Conscious of Heaven on Earth!!!!


There are many states of consciousness; there are many levels of being…

self-consciousness is a weed that overtakes the tiny seed of Christ in us that with the watering and fiery sun of the Spirit will grow into God-consciousness…

God-consciousness is the place Jesus prepared for us; his Spirit and fire take us there in our heart awakening our true being!!!!!!!!

In the inward being, in the secret heart, we are conscious of only God; our being is in the new heaven on a new earth; and LOVE reigns forever and ever!!!!!!!!

The first heaven and earth were removed by water in the days of Noah…the world that existed then is gone…

the second heaven and earth were removed by fire in the generation of Jesus…the world that existed then is gone…

the new heavens and new earth are the spiritual places in consciousness that Jesus went to prepare for those who believe in Jesus as the Christ and believe in his God and Father as our God and Father!!!! (Isaiah 65:17; Isaiah 66:22; 2 Peter 3:13 new heavens and a/the new earth) (Rev 21:1 a new heaven and a new earth)

I believe that is “where” I went when I was taken UP, caught UP, raised in consciousness beyond my earthly awareness in 1998…to the consciousness of new heavens/dimensions that form a new earth…the spiritual dimension of our Father and his Lamb…”taken to myself, that where I am you may be also” (John 14:3) absorbed into LOVE!!!!!!!! You can’t really know what you have never experienced…God says, “Come up higher” “Come and Taste and See” “Lift your eyes (way of higher dimensional seeing from the innermost heart) and See!”

Jesus brought heaven to earth…brought the spiritual kingdom or dimension of God or LOVE to earth…

then he removed ALL of fallen Adam and his lineage and it remains nailed to satan’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil that cannot bear fruit…removing satan as our spiritual father..

when Jesus resurrected, he resurrected our image and likeness of God!!!!!!!!

when He ascended he promised to draw all humans up with him and send us the Holy Spirit and fire to baptize us with His anointing that teaches us ALL things…the holy fire removes the anti-Christ in us…the Holy Spirit is our Helper or help-mate to present us spotless, blemish free, and at peace to the presence of his glory with rejoicing…before all time, and now and for ever” Jude 1:24-25

Those devoid of the Spirit live on the old heavens and earth…living in duality and division… with the antichrist spirit dwelling within their body…

Those who accept the finished work of the cross and the hidden mystery of the gospel: “Christ in you”, live in the consciousness of the new spiritual earth in the new heaven within: Christ in you! Everywhere that righteousness dwells is a new heaven and a new earth; Christ in you is righteousness dwelling in you making you a new heaven in a new earth-body!!!!!!!!

There is no time nor space in the Spirit! It is all here and now!!!!!!!! “Before all time and now and for ever” Jude 1:25 The past is gone and only the human mind can resurrect it and live in it: a false reality; the old worlds and old heavens and their manifestation of good and evil worlds or dimensions of being…

“The Spirit baptizes us into the ONE body of Christ…all are made to drink of one Spirit” 1 Cor 12:12-13

There is one human on the old heavens and earth: fallen Adam, the harlot, who is living in duality, idolatry and adultery; his spiritual father is satan and he is under the powers and principalities of sin, death and evil…he has an orphan spirit and a widow spirit: both alone and without the LOVE he needs to live, so he tries to fill the hole or love-deficit with things of the world and it leads him on a downward spiral…

Solar activity, SDO ultraviolet image

Solar activity, SDO ultraviolet image

There is one new creation in the new heavens and a new earth: Christ in you, the bride! “There is one body and one Spirit” Ephesians 4:4! The one new man is the ascended Jesus and those who are drawn up with Him, making us sons led by the Spirit of God. Then “your sons marry you” and “you are called by a new name: Daily Delight and Married” (Isa 62:2-5; Rev 2:17; 3:12). “Your Maker is your husband” Isaiah 54:5! The bride is those who are conscious of Christ in them living, moving and having his Being in them, his glory in them making them perfectly one with his Father. The bride is conscious of the new heaven and earth in her!

“In that day you will KNOW (experience) that I am in my Father, and you are in me, AND I AM IN YOU” John 14:20! “To KNOW (experience) the LOVE of Christ that fills you with ALL the fullness of God” Eph 3:19! “Christ in you” is his Father in you, making YOU the bride that comes down out of heaven from God; you come into the darkness as a city set on a hill shining her light in the midst of darkness; bringing more and more heaven to earth through you! The God-consciousness of Christ in you dwells on earth IN YOU! The consciousness of heaven on earth lives in YOU manifesting more and more as your kingdom consciousness grows, expands, increases and multiplies from glory to glory! We begin to live in Awe, Wonder, Amazement, and child-like curiosity, spontaneity, play, rest, trust and FREEDOM!!!!!!!!

The conscious awareness that LOVE lives in you in an unending supply, limitless, super abundant, all potential, every possibility, all good endowments, every perfect gift from the Father of light, every morning a new supply of essence and substance of God, new creative expression, new glory, new facets of infinite Goodness, new spiritual worlds of being opening up, new dimensions of LOVE, new discoveries beyond space and time in the place Jesus prepared for you: the new heavens and earth within; new levels of consciousness/awareness and their manifestations into form BLOWS OUR MIND more and more into HIS GLORIOUS MIND AND PRESENCE!!!!!!!! Glory Divine!!!!!!!!

There are many states of being, many levels of consciousness, many spiritual dimensions beyond time and space IN YOU…

everything is possible and available in the perfect beingness of Christ in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the world you will have tribulation…but Jesus prepared a place for you IN HIMSELF, in ascended consciousness, in His Father and God: the new heaven and new earth, the kingdom of God on earth IN YOU, where we can live in Peace (in Jesus), in Joy (in Jesus), and in LOVE, the source of everything in heaven and earth: our Father who becomes our Husband in greater and greater intimacy and expressions of LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Move from self-conscious to God-conscious; from external locus of control to the kingdom of God within: Christ in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let everything else fade away for it was never real to begin with… Wake up from the Adamic dream, false reality, mistaken identity, and dwelling in negative thoughts…die to the past and self-consciousness…

Resurrect to God-Consciousness…ascend with Jesus to the place prepared for us IN HIM; a new spiritual dimension! Begin to dwell in the Father’s Heart!! Receive everything your heart has longed for and deeply desired as a son of God! “The Spirit and Bride say, “Come! Take the water of life without price” Receive the water of life: the river of pure LOVE flowing from our Father’s Heart into your heart!! (Rev 22:1-17) Hear the Good News: Christ in you, his righteousness dwelling in you, makes YOU the bride, his daily delight, your consciousness married to God. “Christ in you” (our new married name) is the new heaven in you, manifesting a new earth where righteousness dwells. Be reborn of God now, here, a NHONE!

Be who you were before the creation of the world, now, and for ever Amen. Hallelujah!


Pure Golden White Light of Christ, beyond rays or created light of sun, moon or stars

Pure Golden White Light of Christ, beyond rays or created light of sun, moon or stars

The rebuilt temple of God: our body with our Father and his Christ dwelling, flowing with their Holy Spirit and pure fiery glory Light

The rebuilt temple of God: our NHONE body with our Father and his Christ dwelling within, flowing with their Holy Spirit and pure fiery glory Light…spreading Light/Awareness everywhere we go!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to Conscious of Heaven on Earth!!!!

  1. Just imagine if more and more human beings woke up and received the Light of Christ, letting Wisdom rebuild God’s temple in them, new bridal cities of Light and Glory shining across the earth…

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  2. shradha99 says:

    thank you for this blog…oh you beautiful evolved being, i felt my whole body full of joy as I read each word….lovely…

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