The Union of Soul and Spirit!!!


Ooh la la! Woo Hoo! Foretastes of glory divine, delight and rapture!!! When it is all worked out within, it ALL comes together for GOOD for those who LOVE God! Our human soul and spirit marry (join or yoke) with the Holy Spirit of God, housed in our body, and it becomes a perennial, perpetual, eternal new beginning (Oswald Chambers), a daily freshness and newness of life ! We CONQUER our worldly mind (or religious mind or doubting mind or fearful mind, or wavering, double mind, etc.) and we are drawn UP with the lifted UP Jesus; caught up to experience the glory that renews our “perfect oneness with our Father” (John 17:23) as needed, on earth as it is in heaven!

Our purified, refined, white as snow soul, made white in the blood of the Lamb, refined in the holy fire, and purified, washed and regenerated in the Holy Spirit, is YOKED to our Father through Jesus the Christ, and we become a BRIDE (an eternal honeymoon) and a WIFE of the Lamb (was, is, is to come), the finished work of the cross that was BEFORE the foundation of the earth! New, fresh, marital bliss, delight, daily surprises, and heaven’s “kisses” throughout your day come new every morning when your soul is knit in LOVE with God eternally!

“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’ ”

Everything IS possible with God! Apart from Him there is nothing but tribulation!

“You didn’t choose me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go bear fruit and that your fruit should abide; so that whatever you ask the Father in my name, he may give it to you” John 15:16. It is ironic that most of us will never hear the knock at the door or feel God wooing us, KNOWING we are chosen, without first getting so sick we have to stop regular life, or suffering so great a loss that we fall to our knees, shocked into silence, at the end of our rope emotionally, go to prison and find ourself cut off from the world with lots of time on our hands, or become a widow or orphan whose whole world has collapsed around them, etc.. If you avoid pain, seek only worldly pleasure, numb your emotions or distract yourself mentally, you may never hear the small, still voice or the knock at the door of your heart…

“Godly sorrow leads to repentance; worldly sorrow leads to death”


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James says true religion or “pure religion” is tending to orphans and widows and being UNSTAINED by the world (James 1:26-27). He says “vain religion” or false religion is “thinking you are religious, not bridling your tongue, and deceiving your HEART.” All the issues of life come from the heart, and that is where Jesus comes in! He replaces your hard, darkened, closed heart with his heart of compassion with enlightened heart-eyes, and fills you with his living water!!!

Our words come from the abundance of our heart! You can know what is in someone’s heart by the words they use: words that wound or words that encourage, uplift, and make you smile! The most insidious evil is from those whose heart is full of evil intent but they use the words of Jesus of the bible. When the Holy Spirit led Jesus to the wilderness after the Holy Spirit descended and remained on him, the devil tried to trick him by using bible verses. The true Holy Spirit with and in us can spiritually discern good from evil intent.

The power of death and life is in the tongue. A gentle tongue is a tree of life! Only the Holy Spirit can reform your tongue! “The Spirit of the LORD speaks by me, HIS WORD is upon my tongue” 2 Samuel 23:2. David, RAISED AND ANOINTED, said of Jesus, “the Rock said to me (when you let Jesus be Lord of lords and King of kings, yield or totally surrender to the guidance and being led by the Holy Spirit), “he DAWNS on them like morning light, like the sun shining forth upon a cloudless morning, like rain that makes grass to sprout from the earth. STAND in the new covenant between Jesus and our Father and ALL things are ordered and secure. You will prosper with ALL Jesus’ help and desire” 2 Sam 23:1-7

Godless men are like thorns, iron spears, and will be utterly consumed with fire (2 Sam 23:7). The shadow rulers of the god of this world create ALL the chaos in the world to bring order that removes your freedom and enslaves your soul. What keeps you from knowing Christ in you, is “good business” for them. “For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against powers, against the WORLD RULERS of this present darkness, against the SPIRITUAL HOSTS of wickedness IN THE HEAVENLY PLACES (astral and planetary evil)” Ephesians 6:12. Godless men will be burned, like dead branches with “the ruler of this world” John 16:11. “The ruler of this world is judged” (John 16:11) and those who join or yoke with him join in the judgment.

