Walls Come Tumbling Down!


Jesus removed the dividing wall between God and man (male and female)! ALL that Jesus was given (all power and authority in heaven AND earth) for his mission to earth where he CONQUERED all enemies, the last enemy being death, being the FIRST (of many brethren) to RESURRECT to eternal LIFE, he has given to EVERY human being. Jesus has given it ALL to all, BUT we have to individually come and TAKE it ALL to have it ALL!!!!!!!!

The FINAL enemy was death (1 Cor 15:26) and it is UNDER Jesus’ feet! “All things are under Jesus’ feet; all things are UNDER him” (paraphrase 1 Cor 15:24-57) The ONLY thing greater than Jesus is his Father, our God! And we follow Jesus to sit on the throne with Him; his Spirit lives permanently in us!! “Come into your RIGHT MIND; there is no sin, death or condemnation in Christ in us” 1 Cor 15:34! We come BOLDLY before the throne of GRACE and TAKE IT ALL!! “The Spirit and Bride say, ‘Come…TAKE the water of life without price (FREE!)’ ” Revelation 22:17

“In that day you will know that I am in my Father and you are in me and I am in you” John 14:20

Ponder John 14:20 and your mind will be blown! Let it pierce and penetrate your body, soul and spirit; let it fill every cell with resurrection LIFE and SPIRIT, LIGHT and pure LOVE!!!!!!!! In that DAY (1000 years is one day; one day is a 1000 years; NOW is timeless, eternal, here now!) you will KNOW the Truth and the Truth will set you FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had a vision twice last night so I know it was important. The vision was numbers rapidly changing within a spot that looked like the night sky filled with billions, trillions, and gazillion stars or points of light. When I asked this morning what I saw, I heard this in my spirit “Spirit moving through time” and I thought “a timeless river always new”! The walls come tumbling down when we REALIZE the magnitude of the GIFT we have been given by Jesus. He went through everything he did so we could have the permanent Spirit of God dwelling in us so we can live, move and have our being IN GOD, not in outer darkness where there is eternal tribulation, torment and gnashing of teeth…

Kirk Cameron Photo

Kirk Cameron Photo

Come out of satan’s timeline…

Come and TAKE the water of life without price and BE a part of the eternal, resurrected Tree of Life Abundant; Jesus came to give you LIFE and LIFE more Abundant (John 10:10)!!!!!!!!

“I will not leave you desolate; I will come to YOU. Yet a little while, and the world will see me NO MORE, BUT YOU WILL SEE ME; because I LIVE, YOU WILL LIVE ALSO” John 14:18-19


The SECOND COMING is to individuals! Glory covers the earth with the shining of his born agains of God all across the earth! We lift our LIGHT and join together as cities of LIGHT on hills that link together to cover the earth with glory light like water covers the sea! Lift your eyes and SEE! The sea has passed away with its tumultuous waves and wavering doubts, wavering between satan’s shores of good and evil; the new earth SEE is like glass, still waters of calm, ease, rest and serenity, shining with the glory of God: pure GOLD refined by fire, flowing with the water of resurrection LIFE!!!!!!!! Only the ascended Jesus the Christ can keep you from falling and present you as a spotless, blemish-free bride before the Presence of his glory with rejoicing: with JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be God’s delight: de-LIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are NO more walls when you are filled with God’s Spirit and resurrection LIFE! The walls between the outer court (body) and inner court (soul) and holy of holies (our spirit married to God’s Spirit), male and female, races, ages, nations, religions, politics and God are dissolved by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony! There is NO beast in God our Father’s NOW in Christ in you!!!!!!!! Live, move and have your being in NOW, the intersection of timeless in time, the Spirit of God moving through time as eternal timeless NOW! It is finished! It is done!! Behold, I make ALL things new!!!!!!!!

…Come, Hear, Come, thirst, desire, TAKE the water of life without price and truly LIVE as a part of the first-born and you will never experience the second death! It is finished!!

“Blessed is she who is AWAKE, keeping her garments” Rev 16:15 It is DONE!

CONQUER and LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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6 Responses to Walls Come Tumbling Down!

  1. TRUTH: remove the “a” from beast and you get BEST: the “a” IS replaced with WE: Christ In You removes the beast permanently NOW and for ever and ever with greater and greater glory to Glory!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oswald Chambers said that GOOD is the enemy of the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good and evil, duality, has to be conquered to enter the timeless NOW of Christ In You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The WAY to resurrection LIFE!)


  2. Amazing Grace! We were put on resurrected, ascended Christ Jesus’ shoulders which means everything but his Father and God are under our feet!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus WON, IS WINNING, and IS TO COME with greater and greater GLORY, a new heaven manifesting greater and greater new earth in his believers who conquer unbelief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (everything that is counterfeited in the world you can have the the REAL in Christ in you!)


    • Anonymous says:

      Do you believe in the Trinity?


      • I believe our Father sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit to us because of his great LOVE for his children made in his image and likeness (male and female). He sent Jesus to destroy the works of the devil who kills, destroys and steals; save us, and give us life and life more abundantly! He sent the Holy Spirit to teach us everything we need to know to be set free and stay free! Jesus said, “He who sent me is true, and him you do not know. I know him, for I come from him and he sent me” John 7:28-29 Jesus said, “I will pray the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you for ever, even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him, you know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you” John 14:16-17
        What do you believe? How do you define the Trinity? I do not believe in religion, I believe in our Lord Jesus Christ and his God and Father who sent their Holy Spirit to dwell in us and with us forever and ever Amen!


