory will be in you and shining through you!!!!!!!!!!!!! The same Light of God is in you; your body temple just looks unique! The same resurrection Power is in you! The same Wisdom from Above is in you; Christ’s Wisdom and Power is in you! Christ’s Light is both in you and all around you; you are God’s field of Light in Christ! Bathe in the Light! Bask in the Light! Drink in the Light! Shine the Light!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be a new city of Light!!!!!!!!

Happy New Eternal Day of EVERY New Year in Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome 5776!!!!!!! Raise the standard! Raise the lamp of the Lamb of God over your head! Fly the flag of Christ Jesus, the banner of pure Love, over your city, neighborhood, house and body temple!!!!!!!!!!!!! See the Light!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to Christ Crush!!!!!!!!

  1. Rob Barkman says:

    Praise the Lord for the wonderful change he has worked in each one of His people! May we all serve Him through His gracious enabling power! Lord bless.


    • The Lord bless you Rob! We praise our King of kings and Lord of lords; the King of Glory! Such grace! Grace, grace, great grace! Mercies new EVERY morning! Forgiveness never ending! Light, splendor and glory NEVER fading! Everlasting pure Love!! Peace beyond understanding! Love beyond knowledge!! Faithful and True, always full of the substance and assurance of Hope, the Good News, Light without any darkness at all, the Word of God Almighty!! The greatest of these: Love!!!! O Love that will not let me go!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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