Warning Dream

I have sat on a dream for a while now, putting a bit of it out to “test the water’ so to speak, yet feeling the weight of it and waiting. (weight/wait; interesting). But in the night a blinding light, a WHITE OUT, not as in physical worldly elements like a white out of snow that just covers up or hides the ugliness below it but as it melts the ugliness is even more ugly, not even a white out as in blinded by the sun if you make the mistake of looking into it and then try to see something in the natural and all there is is blindness. No, this white out was the PURE LIGHT of God and it dissolved EVERYTHING in its wake; there was ONLY LIGHT! And then this morning a dream I had a few days ago (an ant invasion) manifested in my kitchen as reality and I realized I had to share the big warning dream from 9-9-15 I was sitting on or other people’s blood would be on my hands as in Ezekiel 33. Considering tomorrow 9-23 is the “beginning of fall” and false religion is keeping people stuck in the “fall” of Adam and from a relationship as a royal son of our Father and royal bride of Christ, I cannot remain silent…

For three nights I had dreams, incarceration, having to cut clothing off, tribulation, cataclysmic changes followed by the big dream with these themes emerging immediately: deception, behind our back, snow job, tattoo, ruse, hidden motives, innocent front, pious holy outward appearance, big change coming, lost vehicle, big construction job, enemy is able to come after you if you have lost your garment or vehicle, your vehicle around you protects you from outside forces that want to harm you, get in your car and shut the door, locked, so no one can enter unless you open the door, the ruse: taking your vehicle or garment away, taking your freedom away, giving us a made-up story/a different gospel/different christ/made-up movie with actors saying “peace, security” but opposite is being given, not Peace (not clothed with Christ’s Light but pieces of a garment with holes), prey instead of pray, lion roaring is lying devils prowling and preying on innocent sheep, Jesuits/different Jesus overtook seven cultural mountains of world and offering final tattoo where snow melts and blackness is revealed, darkness is revealed underneath snow job…

The warning dream: I was invited to a dinner and when I arrived late, everyone at the dinner were nuns and they were talking about a BIG change coming. They said, “Everything has changed.” They were being forced to get married and they tried to get me to join them. Everything “sounded” really good and they were all love and light on the outside. They said, “Come be with us!” “It is all set up!” but I did not join them because my intuition said it was only an external appearance of goodness and welcoming graciousness and was indeed “a set up”. Something did not feel right. I tried to find my car but it was no longer there and as I continued to search, an enemy approached me to attack, but I shouted the name “Jesus” and he fell down and my feet rose or “flew up” in the air and power came out of my feet and the enemy was defeated (de-feeted by the equipment of the gospel of true peace of Jesus on my feet! The seed of the woman, the heel crushes the head of the serpent). Then the nuns showed up and said they would help me find my vehicle so I could go home. But they all split up into groups and it was confusing and convoluted, and we ended up at a big construction site (construction by man) and I was invited to go up a mountain with pope francis (computer typed “poop” instead of pope so I will use PF flyer from now on; Paul considered everything dung after experiencing the true Light of Jesus which blinded him for three days). On the top of this snowy (white-out erase real Jesus by mark of the beast) “snow job” mountain, PF flyer tattooed my back (hidden, so I couldn’t see what I was being marked with) then we watched a movie (acting, story, not real) together and he tickled me but it was sadistic tickling (tickling ears by false gospel), he acted innocent but the intent/motivation was not, and then I left and everything was frozen outside (Lion witch wardrobe’s Snow Queen/Frozen’s magic powers/Nordic myths/gods/Odin/ravens/cruel vikings/isis/sinister side of disney/sexual molestations/lady of the snow/demon queen of heaven/columbia/snow job takes our liberty instead of giving it) and the snow was really deep (deep snow job; lies; deep doo-doo, deep white-out of truth, white wash exterior) but my feet (defeat/de-feet enemy by walking in the Light of Truth: Jesus’ gospel on feet) melted the snow and under the snow job (climate change ruse to take freedom) was all black underneath (white pope wears white robe covering black priest garments underneath/hidden darkness disguised by light; black pope wears black and stays in the shadows), and a hole opened up (holes in their gospel/holes instead of holy/holes instead of wholeness/black holes and demons instead of the light of Christ in us), a “sink hole” “opening to the pit” (CERN trying to open a door Jesus closed; trying to go back in time to before Jesus removed all darkness) and a dark tunnel to a pit, I was falling through the tunnel and thought THIS IS IT, THIS IS THE END, but I found I had deep peace as pictures of my life flashed around me like a movie of my earthly life while immersed inside the avalanche of snow, yet found I could breath and relax because I was encased by Christ’s Light of Truth. I had deep peace surpassing all understanding and knew I was not going to die and would not face the death and destruction waiting at the end of that dark tunnel in the Pit…

