Freedom of Speech?

I wrote a blog post this morning “God-given Sovereign Freedom” and saved it as a draft before final editing and publishing, but it disappeared from My Site and I have not been able to retrieve it. I would appreciate any and all ideas…

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10 Responses to Freedom of Speech?

  1. Brook Main says:

    Interesting title –

    I sometimes get words spoken to me upon waking – and this morning I heard-, Live free or die. I then saw that yellow flag with the snake that says – don’t tread on me.

    He is definitely teaching us something.

    Thank you for your faithfulness in writing , I enjoy reading everything you write.

    Bless you dear sister Brook

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  2. Just sit down and write it out again. The flow will be easier then the first time.


  3. worxs4kelly says:

    Yes,,,, just be led by,,,,,,,,,, ( H I S ) * Spirit !!!!! + + + stay well,,,, Yvonne


  4. Francis Philip says:

    Has this happened before ?


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