God chooses us (John 15:16), but WE MUST CHOOSE HIM BACK! Many are called, few choose him back!!! Many hear the knock of the heart, few answer the door!!!!

“You are already MADE CLEAN by the WORD I have spoken to you (Jesus’ word gives us His life and spirit). BUT we must ABIDE IN HIM, and HE IN YOU. The branch cannot bear fruit [fruit of Spirit: LOVE, peace, joy, gentleness, goodness, kindness, patience, faithfulness and self-control] unless it abides in the vine, NEITHER CAN YOU, UNLESS YOU ABIDE IN ME. I am the Vine, you are the branches. She who abides in Me, and I in her, bears much fruit, FOR APART FROM ME YOU CAN DO NOTHING. If a man does not abide in me, he is cast forth as a branch and withers; and thrown into the fire and burned. If you ABIDE IN ME, and MY WORDS abide in you, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you. By THIS my Father is glorified, bear much fruit, and so PROVE TO BE MY DISCIPLES.” John 15:1-10


We ABIDE IN LOVE as we keep Jesus’ commandments: Love God and Love one another, just as Jesus kept his Father’s ten commandments and 613 laws, something no other human could or will EVER be able to do! That is why we NEED Christ Jesus! He abides in our Father and God’s LOVE; we abide in Jesus if we keep his two commandments which keeps us abiding in the Father in Christ! We are hid with Christ in God when we abide in Christ! This is the ONLY place you want to be in the “hour of trial coming upon the whole world to try those who dwell upon the earth” (Rev 3:11) The hope of glory is to begin to KNOW beyond knowledge: to experience Christ in you!!!

We can pray unceasingly and pray at all times IN THE SPIRIT (Eph 6:18) by WAKING UP and becoming AWARE that the Holy Spirit is INTERCEDING in us and for us 24/7, beyond words, “sighs too deep for words” (Romans 8:26), ALSO our High Priest forever, Christ Jesus who was raised from the dead, who is at the right hand of God, INTERCEDES for us 24/7 (Romans 8:34) WARNING to scoffers: DO NOT CONDEMN WHAT GOD HAS JUSTIFIED, following your own ungodly passions. It is these who set up divisions, worldly people, devoid of the Spirit (Jude 1:18-21).

Our High Priest, interceding for us 24/7, is in the order of Melchizedek (not Jesuit order: WARNING! do not put yourself UNDER any other priest but our Lord Jesus Christ who is LIVING NOW, truly HOLY, alive forever more, and has NEVER sinned (PF had to reveal he sins and needs you to pray for him; only our REAL High Priest Jesus can pray and intercede for you to and with the REAL FATHER in heaven; spiritual laws require darkness to reveal itself and he revealed himself as a “man of sin”; we are to bow only to the REAL SAVIOR, the real Christ: every human and societal issue or problem; war, terror, rape, climate change and poverty must bow and will never be taken care of by someone who calls himself Father which Jesus expressly told us not to do Matthew 23:9); FOLLOW ONLY our TRUE, REAL HIGH PRIEST; adore, praise and honor HIM alone, not a piece of bread transubstantiated through sorcery (Rev 17 – 18:1-24, esp. 23b); it is an IDOL and will lead to death; it is a monstrosity (monstrance), an abomination). Read the whole bible through the eyes of the ascended Christ Spirit, the bible that many were killed for trying to bring to the people; the true Word so we could KNOW the truth and the truth would set us free. Filled with the Holy Spirit we are to judge angels; the truth brought by Gabriel to Mary resulting in Christ Jesus; the imposter Gabriel to Mu and Mor; imposter apparitions of Ma, imposter Sananda and Michael to new age, and the coming “second coming” deception. How will you know unless you get to know Jesus now?

