Kingdom Rules!


Green leaves

Living, moving and having our being on the Vine in the Kingdom is a daily adventure! Knowing who lives in you, makes facing mountains into mole hills! They are blown away in the Holy Spirit wind and breath, blown up in the fire of God, dissolved in the Light! The issue has to leave when you command it to leave, when you are STANDING on the Truth of Christ–the Word made flesh that lives in you, giving Life and Spirit to your spirit and soul and body!

In Christ, Christ lives, moves and has his Being in you. He has transferred us from the dominion of darkness. We no longer live under its powers and principalities; no longer dominated, for we were transferred to the Kingdom of the beloved Son! Our new HOME with our new POSITION is in Christ, above every rule and reign in heaven and on earth! Where the King of glory lives (he filled all with all), there is his glory!  KNOWING experientially, through divine encounters with his Presence around us, in us and through us, is a whole NEW ball game! The Holy Spirit has to teach you the new rules when he invades your body with heaven! He teaches you how to live in the world but not be OF IT!

Play ball!

Our new job in the Kingdom is to cooperate with the King of glory! When we cooperate with what the Holy Spirit and fire are doing; when we cooperate with the New Kingdom Rules, we play in JOY with awe, wonder and amazement (child-like!) as the NEW adventure unfolds daily and moment by moment!

“I do not build up those things which I tore down. For through the law I died to the law, that I might live to God. I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me; and the life I NOW LIVE in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God who Loves me and gave himself FOR ME. I do not nullify the Grace of God…He supplies his Spirit to you and works miracles among you by hearing with faith…Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse FOR US on the tree…and IN RESURRECTED and ASCENDED CHRIST the blessings of Abraham are upon the Gentiles…what was promised to faith in Jesus the Christ IS GIVEN to those who believe…the law is our custodian UNTIL CHRIST COMES TO YOU [I come as LIGHT John 12:46; Holy Spirit and fire John 14:26/Acts 2:3; Power and Light Acts 22:6-16]…when the Holy Spirit and fire baptism come to you, you are no longer under a custodian; for in Christ Jesus you are ALL sons of God, through faith. As many of you are BAPTIZED INTO CHRIST [by water, Spirit and fire] have PUT ON CHRIST [the armor of Light; the wedding garment]. There is NO MORE external distinctions [race, religion, gender, or worldly position; for you are ALL ONE IN CHRIST JESUS, [Jewish on the INSIDE], heirs according to promise” Galatians 2:18-3:29

Follow Jesus through death to self consciousness, to our Father and KNOW your true identity as a son and bride; be LOVED and then give this LOVE in the world as Love! Holy Spirit, lead us into all TRUTH and LIFE! Have your WAY in us Holy Spirit and fiery Presence of God! I give you the controls to lead me; the wheel to drive me, Holy Spirit! Oh Yes!!!!!!!

Amen. So be it!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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13 Responses to Kingdom Rules!

  1. The body ruled by the flesh under the powers and principalities of the spirit of the world is the unconscious as the ego rules and reigns. But when the Holy Spirit comes into the human body, it brings the Light of consciousness of heaven and everything bows to the power and glory of the Father of glory that becomes the glory (light) of our body and the lamp of the body (the Lamb!). When the Spirit of Truth rules in us, the body, soul and spirit flourish, blossom, and spiritually FRUIT!

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  2. “The power of our Lord to heal is bigger than all our injuries… the power of the people lies in having their heart-minds awakened…Only with your heart-mind awakened and ascendant in your soul can you begin to detect the lies.” Kiln of the Soul blog

    We only detect the lies of the spirit of error within to replace them with the Spirit of Truth!

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  3. Our separate self (prior to receiving Jesus into our heart) is in survival mode. It identifies with our body as “me.”
    BUT with Christ in us, his Spirit living in us, we live in flourish mode, blossom mode, tree of life fruit mode with the river of water of life running through us (Rev 21 and 22 mode)! We are no longer our body, we HAVE a body temple for God and Holy Spirit to tabernacle and feast IN US and THROUGH US!

    The most expanded, highest and deepest consciousness is the Spiritual Dimension of our Father and his Lamb that constantly renews our spirit and soul and body, so we begin to identify as “we,” the UNION of our Father and the Lamb with us!

    The union of body to body is sex and when the Holy Spirit is in us in marriage the union is blessed and life giving! The union of our emotions with the heart of our Father is compassion and Love! The union of our mind with the Mind of Christ is Wisdom, Highest Knowledge, Understanding, and Revelation of Christ in us! The union of our will with the Will of our Father is healing, deliverance and setting free; blind eyes opened, deaf ears opened, and closed hearts circumcised! The union of our human spirit with Holy Spirit brings light, glory, power and the Kingdom of God to the world in and through us! Glory Divine!!!

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  4. Good Friday becomes Great News in three and a half days!
    The cross didn’t kill Jesus; NOTHING could kill him. The truth is “he GAVE UP his spirit” because he was on earth to fulfill his purpose, the Purpose of his Father: dying to everything Adamic humans had become, so when he resurrected he could resurrect all that was the image and likeness of God in human beings, God’s children. But not only that, but an even greater thing: he ascended and sent His Holy Spirit and fire to make us into NEW CREATURES, the new creation, of a new prototype: the image and likeness of ascended Christ Jesus, sons of God led by the Spirit of our Father! Great News! When we wake up and live our three and a half days, we are transferred out of the dominion of darkness into the Kingdom of the beloved Son and receive Christ’s Light! (The first time of 31/2 days: Jesus is first-born from the dead, and our joining with his Spirit with our 31/2 days is 7 or completion! Daniel 12:7!) Seven is completion of Christ in us! Woo Hoo!

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  5. When we SEE everything differently, EVERYTHING changes!

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  6. 19maude56 says:

    WOW!!! Now that’s what I call a PERFECT HOME RUN!!! We are safe forevermore in the Kingdom of God and His Son!!! Thank you Jesus for our FREEDOM!!! Yes, GOD’S KINGDOM RULES NOW and for ALL ETERNITY on EARTH as in HEAVEN!!!

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  7. When we know something is Possible with God, it becomes possible for us in Christ!

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  8. Sin is like cancer in our body; its consequence is death.
    Christ in our body also has a consequence: new life now and forever, fullness of life, eternal, abundant, glorious life!

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  9. “Our minds [need to] be in perfect peace at all times and He is showing us how that is going to be done, by seeing EVERYONE through His eyes…His Spirit is being poured out…Gradually that will change our social systems, our social processes and our way of making choices.” Faith Living

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  10. Have you ever felt like a bubbling spring that just keeps springing up? a well of new life, aliveness, newness, like an everlasting fountain? like a river that flows within that has its source in the heavenly waters both above and below the planet?


  11. I was thinking of what might the difference be between the new heaven on earth, eternal heaven, and the world. It seems as though in the world, there is tribulation, the usual human sufferings. In Christ, a new heaven on earth, we have to apply the blood, water and fire of Holy Spirit to every situation that comes up; but knowing the Truth the challenge cannot remain. With practice, it get easier and quicker to remember and apply Christ’s Light of awareness. In permanent heaven, it is all heavenly! What do you think? What is your experience?


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