Revelation of the Bride!!!!

This morning I woke up with the glorious remembrance of the sparkling vibrant beautiful blue river of Light under our feet when we are in the river of water of life from the throne of God; the dream image I was give a few days ago. JOY!! And remembering the canopy of golden Light over our head when we are under the covering of Christ Jesus and the blood of the Lamb; the waking vision a couple of days ago. LOVE’s LIGHT!! And remembering and seeing again the twinkling, strobing, intense, bright, clear light outside the village church; the sight that made me pay closer attention!! And this morning, the revelation of Awe and Wonder about the true purpose of marriage!!!! Physical marriage is only a manifestation of Spiritual Marriage: come UNDER Christ’s canopy, BE joined together (yoked), TAKE his name (Christ In You), RECEIVE everything that he has been given by his Father!! TRUE PEACE!!

Yesterday, I talked about the will and receiving the inheritance as a co-heir WITH Christ. Today’s revelation was the realization that when we YOKE to Jesus, we receive EVERYTHING he is and our soul RESTS in his Spirit as ONE! But with the death of the Lamb of God, our first marriage (yoke) is ended (being the wife of the Lamb) and we MARRY the ONE our soul LOVES, the ONE Jesus reconciled us with, our FIRST LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus will never leave you or separate from you or divorce you until you FOLLOW HIM to our FIRST LOVE, the Creator of heaven and earth!!!!!!!!!!!!! We BECOME the Bride of God spiritually! Like semitic physical marriage, when a husband died, the older brother married her to protect and provide for her. In the Spirit, when the Lamb died for us, we marry the only ONE greater than the Lamb, the Creator of heaven and earth, the God of gods!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Physical marriage is hard and many go through tribulations, but this is to WAKE us up to the REAL MARRIAGE, the spiritual Marriage of the Lamb who RECONCILES US to our REAL HUSBAND. We become equally yoked to Jesus, because of everything he sacrificed, so we can be presented by the Lamb who was slain as a spotless BRIDE before the Presence of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get your feet in the sparkling River of Water of Life! Get under the golden Light canopy of Christ! TAKE the morning star that Jesus’ angel gives you!! YOKE to Christ, TAKE his name, REST your soul in his Spirit while you are transformed, filled with LIGHT, LOVE, and SPIRIT, made spotless in the BlOOD, WATER, and SPIRIT…

INHERIT everything of the ascended Jesus the Christ of God as a co-heir in the Will of God…

Eat and drink at the marriage supper of the Lamb…and Come! Take the water of life without price and be YOKED forever and ever as a Bride, a wife of the Lamb, in your NEW HOME of Jesus’ Father and God, in your new city of God, with your new married Name, under the protection and provision of God! Our souls have finally found the One it LOVES forever and ever Amen. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Spirit and Bride say, “Come!”


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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4 Responses to Revelation of the Bride!!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful sentiments as always! Earthly marriage is the reflection of spiritual marriage to Jesus, indeed! The goal for earthly marriage is the same as spiritual, become “one flesh” with your spouse, and with your Spouse.

    That being said, many do never achieve this, but some do. For those ideal, God-ordained, true “one flesh” marriages with an earthly spouse, do you believe that you are no longer married in ANY sense to your earthly spouse once this earthly life is over? The merging of “one flesh”, includes two in one, body, soul, spirit. This relationship is closer than any other on earth, and even more so if both spouses are also “One Flesh” with Jesus our Spouse. He is our Husband, so we can truly be husband and wife to each other. My husband and I learned this, we were not able to be God’s ideal husband and wife to each other, without letting Him be our Husband first. We submit to Him and let Him cover us and be His body, so my husband can love me as his own body and I can lovingly submit to his loving covering of me.

    Do you honestly think this earthly, “one flesh” marriage, in our Husband and “One Flesh” with Him, is nullifed after death, so Jesus only, is our Spouse, with no special relationship with our husband or wife in His Realm after this life? What are your thoughts? Just curious.

    (I acknowledge Jesus says humans no longer “marry or are given in marriage, but like the angels in heaven.” Many take this to mean earthly marriage ends at death. But, He does not say they are “no longer married”, but simply points to the “actions” of “marry” or “given in marriage”, which normally correspond with male and female actions. This does not seem to address those who are already married, much less a true “one flesh” marriage where both spouses together and individually, have Jesus as Husband.


    • Only the Holy Spirit can teach or reveal this to you! Ask Holy Spirit! and also “know the scriptures and the power of God” “For in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are like the angels in heaven” which it seems means we are aware we are spiritual heavenly beings on earth. I know there is TOTAL fulfillment in Christ in God, with Christ in you! We settle for the good when there is amazing glory, awe, wonder, Joy and pleasures forevermore in the Presence of God!!!!!!!!
      Also, I am trying to convey, when words fail, that Spiritual Marriage is the consciousness or awareness that allows us to have a satisfying, fulfilling physical marriage to the one God intends for us. Until we are awake and put on the Lord Christ Jesus and receive his LIGHT, there is no way we could know God and know who we are in God to be able to choose a mate for ourselves or be ready to enter into a physical marriage. I believe this is why there are so many divorces, separations, adultery, abortions, pornography, sexual perversions, spirits of lust, spirits of homosexuality, spirits of perverted sex, rape, perverted identity, etc. When we think we are physical beings we yield to the physical animal instincts, yield to the flesh, yield to emotional triggers, chemical, magnetic and carnal minds. When we are yoked to the Spirit of God we yield to the Holy Spirit, the Mind of Christ, the highest emotions of Joy, Awe, Wonder, Rapture, and experience spiritual things that FAR surpass any physical sensation of sex or romantic love…
      I don’t know what the answer is to your question, but it is so amazing to anticipate the higher, deeper, breath and length of the true LOVE of Christ filling us with ALL the fullness of God! Yes, I’ll have what he is having!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus went through all he went through for the JOY set before him before the foundation of the world and that is what we can enter into because of what He sacrificed so we don’t have to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWE-struck WONDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Advanced Research Technology says:

    Hello again. I enjoy your posts. Just a bit of synchronicity I suppose, but I just finished writing a post (though not mentioned as such) dealing with the marriage of the Lamb (It Ain’t Me). The reason I find for there being no marriage or giving in marriage in Heaven is because what we are looking at and will be experiencing fully in Heaven is a total marriage of Spirit.
    Sometimes I can complete my wife’s sentences and I generally know her preferences. This grows over time as does the preciousness of our spouse’s place in our lives if we are truly “growing together”. These are examples of growing together in Spirit.
    Right now, those who have tasted Heaven are also growing together in Spirit – Christ’s Spirit. In fact, as we progress in this Spirit, the whole lot of us begin to all point in the same holy direction as a unified whole like metal shavings under a magnet.
    No, there will not be marrying or giving in marriage in Heaven. There we will be One unified whole united by One Spirit of Christ (anointing). It would be foolish to try to get any closer than that. The best part is this has already begun. It is right here, right now. This stage is in completion formation right here on Earth.


    • Thanks so much for sharing! You said, “Right now, those who have tasted Heaven are also growing together in Spirit – Christ’s Spirit.” Oooh! how I love tasting heaven and growing together in Spirit! Child-like awe and wonder and growing in intimacy with our Beloved is divine!!

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