Jesus, the resurrected and ascended Christ of God, is the way and the truth and the life and no one comes to THE REAL FATHER except through him. All the paths of righteousness are in the finished work of the cross! Real POWER and WISDOM comes only through our reconciliation with God, through CHRIST JESUS! We receive his Spirit, fire, kingdom, power and glory and we become perfectly one with our Father as Jesus is one!

Get total ASSURANCE by making it REAL by waking up, knowing, and experiencing the guarantee of God’s Holy Spirit with and in us! (John 3:3-15) Read his Word and let it be written on your heart and mind! We eat and drink his Word to be nourished spiritually and flow with living waters! Church is Jesus’ glorified, ascended Body, which is formed in us when we receive his Spirit and fire and let it have its way in us! Yield your body! Believe in Jesus the Christ and receive his Holy Spirit and fire baptism! You must be sealed with the Holy Spirit, not ashes, on your forehead to avoid the coming “hour of trial to come upon the whole world” and a star falling from heaven to earth who opens the shaft of the bottomless pit to HARM and TORTURE ALL HUMAN BEINGS (Revelation 9:1-21). If you are not convicted and seeing evidence (fruit of the Spirit), assurance and substance that you have the Holy Spirit with and in you, you are probably living in the “was or is to come” where the beast rules, not in the NOW of salvation, the NOW of the eternal new DAY, the NOW of the morning star risen in your heart, eternal dawn upon and in you; warm, liquid LOVE flowing like a river of water of life pouring from our Father’s throne into our hearts and streaming out of us to a thirsty world.


“Behold, NOW is the acceptable time; behold, NOW is the day of salvation” 2 Cor 6:2

Jesus shut the door to Death and Hades; opened the Door to the highest Heaven and He holds the keys! (Rev 1:18) But if you reject Jesus the Christ, Yeshua or Yahushua HaMashiach, you open the door to evil entities and darkness disguised as light (2 Cor 11:14-15).

“Undermine the claim of those who would claim that in their boasted mission they work on the same terms as we do. For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles [Fathers or vicars] of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is not strange if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.” This may be why PF says he will not be pope for very long. “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of men who by their wickedness suppress the truth…So they are without excuse; for although they knew God they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking and their senseless minds were darkened. Claiming to be wise they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images. Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves [the fruit of a wrong spirit can be pedophilia, homosexuality, sexual abuse and molestation of alter boys, aborted babies of sexual unions of priest and nuns, sacrifice of blood for occult power, etc], because they exchanged the truth about God for a LIE and worshiped the creation instead of the Creator, who is blessed forever…They gave up natural relations , consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men…God gave them up to a base mind and to improper conduct…they not only do what they know God decreed against, but they approve of those who practice it (Romans 1:18-32). Jesus warned us we would know them by their fruit (I take no pleasure in revealing the truth; it saddens me beyond belief, but LOVE speaks the truth to “convince some who doubt; save some, by snatching them out of the fire; on some have mercy with fear, hating even the garment spotted by the flesh Jude 1:22-23).

“Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will give you light” Eph 5:14

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world” Jesus said, “You are the light of the world” We are all called to COME to him, Hear the knock on your heart, arise and begin to shine with God’s glory as our light and the Lamb as our lamp! All creation is groaning and longing for you to receive Christ in you and be the new creation led by his Spirit!!!