        • Anonymous says:

          I believe everything you said as well.

          As for the Trinity, I define it much as Augustine and Aquinas: Three persons in one essence, which is God. Co-existent, co-equal, co-powerful, co-eternal. The Father is not the Son, the Son is not the Spirit, the Spirit is not the Father, but they are all God in essence. God is in the eternal “Now”, and eternally generates the Son, the Spirit eternally proceeds from the Father and Son through the Son.

          Another way, the Father is the Lover (Male), the Son the Beloved (Female), and the Spirit born of the Love between the Two, proceeding from the Son, and is the Life of Love (Child), God is Love, in Three Persons. Just as a man, lover to a woman, beloved of him, and of their love is born a new person, a new life, in three persons. In this, the God ordained marriage of male and female, perfectly reflect the Trinity. This is alluded to in your own writings. Father in > Son in > Holy Spirit (yet One) in > /natural separation of God/Creation yet in > man in > woman in > child. God to man, man to God, all united as One. (But God, being above us in Absolute relationship, are male to us, yet male-female within relation in the Godhead. Also as the Bible says, male and female are His Image, and this is how. Also, male and female are equal, and this is how the co-equality is in the Godhead as well. If general Christianity and the world understood this, there would be no sexism. Hence, male and female yet not male and female in Jesus, for we are all one. Yet we are always the Bride of Jesus, therefore while like Him, not Him, and eternally submitted to Him. )

          The Son came down from heaven from the Father, voluntarily took on our fallen humanity and infirmities, yet without sin. Without being God, He could not perfect humanity back to where it was, for the Image was distorted by the Fall, and man sickened of which he could not cure himself. This sickness spread to all humans through Adam and was cured through Jesus, who existed as God the Son beforehand: “before Abraham was, I am.”. John the Baptist came baptising for the repentence of sins, Jesus came to baptise in the Spirit and fire. In order to fulfill all God-ordained righteousness, John (the highest of Adamic man), had to baptise Jesus, fully God and fully man, first of the new Christ man, passing on the torch so to speak, female submitting to male, the old self submitting to the new self. This is why John hesitated to baptise Jesus and said he had need to be baptised by Him, until He said to John it must happen in that way to fulfill all righteousness.

          Jesus, God the Son, in being born from an Adamic woman Mary, united our Adamic humanity with His Divinity, Christ, thereby curing and deifying our nature, which we could not do ourselves. The hypostasis, both Natures, Divine (male) and human (female), in one, united inseparably but uncomingled, One Flesh (married if you will, as man and woman are One Flesh, united yet not commingled). This union in Himself, he was crucified, died, buried and resurrected, forever uniting us to Him and producing many brethren. In this, this is how He is unique. Just as a grain of wheat falls into the earth and remains one unless ir dies, if it dies it grows up into new life producing many. But this is the necessity of Mary and the Holy Spirit, God in humanity, so God could be united with humanity.

          By becoming human while remaining God, he became human without sin, enabling humanity to become God without being made Trinity or part of the essence. Therefore while being a deified humanity, we remain forever creatures. So the same, Jesus became the God-man, becoming human, while remaining forever God. This is how we become “partakers” of the Divine Nature. What is a “nature”? It makes one what it is. Cats have a cat nature, birds have a bird nature, humans before Jesus had a fallen Adamic nature, it is what we are. Jesus deifies that nature, “christing” us, we remain human, but “participate” in the Divine Nature, the very wording in the Bible absolutely precludes us becoming God in essence, as does the fact we are “adopted” by God. Out of His Goodness and Love, He became what we are, in all ways except sin, so that we may be all that He is, in His Fullness, in all ways except His Deity, His Essence. So, thus we participate in God and inherit all His Fullness and Nature, without becoming Trinity/Deity/Essence. If we became His Essence, this would be pantheism, which makes God all that is, the Universe, all material creation. He is in His Creation and upholds it, but is separate from it. The Father is God Transcendent of Creation, and the Son is God Immanent in Creation, and the Spirit is the Active Principle of God within Creation. To believe anything less, makes one a pagan, who synonimizes the Creation, with “being” God. If the Creation was already God, we would not be sick, nor have any reason for a Savior, and His Blood.

          Theological? Yes, but Truth. The Trinity is a mystery in essence, and beyone our total comprehension, but understood above, this is the way in which God enabled us to understand in our limited capacity. It’s not that difficult if taken in bite sized steps, and in terms we recognize, such as marriage and children.

          The Trinity must exist, for the Salvation to exist. Otherwise, Jesus Christ is a lie and had no need to come down to us, for we were already God, but perhaps “forgetful” of whence we came – again, this would be paganism.

          This is not just a cerebral understanding for me, but a spiritual knowledge. Also, all of God is explained in His Creation as well, reflected, even if He is not His Creation. So, humanity is without excuse.

          What are your thoughts on this?


        • Anonymous says:

          And I will also say, while this is “theological”, it is not religion. Religion is the manmade dogma. This is spiritual, and only spiritual. This is revealed in different ways to different people, but all the same Truth of Trinity.

          As for what you said, Amen! What I said, Amen! Both married, Amen!



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