Meaning: we are ALL invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb, but religion has offered a counterfeit dinner where we unwittingly yoke with counterfeit spirits. The dinner seems real and the nuns are wonderful, but their Boss is not offering the real wedding supper of the Lamb, a yoking with Jesus the Christ; they are offering a physical marriage with physical elements masquerading as the real marriage and a head who is a hidden capstone for lucifer who made a big change to what is pure: Christ in you as living bread and living water. They are offering mixed wine, a little good and a little evil that poisons, pollutes and enslaves our souls, putting a millstone around our necks and we are kept in bondage to religion and external ritual while the marriage supper of the Lamb is on the table waiting for us! The Vatican is inviting us all to join with them: every religion, nation, tribe, race, gender, and tongue; to join or yoke ourselves to their external god of the world for peace and security, to fight climate change, economic inequality, etc. We are invited up the mountain of PF flyer (“sneakers” and flyer wagon: popular old child’s toy; old vehicle; old covenant; laws that put you in bondage to sin and death, while Truth or Jesus says, “Come to Me”). The Vatican wants us to climb up the constructed tower of babel, man’s construction, religion, attempt to reach heaven as one world religion, surrounded by the seven mountains of influence that all bow down and worship the popular creation, the white wash, the sun and the moon and the stars (star quality, just like Evita, argentinian, vastly popular), but like a disney movie, the popularity comes with a price, there is evil lurking in the shadows and hidden agendas and hidden powers and principalities under the facade of goodness, poverty, kissing babies, an elaborate ruse, a white wash, a snow job, a constructed religion made from doctrine of men and demons; concocted, darkness disguised as light; servants of lucifer/satan disguised as servants of God; worshiping the creation instead of the Creator; under many gods/goddesses instead of under God; elevating men to gods; exalting themselves instead of Jesus exalting human beings back to perfect oneness with our REAL Father: Jesus’ God and Father

Jesus said, “Call no man father.” Call no man a constructed title; call no man Vicar of Christ or Pontifex Maximus who pontificates from a throne built by men and demons. The seven plagues of Rev 16 have played out before our very eyes as the poisoning of the air (geoengineering) has caused the drought and made way for the “kings of the east” vaticanos to come by way of Cuba and US and UN to “save” the day in California drought and wild fires with an encyclical on climate change and whatever big changes they deem solutions to the chaos they created to put into law, religious and governmental, to enslave souls and take away God-given freedom and liberty.

