Radical Love!

Heart Rays of sunlight

When your mind is tempted to worry, stress, fear, doubt…

return to Love, shift to Love, turn to God (God is Love!) and be healed of the root cause of whatever it is that triggered the anxious thoughts, fearful thoughts, confusion or doubt.

The root cause of the symptoms or manifestations of fear, worry, doubt, confusion, anxiety, depression (triggered by negative life experiences) is UNBELIEF. Unbelief is skepticism, incredulity, disbelief, mistrust, suspicion, uncertainty; doubting the veracity of the Way, Truth and Life; confused about what Jesus taught; and skeptical about miracles, signs, wonders and the finished work of the cross. Unbelief doubts God is always with you, answers before you ask, supplies every need in abundance, more than you could ever ask, imagine or think. The truth is he has your back, front, sides, above, below AND in you!

Just believe and you can receive so you can KNOW!!!

God is LOVE and the way of Jesus is RADICAL LOVE, extravagant Love, outrageous Love, a river of Love, a flood of Love, and the fire of Love! This highest, best Love, loves its enemies, does good to those who hate you, blesses those who curse you, prays for those who abuse you, offers the other cheek to those who strike you, gives more to those who take from you, gives to those who beg of you, lends not expecting anything in return, and always does to others what you want others to do to you (golden rule). These nine aspects of Jesus’ teaching of LOVE by being LOVE, so that all that comes from you when you are squeezed is LOVE, can be manifest in us by the Power and Wisdom of Christ in us, his Holy Spirit and fire coming upon us, transforming us into a one new man with Christ, and indwelling us!

When your mind is tempted by an anxious thought or fearful thought or negative/distorted thought, simply Love! Love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and Love one another as yourself! Those forgiven much love much! Love covers a multitude of sins and when you have received the Holy Spirit and fire, you are convicted of sin (unbelief), return to your First Love, and are transformed in divine timing (the more you go into the fire with Christ, the quicker the process!) into a new creation who is like Christ and reflects our Father: pure Love!

Begin by taking every thought captive! Begin to notice what you are thinking and you will begin to see the consequences of negative thoughts devolving into distorted emotions, devolving into bodily symptoms of stress, tension, constriction, armoring, defending, that devolves into pain and eventually sickness or disorder. Notice negative thoughts and replace with a Christ thought (always loving, compassionate, kind, patient, gentle, good, peaceful or uplifting, encouraging, strengthening)! Notice thoughts and drop your awareness to your heart, place your hand over your chest and breathe in the breath of life, a Holy Spirit conscious breath! Notice what is going on in your body; become aware of bodily sensations and breathe into the sensations with Christ’s pure peace and perfect awareness: the Light dissolves all darkness or symptoms. Key: notice and respond with Holy Spirit Wisdom and Power!

Breathe, just breathe, be filled with peace! Begin to notice! Be still and know! Bring the “I Am” of God to the present moment in you; practice the Presence. Paying attention to your breath brings you to the present moment; thinking means you are in either the past or future. Do a body scan with your attention; breathe into every part of your body: head to bottom of soles of feet with the Breath of Life, the Holy Spirit, our highest awareness beyond thoughts! “Be still and know that I am God” (Ps 46:10). Practice the Presence until you can host the Presence in your body, soul and spirit! Move from spiritual knowing to tangible, manifest Presence!

Glory Divine! G_D! You are in the space in between, surrounded by God! Just BREATHE it in!

The angel of his Presence tells us to CONQUER our mind, take every thought captive and replace with Christ’s renewing Mind that moment to moment can be peace of mind, stillness of heart, and bubbles of uplifting Joy in every cell! Instead of remembering the past, the old way of Adam, receive the new Way of Christ in you: his Spirit in you containing the fire to destroy every negative thought and raise your mind with Christ to be seated in heavenly places at the throne where what you decree will come to pass as a king under only the King of kings! The power of life and death is in the human tongue; receive the Holy Spirit and fire to transform your spirit, soul and body and begin to speak life and blessing to yourself and others! Out of the Holy Spirit-filled-heart proceed the words of life, blessing the earth and all God’s creation. All creation is longing for the revealing of the sons of God, led by the Holy Spirit, clothed with Christ’s Light, dissolving darkness by just shining!

Things are not done to us, but FOR US. Wake up and see we are triggered to anger, sadness, worry, fear or stress to see what is wrong inside, hidden darkness, so it can come to light so your Christ Awareness/Light can dissolve it like focused laser-light obliterates cancer cells! Christ’s Kingdom is found within! Woo Hoo! Get your Holy Spirit and fire internal weapon system and your words become SWORDS of the Spirit!

Make space for God! Notice what God is doing; first he brings up what is wrong to replace it with his righteousness when you give it ALL to Jesus! Then you can begin to notice his suddenlies, his surprises, his wonderful unexpected miracles, signs and wonder! Awe, wonder, child-like freedom, creativity, spontaneity, curiosity, and faith result! Joy!

Remember what God can do for you, not what others have done to you! “Remember not the former things or let them come to mind; for behold, I create new heavens and a new earth. Be glad and rejoice forever in that which I create (my bride in you, joy, my new things!)” Isaiah 65:17-19. There is no more weeping from distress but only tears of JOY! God’s Spirit will inhabit your body and God’s seed/Word is planted in you (a new vineyard) and you will eat spiritual fruit and drink the new wine of his Spirit (Isaiah 65:21)! “Like the days of a tree of life shall the days of my people be; you will enjoy divine creativity for you are the offspring of the blessed of the LORD. Before you call I will answer you, while you are yet speaking I will hear. There will be peace within you and none will hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain, says the LORD” Isaiah 65:22-25

Come up higher! Come through the open Door of heaven (Jesus); Come and See!!! Notice your breath, notice what is going on in your body, scan your body with your breath! Begin to notice beauty, stillness, pregnant pauses! Make space in your mind for the Presence. Make space in your heart to be still and let the Love from our Father pour in! Make space in your body, stretch, expand, breathe into any spots of darkness and be uplifted! Become the Witness, the Observer, not lost in the thought/problem/pain, but FIND the Christ within. You are no longer an Adam; you are a Jesus, a new creature, a new creation: one new man with Christ, your soul yoked to his Spirit!!!!!!!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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