External to Internal


Solar activity, SDO ultraviolet image

When we are separated from God, the Source of all life, we are externally focused, seeking happiness, falling in love, disillusioned in love, trying to make our external life such to give us identity, approval, belonging, and ultimately to be loved. The reason there are so many falling outs in relationships, is because we are not made to have an external locus of control; not meant to be seekers that never find, or externally guided. “The way that seems right to a man leads to destruction” “The way that leads to our Father is narrow and few find it”

The god of this world (little g) enslaves our souls by deceiving and manipulating us into believing we are evolved worms, lacking, limited, powerless, unless we buy into the world system of man-made solutions that ultimately harm us and put wealth in the hands of a few elite who have sold their souls. The lure or promise or golden carrot of becoming a god with material wealth, status, power, fame, and political correctness is a lie and ends in destruction of your soul. Jesus said the evil one came to the world to steal, kill and destroy your soul/life. The nudges and budges of marketing, advertisements, media, news, “world reports” and even world religions are authored by the ruler of the world to keep you outwardly focused so you never discover the Kingdom of God on the inside or meet your spiritual Father who supplies every need in ways surpassing our understanding, beyond knowledge of this world or astral realms, or anything we could think, dream or ask!

Jesus said he came to give you life and life abundant. He came to the world as the true light that enlightens every person who comes to him and yokes their soul with his powerful, ascended, perfect, holy Spirit! Yoking your soul (heart, mind and will) with the ascended Christ Jesus is the satisfaction and fulfillment that is the deepest heart desire of every created being! The shiny baubles of the god of this world that we think will make us happy, dissolve into thin air when you work hard and sacrifice everything to attain them. They leave us empty, disillusioned and discouraged, so much that the spirit of suicide seems to be the only option for many; or drug solutions are promised to take away the emptiness, meaninglessness, or futility of life and work. The evil one’s plan: make you work like a dog, have sex like an animal, numb or distract you, keep you in fear so you can be controlled; keep you worried, stressed, drugged, doubting or blaming God for everything the hidden darkness of the god of this world does, pulling strings behind the scene, creating chaos through infecting human’s minds with fallen thoughts and beliefs leading them to consciously or unconsciously do the evil one’s biding.

But God! And suddenly! We wake up! We hear the knock on the door of our heart! We open the door and get to know God through spending time with him, develop an intimate relationship with him, eat and drink his Word until it is in us as us! We take it to heart and we are drawn up into the Heart of our Father! We are hid with Christ in God! We take refuge in God, the armor of Christ’s Light totally surrounds us as we put on the Lord Christ Jesus like a garment. We are overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and fire burns everything that is not Christ’s image and likeness within us. We must yield to his Presence and glory; lay our old life completely down (give up the ghost and the machine)! “The former things are gone; behold I create a new thing” “The old has passed away, the past is not remembered or come to mind, I create a new heaven and a new earth in you” “Set your mind on heavenly things, not things of earth” “Live, move and have your being IN CHRIST JESUS”! Christ is in his Father, you are in Christ and Christ is in you if you ONLY BELIEVE IT, PROVE IT TO YOURSELF, WALK IT OUT, WORK IT OUT WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING, DARE TO BELIEVE, and OVERCOME DOUBT and CONQUER YOUR MIND!

We STRIVE, labor, only to enter his Rest!!! Then we begin to eat of the tree of life in the paradise of God: a NHONE!

Everything is possible with God (capital G), the creator of heaven and earth and all life! The WAY to God, our all-loving, all-light, all-goodness, all-providing, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient SPIRIT, is Jesus, the one God sent to reconcile everything on earth and in heaven in Himself. We come to the ascended Christ and we receive everything of the Father. “The Spirit and Bride say, ‘Come!’ Hear and come! Thirst and come! Desire and take the water of life without price!” Rev 22:17

The end is from the beginning; the beginning is from the end! In the beginning, the Spirit hovers over a formless void and moves over the waters…in the end, the Spirit says come TAKE the water of life without price! Give consent for your soul to be unyoked from the god of this world, all burdens lifted off you, and be yoked to Christ Jesus and find rest for your soul, light, grace, ease, and receive the glory, the water of life, the Holy Spirit and fire of God!

