Giving Thanks for Freedom!

Freedom does not come from religious or governmental laws; freedom comes from righteousness on the inside that expresses and manifests on the outside! External controls without inner transformation into righteousness (receive Christ on the inside) leads to world problems such as ISIS and Sharia law that kill or enslaves souls instead of giving us our God-given sovereign freedom to worship in whatever way brings us into oneness with God and to LOVE God and LOVE one another as ourselves doing NO HARM to another human being or sacrificing animals or humans to a demon spirit.

“If the Son sets you free you are FREE indeed!”

“For freedom, Christ has set you FREE!”

Those who suppress truth and try to rule the world, taking basic rights and freedoms from people, taking the life of those who will not covert to their madness, punish victims of rape; torture and kill innocent lives must be called out and seen for what it is: religion infiltrated by demonic spirits. I offer the testimony of a Muslim teenager who as a child was chosen to go to a special jihad school where she was raped, publicly flogged, imprisoned and tortured as a child victim of rape. Human souls are being enslaved everyday and only Jesus can save us, heal us, remove the trauma, raise us up to be able to forgive the unforgivable, give us compassion and wisdom, loving-kindness and understanding, power, LOVE and a sound mind, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit! We must know the Truth to be set free in the Truth. The Truth is Jesus: the way to God our Father and his resurrection Life eternal. Jesus is not a religion; Jesus is the Way to have intimate relationship with God on earth as it is in heaven through the Messiah who saves, rescues, heals, transforms, makes us complete, perfect and lacking NOTHING by giving us EVERYTHING of God.

I thank God for Jesus who takes all our mistakes and gives us his righteousness so we can be free from the INSIDE OUT; an internal locus of control that is TRUE FREEDOM! I thank God for Jesus who can heal our trauma and broken hearts and give us his perfect heart of LOVE and compassion. I thank God for Jesus who can give us his glory to become perfectly one with his God and Father (John 17:22-23). I thank God for Jesus who is the only one who can complete us by dying with him to the past, resurrecting with him as a new creation and ascending with him for our mind to be seated in heavenly places as our body connects heaven and earth and houses God and flows with his Holy Spirit, as we are rooted and grounded in LOVE! I give thanks and honor to God, the Creator of heaven and earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If we refuse, deny, reject, mock, scoff, or are lukewarm about Jesus who is pure LOVE, true Peace, fullness of Joy, abundant Life, perfect harmony, perfect health, High Priest, Advocate, Counselor,  Guide, Teacher, Counsel, Great Physician, Healer, Renewer, Restorer, Rebuilder, Regenerator, Power, Wisdom, Understanding, Higher Knowledge, Revelation, Truth, and Resurrection Life, then we can know that his Christ Spirit is not in us. The antidote for the MANY antichrist spirits in the world is Jesus’ baptism of Holy Spirit and fire. Ask and receive; knock and the Door will open; seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you (Matthew 6:33). His Christ Spirit in you replaces fear with LOVE; root in LOVE, be upbuilt in LOVE into the Head of LOVE and break free now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I give THANKS and HONOR to God for the finished work of the cross of Jesus, who died for us and in us, resurrected for us and in us, ascended for us and in us, to send his Holy Spirit to be with us and in us NOW and forever and ever Amen. Hallelujah! Yahushuah brings us to Yah and we are his co-heirs in one body and one Spirit. Come and take the water of life without price; Jesus paid the price for us to be holy, blameless and righteous so don’t let ANYONE, any religion, any religious laws, or religious group tell you otherwise. Jesus is the way, truth and life of God; receive his finished work of the cross and be complete, satisfied and fulfilled to add to God’s glory until it covers the earth like water covers the sea and all know God and live in the place Jesus prepared for all: a new heaven and a new earth! Thank God for Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 Response to Giving Thanks for Freedom!

  1. Advanced Research Technology says:

    Mistakes? This is just my interpretation, but just to see if you might want to run with it, I’ll throw it out there.
    I noticed, must have been almost a decade back, that when One enters the relationship of the One New Man mentioned in Ephesians and Romans that there are no more mistakes. Once that Spirit of Christ Yahushuah (yes, I love this version as much as Yeshua) enters inside, all life from there forward is of very definite purpose. We become the learners through the Spirit. Life teaches us through every encounter, but none of this is a mistake as in the former iteration of us. There is now a power within disallowing mistakes. This I believe is the true power of the cross. Not Christ’s blood shed on a tree, but rather, a way opened that it exists inside of us, causing us to work the same works as did He.

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