Jesus said, “Put your lamp on a stand, so people may see the light. Your eye is the lamp of your body [see as Christ sees; see the LIGHT!]; when your eye is SOUND, your whole body is FULL OF LIGHT; but when it is not sound, your body is full of darkness. Therefore BE CAREFUL lest the light in you be darkness. If then your whole body is full of light, HAVING NO PART DARK, it will be wholly bright, as when a lamp with its rays gives you light” Luke 11:33

How do we have no part dark? Awake and receive Light! Ask God to search you, even the depths. Don’t keep secrets or keep anything hidden from God; pour your heart out to Jesus at his altar where you can be altered, not a human priest, you ONLY come to the Father through the Son, not a sun god or idols or the queen of heaven (read Jeremiah 7:16-22; Jeremiah 44:17, 18, 19, 22, 25-26). Come boldly to the throne of Grace through the mercy seat! You get rid of spots of darkness by renouncing all idols, gods, lords, demons, counterfeits, and forgiving all you blame or have something against. You turn to the REAL Christ Jesus, the resurrected and ascended Jesus, and ask to be forgiven, have mercy on your ignorance, rebellion, separation, denial or rejection.Give him all sin, mistakes and regrets, give him your life, and RECEIVE his ALL, all the fullness of God, his light, water, righteousness and kingdom. Ask for his Holy Spirit and fire baptism and do not give up asking until you experience it! Join with like-minded believers; find a church with those born of God, led by his Spirit! Wait patiently with endurance for a new heaven and a new earth (NHONE)! (2 Peter 3:13). BEWARE of counterfeits that deny the REAL risen Christ and negate the finished work of the cross, taking you back to being under the old covenant, under the laws of sin and death, under the world rulers of darkness. The Son has set you free so you are FREE indeed!

There are lots of types of love and much counterfeit love in this world; but the ONLY LOVE that can fill you with ALL the fullness of God is the LOVE OF CHRIST that is beyond knowledge and the length, breadth, height and depth (Eph 3:14-20)! It is found in the kingdom that Jesus brought to earth from heaven, and only with His righteousness can you enter and live in the NHONE! The gospel of God that Jesus brought was, “Time is fulfilled [only in the eternal now you can live in His now of salvation], the kingdom of God is at hand [only the ascended Jesus can send his Holy Spirit to put his Kingdom in you], REPENT [metanoia or change the way you think and see things: see as Christ Jesus sees!], and believe in the gospel” Mark 1:14-15

The gospel is the finished work of the cross: Jesus died to all that Adam became under the god of this world, and resurrected Christ can become our new being: the new creation in the image and likeness of God with his divine nature. The LAST ADAM (Jesus) ascended and put his blood on the mercy seat, joined our Father and God as one, and in the latter days (NOW if you let him) sends his Holy Spirit and fire to form Christ in you! Christ in you is the finished work of the gospel when you receive it, walk it out, make it REAL IN YOU!

“Now to him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you without blemish before the presence of his glory with rejoicing, to the only God, our Savior through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and NOW and for ever. Amen” Jude 1:24


Receive the Kingdom!

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4 Responses to The Union of Soul and Spirit!!!

  1. gmichaud1017 says:

    Yes, It’s Hi time to wake up and smell the coffee. Enough sleep already. Let the mourning sun/Son arise in our heart and be transformed by His Love and His works in us.
    The nation of Isreal took laps in the physical desert for forty years, as we today are doing not only in the plain of reality( the desert of this world) but many of us are in the spiritual desert in dead religions (dry places of false religion) taking laps over and over expecting a different result. Sounds like insanity.
    Wake up o’ sleeper and open the door that you may receive the bread and water of life.
    THanK you Yeshua

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    • Thank you Gary! Thank you Abba! Father! Thank you Jesus for the finished work of the cross! Thank you Holy Spirit for empowering, guiding, leading, teaching, anointing, comforting, advising, advocating, and helping us!!! Yes, Jesus said, “will you stay awake with me” before his death; “Awake and receive my light”; and NOW he says from his ascended heavenly place with our Father, “come up with Me and stay awake!” Let our minds be seated with ascended Christ Jesus in heavenly places! Set our minds on the things above; not the world’s issues/problems! We come and rest/abide in Him and let God work in and through us by the Holy Spirit! We pray from heavenly places to earth! There are a lot of “warnings” today in the spirit so let us all keep our minds with Christ Jesus and pray for “Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

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