Bringing Beauty!

What was with all the WAVES yesterday! I was obsessed with WAVES! Wave after wave after wave after wave…

This morning I woke up to “make America beautiful again” and heard a snippet of America the Beautiful…

“waves of grain” ripples of amber waves…

and the rest of the lyrics downloaded into my consciousness:

spacious skies, purple mountains, MAJESTY, fruitful plains…

God shed his GRACE on thee…

and crown thy GOOD…

with brotherhood…



That is the message! To make America beautiful again, the secret to making anything beautiful again, is to have the Spirit of God poured upon it, his Grace poured upon it, to be crowned with glory, the shining LIGHT of Christ, to begin to see our common heritage as human beings coming from God and going back to God, the Creator of heaven and earth…not the uncleansed, unregenerate Adamic race that will burn root to branch in the fire along with “the world rulers of this present darkness and the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” Ephesians 6:12

America and her people need GRACE, GOODNESS and GLORY to return to shining light…

going from a tempestuous sea, waves of anger, resentment, bitterness, racial strife, gender strife, sexual strife, political strife, religious strife, economic strife,  disappointment with government, discouragement after 9/11, forced to be involved in too many wars, feeling let down by promises of world leaders…

to the SHINING SEA of a new heaven and a new earth where righteousness dwells!

The KEY is righteousness; get RIGHT with our Father through Jesus the Messiah then be in right relationship with God and the real “brotherhood,” the children of God our Father which has NOTHING to do with the color of our skin, but the contents of our HEARTS!


The old sea (old way of seeing) MUST pass away…to bring the new shining sea of heaven on earth…God’s manifest glory Presence, the radiant jewels of heaven (seeing as the Light of Christ), the crystal clear sea…

the bright as crystal river of water of life flowing in all people…

the glory of God as our inner light!

We turn to God and are healed as we invite, welcome, and receive his Son, the Light of the world as our inner LAMP…we invite, welcome and receive his Holy Spirit and fire to become the shining-from-the-inside ones, filled with his Spirit, crowned with his glory: crowned with the Spirit of the Lord at our crown!

The Spirit of the Lord cannot rest upon you until you return to righteousness; the Holy Spirit can only live within you when you are full of Christ and have no part of the old sea, the animal nature of the Adamic race that must die within you to be reborn of God: his image and likeness, your birthright as a child of God, to partake of his divine nature: the new creation! The result is FREEDOM for all! “If the Son sets you free you are FREE INDEED!”


We let the Holy Spirit and fire replace the last seven plagues sent against the body (Revelation 18:1-24), and receive the seven spirits from the throne (Revelation 1:4; 5:6) : seven torches of fire light, seven eyes, and seven holy powers (Christ in you, the hope of glory) into our seven major human body centers: crown, forehead, throat, heart center, solar plexus, sacred womb, and root. We receive the seven aspects of the Holy Spirit to see as Christ Jesus sees (the new sea):

  1. the Spirit of the Lord to crown us with our Christ’s refined gold, a gold crown representing HIS victory over sin and death, giving us resurrection life! We come under his command, lordship and kingship as King of kings and Lord of lords!
  2. the revelation of Christ, the unveiling of our mind to see as Christ sees (new sea!), hear as Christ hears his Father, and perceive in our heart as Christ perceives!
  3. the understanding of Christ and the boldness and confidence to utter the mystery of the gospel: Christ in you! the Sword of the Spirit, not your sword, not worldly weapons, but the HOLY Spirit’s Sword, we open our mouths and let our Father fill them with Christ’s Powerful Words: God made flesh!
  4. the wisdom of Christ in our heart, wisdom in our secret heart, the heart of Christ in us when he transforms our heart to his image and likeness so our Father comes and makes his HOME in us! His Treasure is where our inner being’s secret heart is! Let him reveal his hidden splendor in YOU, his hidden glory!
  5. the POWER of Christ in our solar plexus when we repent, deny and renounce the idols or sun gods, ra, or horus, or mithra, or osiris, baal, isis, etc., or worshiping the sun or creation instead of the Creator of all creation and life: the “Father of lights”, the Father of glory and the Son, the King of glory! We receive Christ’s power and strength of his might when our will is joined to the Will of his Father!
  6. the knowledge of God; the holy, pure Awareness of Christ! the true knowledge of what the Messiah has done for all and coming into agreement with his holy Presence on earth as it is in heaven! we conceive and birth more LIGHT into the world of darkness, adding to the light instead of agreeing or conforming to darkness
  7. we take root in our Jewish roots, offspring or root of King David, our royal heritage in Christ! our roots in Christ, in Love, upbuilt in Christ, branches of heavenly glory in the bright morning star as the tree of life: the body of Christ IN US that is rooted in the deep WELL OF JESUS the Messiah and watered by the RIVER from above the highest heavens, from the throne of our Abba Father and his Lamb, above, in and through us!

The old covenant was a physical, external covenant between God and Israel; the old Jerusalem represented by Hagar, a woman in bondage, representing our soul in darkness, bondage, oppression, lack of liberty or justice, a soul enslaved to “world rulers of darkness and spiritual hosts of evil” (Ephesians 6:12; Revelation 18:13).

The new covenant of our Father and his Christ is not physical or literal. It is spiritual and a matter of the heart, represented by Sarah, a new Jerusalem, not geographical, not in time or space, but here, now, available to ALL! The new Kingdom of heaven on earth is available to male and females, Jews and Gentiles, slaves and free, as it goes beyond words, language, tribes, nations, groups or religions! Christ in you gives you everything of the new covenant: every good endowment, perfect spiritual gift, all power and authority to use it for the glory of God!

Enter the Kingdom Age through the Son, the Messiah, who was, IS, and is to come in you! Enter and receive your royal robe, royal ring, royal birthright, royal DNA, royal Blood of the Lamb of God, royal crown, royal divine nature from your Father of glory and sit with the King of glory in his shoes of PEACE/SHALOM as he rules and reigns in righteousness in your heart! Let His river of living water flow from your heart to the hurting, oppressed, lost, enslaved, sick, lame, deaf and blind: the closed hearts and minds of asleep souls in the world. We are in the world but not of it! We are part of His manifest Glory Presence! Let there be LIGHT! Glory! Christ in you!

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4 Responses to Bringing Beauty!

  1. 19maude56 says:

    Beautifully spoken!!!

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  2. How I wish that were the national anthem; I’ve thought that for years.

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    • I agree! I don’t know how long it has been since I have heard it and wouldn’t have remembered without Holy Spirit reminding me about it and what this country was founded upon, and is and is to come sustained by. I pray for awakening for all in our nation so we can return to grace and glory flows! New Life! “I believe we will see the Goodness in the land of the living!” Thanks for your comment!

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