It is REALLY Done!!!!!!!!


“It is finished!” ~33 AD. It is finished was the cry of the heart of God that human beings were finished with the fallen consciousness of Adam…

“It is done!” It is done is the cry of the heart of God IN US, God’s pure consciousness in us, when we wake up and realize that all is already done as of 70 AD for everyone who receives it!!!!!!!!

It is done in consciousness and we each have to make it real IN US!

Jesus said HIS GENERATION would not pass away before ALL these things take place! The end of the earth and the end of heaven (Mark 13:27) was the angels gathering the elect Jews 144,000 while millions died in the worst possible tribulation (read horrific recording of Josephus about 70 AD and Tacitus about Nero 64 AD). Jesus said it would ALL be in his generation and that “there will be such tribulation as has not been from the beginning of the creation which God created UNTIL NOW (in Adam’s lineage), AND NEVER WILL BE again (in Jesus’ lineage)” Mark 13:19

It WAS finished for ALL! and it WAS done for ALL! BUT NOW it is about INDIVIDUALLY receiving “It is finished!” AND “It is done!” We know beyond knowledge  by experiencing it in our own being! It surpasses information when we TAKE IT and OWN IT as we EXPERIENCE it for ourselves!!!!!!!! The LOVE of Christ surpasses all other gifts of the Spirit AND it surpasses knowledge by YOU EXPERIENCING IT FOR YOURSELF. Intellectual knowledge will never set you free! Experiencing the new heaven (Christ in you) in your body WILL set you FREE!!!!!!!!

Jesus told us NOT to look outside ourselves or external for Christ. He said, “If any one says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ! or ‘Look, there he is!’ do not believe it…take heed; I have told you ALL THINGS beforehand” Mark 13:21-23


When Jesus started his ministry, he said, “The kingdom is at hand” and told his generation to pray “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” After “THAT tribulation” (Mark 13:24), satan was removed from the old heaven and placed on the old earth without a kingdom (but in darkness), and the old heaven and earth ended for those in Christ (Mark 13:27). “Heaven and earth passed away, but Jesus’ words NEVER pass away” Mark 13:31. The Word of our Father through Jesus (new heaven) is continuously creating a new earth IN US if we allow it and don’t block it or form a barrier to separate us from the Word manifesting IN US and THROUGH US!

When we wake up and receive the Light of Christ, we are transferred from the dominion of darkness to the kingdom of the beloved Son NOW and is to come as more and more people wake up and receive and EXPERIENCE the manifestation of LOVE! God is LOVE! In the beginning, LOVE!! (Gen 1:1) “God is LOVE. In this the LOVE of God was made MANIFEST among us (0-33AD)” 1 John 4:8-9. LOVE, our Father, was made manifest in Jesus and UNLOVE was finished at the cross “It is finished!” In 70 AD, all that was still under satan (those who still rebelled and rejected Jesus as the Christ) were removed by the consuming fire of God so that “It is ALL done!” All that remains is LOVE and the manifestation of LOVE: our Father and his Son: invisible LOVE and visible, manifest LOVE in a new heaven and a new earth (NHONE)! In Christ we are in the NHONE; Christ in you is the manifest glory of God IN YOU!!!!!!!! We live in a higher dimensional light or awareness amidst the darkness of the world and the thick darkness of those who are still asleep or dead in Adam!

After 70 AD to NOW, the present of God (His Presence is the present that was pre-sent NOW), ALL that is Real, True, and Trustworthy is LOVE, the new heavenly consciousness and the manifestation of that LOVE, a new earth body! “Truly, I say to you, THIS GENERATION (0 AD to 70 AD) will not pass away before ALL these things take place. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away” Mark 13:30

In 70 AD our Father was “near, at the very gates” of our body (Mark 13:29)! NOW and is to come we can ALL invite him from being near and at the gates to ENTER our body temple through Christ in you; the tiniest seed of Christ, placed in each human before the foundation of the world, when watered by the river of water of life, grows into a full, mature tree of life!!!!!!!! NOW is the present of the Presence of God where there is no time nor space; it is ALL HERE NOW!!!!!!!! Instead of a linear progression (the old world’s way), we take the beginning AND the end and form a circle (the Way!)! NOW HERE!! The water above the earth and the water below the earth form a circle and we are surrounded by the water of Life abundant!! We are in surround sound!! The Word of our Abba Pappa is continually creating, regenerating, a new heaven and a new earth IN US if we will only wake up and receive ALL of the fullness of God! We can receive ALL of the fullness of LOVE (God!) that surpasses knowledge as direct EXPERIENCE IN US and THROUGH US!!!!!!!! ALL means ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Man is on a journey” Mark 13:34! We must leave what we think is our home (old heaven and old earth conscious awareness) thinking good and evil in our human mind, and invite the Master of the house (our body temple), who COMES SUDDENLY when we least expect it (I was in deep despair on my couch). My spirit unconsciously invited him when I opened the bible to Matthew and began to read, and his Word was able to bring his life and Spirit to me, putting me on the journey to FREEDOM! His Words have never passed away!! They are just as powerful NOW to transform our body, soul and spirit and transfer us to the new heaven and new earth (NHONE), the kingdom of heaven on earth in our body!!!!!!!! Let there be Light!!!!!!!!