They created chaos behind the scenes, wars, conflict, false flags, terrorist groups, and divisions between nations, races, religions, genders, orientations, sects of Christianity and now come to D.C. where abomi-nation and pf flyer can concoct a solution by way of governmental, religious, economic laws and the united nations or UN or unbelief in God. UN or un, negates true freedom in Christ in you: God’s Solution that has already been paid in full so it is NO COST to any human being, the laws and regulations coming will cost you all. The UN is the opposite of belief in the finished work of the cross of Christ: the truth that if you just believe and Come to Jesus and yoke with him, his Christ Spirit in you makes you PERFECTLY one with his God and Father and you have EVERYTHING of his Son: all the power and authority given to Jesus is in you in his Christ in you. THIS IS THE ONLY REAL SOLUTION! All man-made solutions, religious, governmental, economic, military, or united nations, one world order, religious or governmental is a SNOW JOB, a white wash, a counterfeit of the REAL and ONLY SOLUTION: Christ in you, one nation UNDER God!! ALL creation is groaning and longing for human beings to wake up and receive the Light that only “Christ in you” can give! The U.N. represents UN-belief in Jesus, which makes way for un-godly solutions, for man-made religion to yoke with man-made governments opposed to the REAL government of God: his kingdom that has no end!! Many antichrists have come and there are many antiChrists in the world right now: snow jobs, white-washed tombs to offer solutions with hidden strings: jews who are not really Jews; Christians that are not really of Christ Jesus; ISIS that is not really Islam; governments that are not really of the people for the people; institutions that are ruled by the hidden capstone of Lucifer; secret societies with satanic hidden agendas, etc., etc…

Nothing external to us can save us or forgive us or free us; no religion can save you; no religious leader can save you. Jesus ALREADY saved you and only “Christ in you” is the manifestation of salvation. Manifested purification, refined by fire, made white in the blood of the Lamb, whole, complete, perfect, lacking nothing, righteous, holy, blameless, irreproachable, true spiritual worship, pure awareness, pure heart, pure mind, pure intentions, fullness of Joy, perfect Peace and Love are the fruit of the Spirit of God. Only Christ in you can melt the frozen spiritual man inside, break open the seed of Christ, free who you really are so you can grow into a full tree of life watered by the river of water of life, a continuous fountain of God’s Spirit, Life, Truth and Light!! Christ IN you is the only true power and authority; not an external puppet head, figure-head, image, stone statue, wooden figure, metal crucifix worn around the neck, or external representative of Christ. No Vicar of Christ (number is six six six), no Pontifex Maximus (pagan title), no princes (bible says demons), bishops (bible says foul spirits), cardinals (bible says foul birds Rev 18), can speak for the living one, alive forever more, first and last (Rev 1:18) and  his Christ in you! THIS is the good news; THIS, Christ in you, is the hidden mystery of the gospel that was revealed by Jesus after ages and generations! The hidden capstone of the seven mountains of influence: religion, government, business, education, media, entertainment and family is satan or lucifer, the counterfeit light…

Do not be deceived! Do not fall for the deception! Do not fall for the elaborate snow job or movies with actors presented as reality. At the Emmys on Sunday, fallen stars came out of a space-ship like set… The world is enamored by fame, popularity, science, technology, geoengineering, transhumanism, robots, CERN instead of discernment, sex, money, power, veiled women,  and gentle appearing, smiling leaders saying all the right words but their heart has other motivations; speaking world peace and security, serving the poor, offering human solutions to climate change and economic disparity, open to welcoming and baptizing aliens,  and the Vatican’s lucifer on top of an Arizona mountain watching the sky for the Watchers:

“Some good angels/spirits/stars, but also those identified as falling from heaven, led astray by the first 2 of 5 Satans – Similitudes of Enoch 69:4; 54:6 – Esp. Satanail entices the Watchers in the 5th heaven to revolt against God. This Satan will also later condemn and torture these same Watchers (54:3, 5).
some of the Watchers who fall are imprisoned in the 2nd heaven and others are cast to earth where they take human women (Enoch 7:3, 18:4) who bear giant offspring (the Nephalim of Genesis 6) – Jubilee 13:17-35; Testament of Reuben 5:6
Where do the Watchers fit into the story of Noah? First, they teach men the technology that ultimately corrupts the earth with bloodshed – 1 Enoch 8-9
Second, because of the corruption of the world, Enoch passes on the secret wisdom of God via his descendents, via Methuselah, Lamech and on to Noah. This secret knowledge included healing (as seen in the movie) but also the coming flood and the need to build an ark – Jubilee 7, 10
Third, the children of the Watchers (the giants, who when they die, become evil spirits) work destruction in the world
Noah prays that God will destroy these spirits from off the earth in the flood – Jubilee 5, 10; 1 Enoch 7:2ff
These spirits become the demons (1 Enoch 16:1) – 90% of them are bound until the final judgement but 10% survive the flood and continue to roam the earth wreaking havoc (as demons) – Jubilee 5, 10″
Brad Jersak

