Be a Gift!


Receive the Gift and become a gift!

“They may call it foolish and impossible but I call it Grace!” paraphrase of lyrics

I call the free “Gift” healing, deliverance, freedom, oneness with God; wholeness that is complete, perfect, and lacking nothing in Christ! When we consciously enter the Lord Christ Jesus, all that is not of him must go, fall away, burn up…

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as waters cover the sea” Habakkuk 2:14

Jesus gives us his glory, his holy Spirit fire-water that touches our heart and we WEEP a river and for a time it seems as if it will not stop…but this is part of God’s cleansing process and should not be quenched, stopped, repressed, hidden, or be ashamed of. Tears are a very necessary, valid part of sanctification…

Don’t try to control what God is doing in you! The river of tears become God Tears of JOY! Receive the spiritual gifts to be a gift!

“and the temple filled with smoke from the glory of God and his power… God cannot enter until the seven plagues of the seven angels have ended” Revelation 15:8 paraphrase

We are to stay awake with ascended Jesus and judge angels! Stay awake with your lamp (Lamb of God) filled with oil (Holy Spirit) so you can discern the angels who come to remove the last seven plagues from your body so the King of glory can enter!!!

“The Divine Glory Returns to the Temple” Ezekiel 43:1-9

“We have this treasure in earthen vessels, to show that the transcendent power belongs to God…so that the life of Jesus may ALSO BE MANIFESTED IN OUR BODIES…so that the life of Jesus MAY BE MANIFESTED IN OUR MORTAL FLESH…grace extends to more and more people increasing thanksgiving to the glory of God” 2 Cor 4:7-15

“The Lord Jesus Christ will change our lowly body to BE LIKE HIS GLORIOUS BODY, by the power which enables Him even to subject ALL things to himself” Philippians 3:21

The church is Christ’s Body. We are made into his glorious body –the new temple built by Wisdom (Christ is both Wisdom and Power), not by human hands. Our body is to be the new temple, the new Jerusalem; our body filled with Jesus’ glory –his fire-light burns the dross, chaff, wood, idols, man-made structures and images, leaving only pure gold! Then we put on the armor of light — we put on the Lord Jesus Christ (my new label LJC!), his sparkling, crystal clear, pure white garment and receive his salvation of the eyes (eye salve) to SEE as Christ sees! Salvation of the eyes is to have your mind seated with Jesus in heavenly places and set your mind to have a heavenly VIEW! Finally we can see as Christ sees: Christ is all and in all in seed form and when we are able to discern spirits (judge angels) we can yoke with Holy Spirit instead of the astral or elemental spirits of the world and the seed grows into a tree of life (the kingdom! Matt 13:31; Luke 13:18-19)!!!

animals receive the external gift; human beings receive the Gift within and become a gift!

animals receive the external gift; human beings receive the Gift within and become a gift!

Blind Pharisees are full of seven plagues and seven unclean spirits; they cleansed the outside and inside they are a pit of vipers, a whitewashed tomb” Matthew 23:26 paraphrase

We receive the free Gift, the finished work of the cross, in Christ! We become a gift when we receive Christ in us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“You may call it foolish or impossible, but I call it Grace.” I call it LOVE without opposite! I call it Light unquenchable!! I call it Joyful Peace!!! I call it Restful Increase (thank you Steve Myatt)! I call it being a son of God led by the Spirit! I call it being a bride in amazement of God, in awe and wonder of Christ in us!!! I call it being a bride of God, blessed with a wonderfully supportive earthly husband! God is the God of miracles! Lord Jesus Christ is the God of the impossible made possible! I’m Possible!!! Father thank you for Holy Spirit pouring upon all flesh with the glorified water of life, the glorified Spirit of Jesus the Christ, the river of water of life glowing, sparkling, crystal clear, bright as crystal, from the throne of our Father and his Lamb in our heart and circulating in our tree of life (Christ in us) to every cell! Visible palpable glory light that warms, melts hearts, opens minds, enlightens eyes of the heart, burns dross, lights a fire in our soul, and transforms us into a light of the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Do you not know that YOU are the temple of God and dwelling place for his Holy Spirit?” 1 Cor 3:16. “Do you not KNOW that YOUR BODY is a temple of the Holy Spirit WITHIN YOU, which you have from God?” 1 Cor 6:19

Jesus said, “You are the light of the world” and “You are a CITY set on a hill; let your light shine”

“In the beginning was the Word…in him is life, and the life is the light of human beings. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can not overcome it…The true light that enlightens every person already came into the world…all who receive Him, who believe in his name/nature, He gives POWER to become children of God; born not of blood nor the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, BUT BORN OF GOD [a virgin birth, no human hand in it, born of Spirit, fire and water). And the Word became flesh and DWELLS IN US (if we let Him], FULL OF GRACE and TRUTH; we BEHOLD HIS GLORY…and FROM HIS FULLNESS we ALL RECEIVE GRACE UPON GRACE” John 1:1-16

We become what we behold! amazing glory!! awe-inspiring, wonderFULL glory! the glorified Spirit-river of God: LIGHT with no darkness at all (this is the message! 1 John 1:5)!!!

“Come to Me and drink! She who believes in Me ‘out of her heart shall flow rivers of living water.’ Now this He said about the Spirit, which those who believe in Him RECEIVE! Jesus has been glorified already so WE CAN RECEIVE THE GREATEST FREE GIFT NOW: his glorified Spirit” John 7:37-39

AMAZING GIFT! We receive his glory into our body and the glory of God becomes our light and our lamp becomes the Lamb (Rev 21:23) We are the new city of God; our field extending 1500 miles in every direction; a city of light! Arise, shine!! Jesus prayed you would receive his glory and become perfectly one with God!!! (John 17:10-23) Every prayer he prays is YES and AMEN (let it be so!)!!!

“They may call it foolish or impossible…I call it GRACE!”

Receive the Gift, and be a gift!!!



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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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  1. liking the gift is not even an option…I LOVE His Gift!


  2. 19maude56 says:

    Praise God for the free gift! Amazing Grace!!!

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