Dark Clouds!

Breakthrough in Clouds

I am so thankful for dark clouds! I am so thankful for a sky that turned dark and filled with dark clouds……..so the rain could POUR! Behold, Jesus comes in times of darkness, cloudy, stormy, raging seas, windy, and fire that burns before it gives way to the warmth of LOVE unopposed! Behold he comes in the clouds of despair, the darkness of desolation, the overwhelm of situations…He does not come for the righteous…The Great Physician comes for the sick whether it is physical, mental, emotional, soul, or spiritual.

Behold, he comes in the clouds! He doesn’t come to those in crystal clarity, blue-sky being; he comes to those who are down and out, given up, despair of life…and SUDDENLY the clouds part and the Son shines upon you…and you are lifted OUT of yourself, out of your difficulty, out of your time of great tribulation…

He comes to those in desperate need…

Intellectual decisions, heart-less choices, surface, external, lukewarm thinking has no SUDDENLY, no dramatic transformation from darkness to light, dawn breaking, morning star rising in our heart…

Behold, He comes in the clouds and raises us up in the air with him…up to seat our mind in Himself: his heavenly Mind-set! As long as we stay yoked with Him, we are heavenly minded. As soon as we let ourselves focus on worldly things, or become distracted by world problems, our mind falls back to earth and issues return and we realize that the KEY to the kingdom of heaven on earth is having the MIND of JESUS, not religion, not spirituality, not trying to do good, or trying to BE good, not forcing yourself to follow external rules, regulations, dogma, doctrines of religion, or precepts of men BUT A HEART TRANSFORMATION that results in a whole life transfer OUT OF THE DOMINION OF DARKNESS into the kingdom of the beloved Son whom you spiritually marry: body, soul and spirit to HIS HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then rapture! glory divine! delight! double-pleasure! blessings! spiritual gifts! spiritual endowments! Powerful Help IN TIMES OF NEED! Solutions inspired by the Holy Spirit! Led by the Spirit of God to springs of living water…

Behold, he comes in the dark clouds that build up until the rain pours into the dry, arid, wilderness places, saturating the ground of being, filling and overflowing a river of water of life that originates AT THE SOURCE, the throne of our Father and the Lamb who becomes our shepherd and keeps us from falling and presents us a spotless bride before the glory of his Presence with rejoicing! Glory be to God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth! Heaven and earth are full of your glory for those who “have” eyes to see and ears to hear! Those who “have not” even that will be taken away…

Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord God Almighty; heaven and earth are full of your glory! Behold his glory and become what you behold! Glorious! Praise ever be on your lips! Thanksgiving in your heart! Christ-Minded in all things is heaven on earth within!!!!!!!!!!!!! The transformation is in our consciousness; spirit and life revealed from the living Word spoken from the abundance of the heart springs of the Living One, alive forever more (Rev 1:18) changes everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bible is confusing words: wordswordswordswordswordswordswordswordswords, UNTIL the clouds part, the rain falls, Holy Spirit and fire fall, and the sword pierces your heart and lets the LIGHT in! Dawn breaks and the morning star rises in your heart!!!!!!!! Life and spirit arise within you until you can set your mind on things above while living in the midst of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus is BOTH the power and authority to conquer and RISE above the fray with him, pray WITH HIM, and be seated in heavenly places with him!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH IS THE KEY; apart from Him you can do nothing and what you do do will add to the problem, not rise to inspired solutions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus comes in the times of clouds and darkness bringing the manifest WORD: both swords and peace! The swords break us open and if we allow the pruning or parting of the clouds, dawn breaks, light illuminates, heart enlightens, understanding breaks through, a turning point, morning star rises in our heart, and peace comes like a river!!!!!!!! Suddenly, the swords turn to spirit and life and we are transformed by the Word and it is written on our hearts and minds! We become a new creation with a new married name; our soul, the bride, made spotless by Jesus, unites with her Bridegroom, the Spirit of God united with our spirit! Heavenly marriage on earth creates beautiful spiritual babies that expand and increase and multiply the kingdom of heaven on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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6 Responses to Dark Clouds!

  1. Do not pray away the darkness; let Jesus take a sword to it, break through the dark clouds and bring light, clarity and peace in the midst of it! Don’t pray away the dirt; let Jesus wash it away in his Holy Spirit rain then you can reign WITH Him!! Don’t despise the fire; for what is left is pure gold!!!
    Don’t try to solve “problems” apart from Jesus, for you will just get more problems, or if you solve one you will just get another…and another…and another…a wheel…revolving door…
    Be transformed by Christ’s renewing Mind in you, light that darkness can never overcome….

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  2. Advanced Research Technology says:

    I really enjoyed this post: a living epistle.

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    • Thank you most kindly! Have a wonder-full day! πŸ™‚ Isn’t it interesting you can’t do the same with awe-full? things that make you go hmmm… πŸ™‚ Thanks for stoppin’ by and commenting!


  3. Malaika says:

    Beautiful words! Thanks for sharing!


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