I have now delivered the warning dream as in Ezekiel 33, warning about the false shepherds described in Eze 34 so I can rest in Christ in God, Christ in me with no blood on my head. I warn and exhort you to “Come out of her” as in Rev 18; come to Jesus, yoke with him alone; say yes to the wedding supper invitation of Rev 19; and SEE the Light, “see a new heaven and a new earth…let the glory of God be your Light, the Lamb of God be your lamp…receive the river of water of life, bright as crystal flowing from the throne of God and of the lamb…wash your robe in it and have the right to the tree of life, ‘Christ in you’, entering the new Jerusalem, the Bride, through the door of Jesus; and Come, take the water of life without price” Rev 21-22

Take it all!! Freely TAKE the water of life, tree of life, new heaven and a new earth, Christ in you, and be a royal bride and son of God!!!!!!!! Jesus already paid the total cost for you to come and take it ALL! How do you take it? Take it ALL by faith! What is faith? Evidence and conviction, substance and assurance of the unseen: Christ in you is perfect oneness with Jesus’ God and Father, your God and Father!!!!!!!! True Peace, Love, Joy, Freedom, Harmony, Life Abundant; Pure Light and Awareness, Pure Heart, Pure Mind, Pure Intention, Pure Love that will not let you go, never dies, eternally forgiving, compassionate, gracious, merciful, glorious, awesome, fulfilling and satisfying! Christ in you is all the fullness of God in you!!!!!!!! Get the REAL thing!!!!!!!! Do not fall for the deception or settle for counterfeits!!!!!!!! Christ in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today is the Day; NOW is the time; Here is the place: Christ in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! End of story; beginning of REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christ in you…

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4 Responses to Warning Dream

  1. “On God our salvation and glory rest.” Messiah’s Spirit of peace given to dwell within us is a constant reminder of His love for us. A sort of proof lacking in others who claim to know the truth. Our Truth is our Savior made known to us. Nothing or no one can take that from us. The lawless frauds have a destiny with the “Lake of Fire”. And, they will not be alone. Thank you dear sister for displaying fearless courage in writing about these things!

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    • Thank you Gary for your edification and encouragement! Jesus is the known truth, nothing hidden, nothing lacking, everything provided!!!!!!!! It is finished!

      Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty! We submit to only your rule and reign for ever and ever! Your kingdom has no end!! Yes, our Messiah is the Spirit of Truth and Life; the true Spirit of Peace whose government has no end and rules with the Sword of the Spirit and a consuming fire that consumes all antichrist in us and an unconsuming fire to all that is Christ in us! Yes Truth is known, not a hidden unknown, not secret gnosis or hidden knowledge for only a few or an elite few. God is our strength and shield; a Son, not the created sun or reflected moon and stars who can only reflect the true Light of the world. The Son and his kingdom came to us from the Creator of heaven and earth to conform us to his image and likeness; to join Jesus as first-borns from the dead!. We worship the Creator not the creation! To God be the glory for ever and ever!!!!!!!!

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  2. Me says:

    Yvonne, do you make anything of this coming blood moon eclipse Sept 27, final of the Tetrad, and on Feast of Sukkot? Its totality is also at 1111 AST…


    • “One man esteems one day as better [or worse!] than another, while another man esteems ALL days alike. Let every one be FULLY CONVINCED IN HIS OWN MIND” Romans 14:5
      “As a man thinketh IN HIS HEART, so he is”
      I chose to think and be fully convinced that it is the eternal DAY of Christ Jesus: Christ in me, where “In that day, you will know that I am in my Father and you are in me and I am IN YOU” John 14:20!!!!!!!!
      God bless you, Me!!!!!!!! ~Yvonne


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