I don’t mind! I Christ!!

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I don’t “mind” anymore; I am no longer under the mind or spell of the world! I moved out of the world into Christ’s Kingdom! The world has a ruler: a god and father whom Jesus called “the devil”; the world’s mind is satanic; its light is luciferian, counterfeit light that is really darkness. Jesus warned us to “be careful lest the light in you be darkness” (Luke 11:34). I used to look and act like the world’s father; we all do until we awaken, become aware, see the Light and seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness until we FIND IT and receive it and become it until we can BE IT. Oh we get really good at hiding how we really feel or think, we put on a good front, we cover it up, we put on a mask or become our roles or careers or archetypes, and pretend to be good, moral, nice, tolerant, religious or atheist, worthy, loving, deserving, competent, knowledgeable, expert, capable, or worldly successful, while within we know we are an imposter, an actor, playing the game or role…we know deep down that there is more, much more… and we fix up our outsides like a whitewashed tomb to mask the inner deadness or lifelessness, or sleep of forgetfulness, full of shadows of the past, or in darkness of despair, or even writhing with the serpent (counterfeit kundalini spirit).

I used to take or tolerate the world mind; I didn’t know any different, so I believed the mouthpieces of the world, and I also believed every thought that came into my mind, felt and spoke from an unredeemed heart that when hurt reacted by instinct to hurt back, when  wounded wanted to wound back,  easily triggered, quick to judge, criticise or blame, and taking offense a lot…I was a classic Romans 7 human being…”I am only human after all…a mere human” with plenty of excuses, justification for mistakes, defended, blaming, a victim of circumstances, hoping what religion was “selling” could be the answer… I drank the tainted water the world sells us…don’t take it anymore!

Take the river of water of Life filled with Spirit and fire! Drink of Christ’s pure, bright, crystal clear water of life, his glorified Spirit absent in too many churches…Christ is alive filling the heavens and earth…only our mind can keep him out! There was no Holy Spirit or fire LIFE in the churches I attended before my baptism on my couch (see last post Response!). Churches are full of a lot of good Romans 7 people who never change, but come back Sunday after Sunday to intellectually worship a belief, a theology, a ritual, a religion, an idea of God that they all agreed to agree with…agreed upon mindsets with differing rituals and wording from different world religions…but still OF the world…

no transformation, no fire of life, no Spirit and Bride water of life, no transfiguration, no new wine in new wineskins, no new garments, just the same old clothes of religion. Being a good person is not the same as being Spirit filled, flowing with the river of glory fire; being moral far inferior to led by the Spirit as a son of God! We are supposed to manifest his Kingdom as sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father, not the world’s children who demonstrate the spirits of the father of the world! Good is the enemy of Best! In Christ, we are transferred OUT of the world and the image and likeness of our father the devil, INTO the kingdom of his Beloved Son, the kingdom of glory under the King of glory and his Father of glory: fiery Light that overcomes and dissolves all darkness! Jesus said we must be born anew from above; born of God, of water and fiery Spirit, Christ’s flesh and blood, so we can inherit the kingdom of his Father! We begin to look and act like our REAL FATHER and the REAL ONE GOD, above all, and through all, and in all… if we will just wake up and become AWARE, be of the same Witness as Jesus of our Father and his Kingdom, with the same Spirit and same fire of Life Eternal now and forever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah! Start NOW! Jesus said, “now and is to come!”

“The Spirit and Bride say, “Come!”

“Surely I am coming soon!” “I am” is coming soon to inhabit your body temple! Jesus said, “Before Abraham, I am” and we can say, “Before the foundation of the world we came from I am, and can receive I am now, full awareness, awakened with his Holy Spirit and fire baptism of LOVE into a new life, new wine in a new wineskin, new garment of LIGHT, covered with his Spirit and being his Bride in the Kingdom of heaven on earth!

I don’t mind; I Christ!





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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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