Source: Secret Garden

Source: Secret Garden

We boast, not in what we have done, but what Jesus has already done for ALL, reconciled ALL things in heaven and on earth! “I am weak, but He is strong in me, yes, Jesus loves me!” “I decrease so He can increase in me!” “It is no longer ‘I’ who live, but Christ who lives in me!” so we boast of Him…

Jesus’ whole mission was reconciliation of ALL things on earth with heaven and all human beings with his God and Father! He reconciled all separation and divisions, as well as reconciling our body, soul and spirit to his God and Father so we could carry on his work on earth as it is in heaven…

“Christ is all, and in all” Colo 3:11b

Source: Alexey Kljatov

Source: Alexey Kljatov

Jesus has already done it ALL for ALL! Our words get in the way, so we drop back to the source of our words: our heart! We drop into the secret place within where Christ is all and in all. There in our heart we remember who we are and what we are here to do… “Be still and know that I am God” In the stillness and silence, door closed to the physical senses, we reconnect and commune with our First Love…and all the external miscommunication and division and separation just melt away and the flame of His Love fans our twin flame into ever-increasing compassion, forgiveness, mercy, grace… all that is present is Presence and Awareness that there is only one Spirit and one body and infinite numbers of souls, as unique as the grains of sand on the beach…


We boast of Jesus, the reconciler of all things in heaven and on earth! His Christ Spirit comes to every human heart to reconcile all things: separation, divisions, beyond religion, beyond politics or political correctness, beyond nations and world governments. He comes to your heart in true humility; no flags flying, no expensive jet and entourage, under the banner of no religion or city-state nation, no, Jesus comes to your heart as no-thing, but the most Powerful Presence, the EXACT representation of our God so we can know him as Jesus knows him, as our true Father! God is Spirit, Truth, Love and Light without any darkness at all…

When Christ brings Light to our heart, we receive a powerful Upgrade to a new operating system: Christ In You!!!!!!!!

We boast in Christ, for we can truly do nothing apart from him that doesn’t cause harm in the long run. When words divide, go back to the source of all words, the heart. The heart of the matter is always Christ — underneath all conflicts and physical appearances, underneath all divisions, disorders, diseases, and distressing circumstances or social ills is the true peace of Christ, in you!!!!!!!!

Christ already filled all things with the FINISHED work of the cross; we need no other savior, alien technology or laws. Remove all outer physical appearances and you will find the perfection, completeness, and holiness of Christ in you; and when we let him work through us, we will all see it in our external circumstances and the world as well!!!!!!!! Human beings awake to the truth of who they are and who they carry is the most powerful force for good, transformation and real peace, joy, love and life abundant for ALL! No one is excluded from the Holy Spirit and fire of God’s Love; it is FREE and available for ALL, all the time, here and now…

There is true peace within: in Christ, Christ in you! Do not judge by outward appearances, forgive all for everything, bring your gift to the altar of your heart, your entire being, and receive the keys to the kingdom of God and HIS righteousness and ALL things are given to you! Where does our help come from? Not from heads of state or heads of world religions; our HELP comes from the Lord who already SENT the Holy Spirit, the Helper, the Counselor, the Comforter, the Healer, the Deliverer, the true FREEDOM of knowing Christ in you is greater than ANYTHING in the world…

We have only one thing to do: conquer our own mind that tells you there is something wrong with you and blames you for the problems in the world. THIS is a lie! Human beings are made in the image and likeness of God and need no more saviors, for Jesus reconciled everything for EVERYONE! It is finished! It is done! Empowered and equipped with the Holy Spirit and fire of God, there is NOTHING that we can’t do! “With God, ALL things are possible!” When thoughts that accuse come, from inside or outside voices, remind yourself whose you are and who you are and what you carry!!!!!!!! The answer and solution to EVERY problem is within you, and every human soul is here, now, for a divine purpose, with a unique solution for every issue, challenge, problem, difficulty or situation in the world! Remember we have ALREADY been transferred from the dominion of darkness to the new kingdom of the beloved Son; you just didn’t get the memo yet! There is only one body and one Spirit on the new earth now: Christ in us, the new heaven (Mind) and his power, wisdom, revelation, counsel, understanding, knowledge (greater than any other-worldly intelligence, whether alien or otherwise)! Wake up and receive Christ’s Light and See the Light! Know you are this Light; know you are a Light city set on a hill! Let all of our Light cities cover the whole earth; the glory of the Lord covering the earth like water covers the sea!!!!

Just chip away from the slab of stone all that the world has put on you, until you get to Christ in you! Then we can know what our unique soul is here to do, and when each soul, married to Christ’s Spirit, steps out with their unique God-given talent, the world will transform in a twinkling!!!!!!!!

The focus is not the outside, or the problems of the world… but God on the inside…the source and generator of all real solutions that cause NO HARM and bring Life and Life more abundant to ALL!!!!!!!!


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  1. 19maude56 says:

    Praise God!!! Yes, and Amen!!! Wake up!!! Wake up Everybody!!!

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