  • receive the breath of life; the Spirit of Christ to wash and regenerate you in God’s image and likeness so you can reenter the Father’s heart (with child-like faith, trusting the Spirit of Truth, only righteousness can dwell in the new heaven and a new earth: the kingdom of God within; only Christ can take your sin and give you his righteousness to enter by his gate into the new city of God where the King of kings and Lord of lords resides in you: the King of glory with the Father of glory)
  • receive the Holy Spirit power: fire of glory to do the works of Jesus and even greater works because Jesus the Christ is now perfectly one with his Father (in Christ is the same as in the Father, in God) you can’t be in the Father if you aren’t in his Christ; you can’t do the greater works we are called to do if Christ is not in you and if you are still yoked to lesser or elemental spirits
  • receive the water of life: the continuous river of Christ’s glorified Spirit to keep you in the image and likeness of Christ so the evil one can have no part in or of your body, the house or temple for the soul and spirit yoked to Christ

Take consent back from the god of this world; give consent to the God and Father of Jesus the Christ who is truth, life and Spirit! Come to the ascended Christ and take his yoke; receive his light, life, glory, Spirit fire and water! Go through the trials and tests to PROVE to yourself (and ultimately IN you) the verity of the promises (not the empty promises of the god or ruler of this world). The full effect of keeping your eyes on Christ and walking by faith not by sight IN THE MIDST OF TRIALS, trusting that ALL things are possible with God, is being complete, perfect, and lacking nothing (James 1:2-8)! Become perfectly one with our Father (John 17:22-23)! “In that day you will know that I am in my Father and you are in me and I am in you” Now is the day; today is the day! Repent, receive God’s mercy, salvation and forgiveness, let his Spirit and fire remove the past, and let yourself be made a new creation born of God in Christ’s image and likeness! “Behold, I make all things new!” Be made new!!!

“It is our Father’s good pleasure to give you his Kingdom” The Kingdom of God is within!”Stop seeking externally and find the kingdom within! You are God’s building, temple and field where the treasure has been hidden! Jesus bought your field; let the owner back into his real estate (you) and he will show you where the hidden splendor is hidden in you! Christ is the only one who can show you God’s glory in you; reveal the light of glory and become your lamp to guide your feet into all the promises of God!!!

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path” Psalm 119:105

“How sweet are thy words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth” Ps 119:103

“I sought the LORD, and he answered me, and delivered me from ALL my fears. Look to him, and be RADIANT…The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them. O taste and see that the Lord is Good! Happy is the person who takes refuge in him!…Come, listen to me…when the righteous cry for help, the LORD hears, and delivers them out of ALL their troubles. The LORD is near to the brokenhearted, and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous; BUT THE LORD delivers him out of them ALL. He keeps ALL their bones; not one of them is broken. Evil shall slay the wicked; and those who HATE THE RIGHTEOUS will be condemned. The LORD redeems the LIFE of his servants; NONE of those who TAKE REFUGE in him will be condemned” Ps 34:4-22

Let the Holy Spirit speak to your bones: arise! be clothed with Christ! be clothed with the life and Spirit of God!!!

External seeking gives way to internal finding of God’s kingdom and righteousness when you open the door of your heart and let the King of glory come in!!!!!!! Rise in LOVE!!!!!!! This is the JOY; his fullness of joy is HIS STRENGTH IN YOU making everything possible to you!!!!!!!


The flowering of your open heart!


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8 Responses to External to Internal

    • Thank you so much for the reblog; spreading hope through the gospel of Truth! Truth is the resurrected, ascended Christ Jesus who is alive forever more to conform us to His image so we can join his Father as first-borns with Christ

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      • Sister in Christ, I appreciate you and your intellect and witness. thank you for being so helpful and knowledgable as well. Please lift up hobounivercity.com as I make new waves and interactions in this wild web we live and witness on. god bless john 3:16
        General BT Hope

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  1. gmichaud1017 says:

    Yes and Amen
    THank you Yeshua
    Psalm 89
    Be blessed more

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  2. Wonderful! Jesus first miracle at the wedding in Cana of Galilee turned the external to the internal. Water in the stone jars was for the Jewish rite of ceremonial washing. In turning water to wine, Jesus took that which was applied externally with much labor and made it into that which is taken internally in celebration and joy! Oh how I love a good wedding celebration! Joy and laughter abounds! 😉 Jack

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    • Thanks so much for your comment Jack! And I love your “The Sons are FREE!” name; so true 🙂 Thank God! I love that Jesus’ first miracle was a wedding and an internal transformation so we can feast with Him! Christ turns our body of water (we are >75% water) into the wine of his transformation: his water of life: his glorified Spirit (Rev 22:17)! You are so right when you said, “Joy and laughter abounds!” “I love I love, I love his Presence!” 🙂

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