The doorkeepers (his angels) (Jesus is the Door) keep watch at your gates for nothing accursed can enter the NHONE (Christ in you!)! Until you come Home to your innermost heart in the heart of Christ in the Heart of our Father, the NHONE, the kingdom of God, you live outside the gates. Only when you allow the past to be dead and gone: the old to be passed away, can you come off the cross or tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the place of the skull with the old Adam and satan, and come HOME to the tree of life IN YOU! The Seed planted in your inward being, your secret heart (Ps 51:6), will grow ROOTS deep into LOVE, deep into the bottomless well of Jesus, and BRANCHES beyond the highest heaven into the Source of LOVE: the Source of the River of Water of Life abundant!!!!!!!! You receive the Mind of Christ which gives you the seal of God on your forehead; your neural branches are reconnected, rewired with our Father’s higher thoughts and ways!!!!!!!! The tree of life that began as a tiny seed hidden in your spirit being in your innermost heart grows to a huge expansive Tree that shades your body like a lampshade and is an upwelling fountain drinking from the deep roots of Christ to above the highest heavens!!!!!!!!

Two become One

Two become One

Your body becomes a tree of life watered  by the water of life (LOVE); your new earth horizontal foundation is twelve precious gems or jewels representing the twelve apostles, rays of light or awareness! Your new body’s vertical wall is the dimensions of heaven represented by the twelve tribes of Israel: it becomes REAL in you (IsREAL)!! Each of the twelve gates is a single pearl, representing Jesus’ fulfillment of ALL law, prophesy, in all, and all the tribes in ONE NEW MAN (Jew + Gentile/human + God), bringing all to ONE NEW BEING: the NEW creation!! The OLD has PASSED AWAY!!!!

Our NHONE body temple is ablaze in Light and radiates Light! We are the new city of Light on God’s hill: heaven on earth!! We wear the wedding garment of white that contains all the colors, all the apostles mantles and all the tribes angels merged into one coat of brilliant, radiant, pearlescent, glorious Light surrounding our body! When we wear the robe of Christ, his God and Father sees ONLY the Son in us! The old sea (old “see” or way of seeing) has PASSED AWAY (Rev 21:1)!! We wear the invisibility cloak of Christ: the old human is invisible, only Christ in you is visible to our Father!!!!!!!! It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me! We are hid with Christ in God! The old Adam passed away; Christ in you is the new creation, the two become one!!

Tree of Life

With our new body temple, the NHONE body, the glory of God is our inner Light; the Lamb is our lamp!! Our lampshade is the Lamb-shade: our helmet of salvation! Our spinal cord is Jesus’ rod of iron, the rod that brings the Light to the whole body through the nerve plexuses!! The Light of Christ is our new lampstand refined-gold body; we buy it from the ascended Jesus by giving him our OLD body, the dead Adam body, the old human body! When we wake up and receive Christ’s Light we begin to SEE new; the old sea (see) is gone or passed away!!

Our heart eye is the lamp of our body and the Lamb is the lamp, filling our whole body with light (Luke 11:33-36)!! Our opened, enlightened heart eye is Christ in you! The NHONE body is “wholly bright, the Lamb’s lamp with its rays gives you light” Luke 11:36. Your WHOLE BODY is full of Light, “having NO PART dark” (Luke 11:36) making YOU a bride that comes DOWN out of heaven FROM GOD! Jesus resurrected us with Him and we are seated with him in heavenly places being ministered to, glorified, taught by his Spirit, sanctified wholly body, soul and spirit, our spots of darkness removed until we are ready to LIVE, MOVE and HAVE OUR BEING in the NHONE!!!!!!!! Then  you are the golden city of God, clear like glass, the glory of God shining in and through you (Rev 21:9-27) in the midst of enemies and darkness of the world (Ps 23:5; Isa 60:1-5)! You are a fruiting (Christ fruit) tree of life with the River of Water of Life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb, flowing in and through you!!  You begin spreading Christ-fruit-seeds in the dark world to germinate and grow the fruit of the Spirit!! Wake and receive the Light of Christ and BE a tree of life in the NHONE paradise!!!!!!!!

It is finished! It is done!! “Behold, I make ALL things new!” Rev 21:5 ALL means ALL for ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Heart of the Tree of Life in you!!

The Heart of the Tree of Life in you!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to It is REALLY Done!!!!!!!!

  1. 19maude56 says:

    Amen!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! Praise God it is FINISH!!! Yes, it is really done!!! Awake and receive your inherited blessing!!! The Word says ‘according to your faith so be it unto you’!!! Be filled with the glory of God! ‘Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.’ Feast on the Word, the more Word the more faith, the more faith the more the reality becomes. God bless you Yvonne, good to hear from you again!!!❤🙏😊


    • Hi Maude!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the Truth!!
      It is done unto us as we believe! We have to settle it once and for all in our own minds! Conquer and be raised UP!! The spiritual dimension of “Christ in you” is beyond comparison to the dead world. Come Alive! Feel Alive! Experience the Life of God in you! Let it Rain! Let it Rain! Open the floodgates of heaven and let it Rain the Water of Life, the flowing liquid LOVE of our Father!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is inexpressible Peace; unutterable Joy; perfect Harmony and heart-expanding Love, the yeast of Life-abundant that just keeps rising and expanding in the warmth of our Father, our Abba Pappa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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