Revelation 23!



What is after the end? A new beginning! Instead of going back to the beginning and knowing it for the first time (TS Eliot), though part of the journey, we take the next step into the UNKNOWN, known to God, and more than we could ever think or imagine! With  men it is impossible, with God EVERYTHING is possible! We step off the highest cliff we have ever been on into the unknown, the unfamiliar, the uncomfortable, beyond ego, beyond the wisdom and knowledge of the world, into the POSSIBLE with Christ!

Revelation 1 – 22 is the revealing of OUR Lord Jesus Christ, the unveiling of Christ in all things, and ultimately the offering for you to TAKE the water of life without price and the “soon” coming of the Son IN YOU (unless you listen to the world instead of our Father)! This is how it happened in me: the water of life came first (His Spirit) then Jesus manifested himself to me during a meditation (my mind was in the cloud!).

Revelation 23 is about the unveiling of Christ in you and I. On the invisible, blank pages of  Christ in your heart, new things will appear so you can begin to sing his new song from your heart (his new vibration or frequency of light); the song of all things POSSIBLE with God in you!

So yesterday, the Spirit gave me Revelation 23 as my Word of the Day, with signs confirming his Word! It is a completely NEW chapter with blank pristine pages, unending pages that the Holy Spirit will write with you! The greatest adventure of this life is giving up your plans and understanding to let Holy Spirit lead you into God’s Great Adventure planned for each of us according to measures of grace, glory, spiritual gifts, readiness, ripeness, openness, abandon-ness, surrender, child-like faith and trust, foolish according to the world but wise in the eyes of our Father!

God Rays

The adventure of a lifetime BEGINS within you; your soul yoked with Christ! The space to be explored is INNER space, not outer space! The external, worldly NASA is replaced by Isa, or Yahushuah HaMashiach and Yah internally and eternally! It takes great courage to enter the darkness inside you to face the giants, demons and beasts that lurk within. But go KNOWING you are never alone when you invite Jesus in, are deeply loved and cherished by our Father, and all things are done FOR YOU, not to you, WITNESS them dissolving to mature you into his JOY, with the Mind of Christ, knowing the Higher Ways, living, moving and having your being in his Spirit. Ahh! Breathe, just Breathe! Be, just Be! Be still and KNOW!!!

“The kingdom of God is within!”



When you go within under the blood of the Lamb of God, WITH Holy Spirit and fire, you are safe and sound at all times. You can let the tsunami flood you, finding you can breathe under water with the Holy Spirit in you: the breath of life. You can go INTO the fire of pain, loss, trauma, abuse, neglect or suffering; finding the fourth man in the fire IN YOU and not get burned. Human nature MELTS; divine nature is forged and FORMED!

The fire cannot touch you when you are with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit IN YOU! Christ’s holy, fiery, glory light burns any strange fire that comes against you! With the Holy Spirit upon you and in you, leading you, there is no fire power greater in heaven or on earth! The Holy Spirit of God fights fire with Fire! POW to the ow! BAM to the man! so the Christ in you can RISE! “I must decrease so Christ can increase in me” until you can say, “It is no longer I who lives, but Christ who lives in me”

“Seek FIRST the kingdom of God and HIS righteousness and ALL things will be given to you” (Matthew 6:33). Take the kingdom of God you find WITHIN out to the world! Let the Christ within you OUT in the world! Arise, shine, and GO! Glory Divine!!!

Come out of the world and human nature or you will share in her plagues and her sins. Come to the Christ of our Father and rest while his Spirit does the work in and through you. Yoke your soul with his Spirit; come and drink the living water, fill with Holy Spirit and glory! (Revelation 18:4; Matthew 11:28-29; John 7:37 ; Revelation 22:17) Glory Divine!!!!!!!


Yoke with God’s Living Christ; for it is in relationship you RULE and REIGN with him!

“To him who LOVES us and has FREED us and made us a kingdom and made us priests to his God and Father, to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen” (Revelation 1:5) “Jesus paid the ransom in full and made US a kingdom and priests to his God, and we shall REIGN ON EARTH” (Revelation 5:9)

Conquer the world’s mind that replicates human nature under dominance of wrong spirits, and be granted to sit with Christ Jesus on his throne with our Father to rule and reign from heavenly places while on earth (Rev 3:21)! Let the Holy Spirit begin to write on your heart and mind and begin to SING THE NEW SONG of Revelation 23! It is beautiful, heavenly, glorious, and world-shattering!!!!!!!

Heart in hand of God


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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