Take Offense?

Taking offense, getting your underwear in a bundle, feeling disrespected, walking on egg shells, putting “political” correctness above God…

The body controlled by the reptilian brain has animal-like instincts. The body notices physical differences such as race, sex, gender, cultural differences…

The soul controlled by the limbic system of the brain has mammalian emotional reactions and goes into fight, flight or freeze. It has preferences such as “I like this and I don’t like that” or “I prefer this and not that”…

The spirit level of human beings is binary: evil or good, right or wrong, dark or light, tormented, distraught, despair, discouraged, disillusioned or at ease. Our prefrontal cortex (forehead) is either marked by the beast or marked by the Holy Spirit. There is either a serpent or dove at your head; talons of an eagle with you as prey or wings of an eagle and your soul is able to unite with your spirit and soar! The innocent child-like mind can enter the kingdom of heaven on earth and soar on wings of an eagle!

If you are taking offense, you are in an Adamic, fallen body- soul-spirit and you are in human doing mode. You are still OF the world system…

Jesus changes everything! Instead of being OF the world; you are in the world but OF a new heaven and a new earth! In your body filled with Christ’s spiritual body, the lion and the lamb lie down together. In your soul purified, refined and made white as snow in the blood of the Lamb, instead of fight/flight/freeze, you have FREEDOM!!!! The human spirit overtaken, overwhelmed, taken over by the Holy Spirit, makes us God’s field, God’s house, God’s temple flowing with his living water of life!!!! Our armor of LIGHT and our shield of faith is 1,500 miles in every direction: a new heaven on earth! We are radiant, jewel-like, precious children of our Father, our soul resting in his Christ, our mind and heart IN Christ Jesus, his PEACE is our reality!!!!

When we take offense at something we KNOW we have turned back to the old wine and wineskin or something of the world has stuck to us (flesh spotted by darkness) or a different spirit has attached to us. We just TURN to God and we are healed; we just turn our mind and heart back to Jesus and remind our soul what Jesus did for us! We put on the whole armor of God; we put on the armor of LIGHT and we consciously put on our Lord Jesus Christ like a garment: the white garment of LIGHT that allows us to live in the new heaven, our mind seated with Christ in heavenly places while our body is on earth (Ephesians 2:60)! Our body is either a house for unclean or evil spirits or we are the house of God, his field, filled with his light, love, joy, peace and Holy Spirit!!

If it is OF the world and OF man, we see what is wrong and take offense from an egoic consciousness feeling disrespected, offended, demanding, blaming, or feeling entitled as a victim. Peter often reacted from a reptilian and mammalian mindset and Jesus called him satan and had to heal the guard’s ear. Jesus responded from a new heaven and a new earth mindset, his Father’s Will, and “did not bruise even a reed” as he took no offense because he knew the ignorance of humans marked by the beast. Instead of taking offense, he healed, delivered and set free by bringing the kingdom of God! TAKE IT instead of taking offense!!

Take the water of life without price!!!!!!!! (Revelation 22:1-17)

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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