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What is the Way? Seeking what is good and avoiding evil is NOT the Way! Education of the mind is not the Way! More technology, information and knowledge is not the Way! Evolution of humans is not the Way! Artificial intelligence is not the Way! Controlling the weather is not the Way! Religion is not the Way! Expert theology is not the Way! Laws, rules, dogma, doctrine or a strong moral code of ethics is not the Way! Being good and doing good works is not the Way! The ten commandments are not the Way (2 Cor 3:1-18)! Being moral is not the Way! Controlling the external circumstances in your life is not the Way! Changing the world is not the Way! Manipulating genes and the environment is not the Way! Conquering social ills and advocating social justice is not the Way! Redistributing wealth is not theā€¦

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  1. I published this post this morning for the first time (Sunday October 25th) but it was dated October 14th which I only discovered because Maude liked it and I got an email? This post went back in time!!

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