The Way of the Heart


The focus on the external is a distraction;

there is and will always be tribulations, sufferings, victims, persecutors, poor, climate change and inequality in the world. False religion and counterfeit spirituality will keep y0u distracted and focused on the outside…

“For he is not a real Jew who is one outwardly, nor is true circumcision something external and physical. He is a Jew who is one inwardly, and real circumcision is a matter of the heart, spiritual and not literal” Romans 2:28-29

That is why Jesus the Christ of God came to earth to show you the Way to the truth and life of God,

within you,

not to look for external saviors or external Christ’s “lo, there!” or “lo, here!”

for the kingdom of God and his Christ (his righteousness, power and wisdom) are found within! His Spirit transforms the inside so he can be multiplied on the outside until the whole earth is covered with glory, a new heaven!

“The law was our custodian until Christ came; for in Christ Jesus you are all sons of God, through faith. Baptized into Christ is putting on Christ: no more Jew or Gentile, no more male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus” Galatians 3:24-28

It does not matter what you look like on the outside; it is whose you are on the inside that matters; what is in your heart that matters! You are baptized into Christ by water, die immersed under the water, break through the water into new birth into Christ, new life of Christ! The Holy Spirit and fire baptism consume all that is not Christ within you and form Christ IN YOU! Jesus said you must be born again of God to SEE the kingdom of God; born of water AND Spirit to enter the kingdom as a child of God, born anew from Above, born of God; no longer of Adam or the world! A new creation!

The field that God purchased by Jesus’ sacrifice, offering, blood, sweat and tears,

is YOU because he knows there is a hidden treasure within,

a pearl of great price,

that the world does not want you to know is in you for your soul can no longer be enslaved when you know the Truth and the Truth sets you free!

Yoked with the world and Adam-type humans you will live in tribulation; when the Holy Spirit and fire baptism comes you cannot keep yoked to the world or you will continue to share her sins and plagues. “Come out of her, lest you take part in her sins, and share in her plagues” (Rev 18:4).  You will have trials and tribulations until you let it all go and truly yoke with Christ Jesus, find rest for your soul, learn from him, attached to Christ alone, letting him bear the burdens, going where he goes and saying only what the Father says. You must be hearers, sayers, and doers of Christ! You let his Spirit and fire battle while you stand firm armored with Light and the whole armor of God; tarry with him, wait with him, stay awake with ascended Jesus on the throne, witnessing his Power and Wisdom to heal every disease and deliver from every evil or unclean spirit. The Father of glory will give you a spirit of Wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of Him that will open your heart eyes and ears to perceive as Christ perceives from the heart of God! (Ephesians 1:17-18) Yoked to Christ in his Kingdom, you are his hands and feet, eyes and ears, heart and soul for all you come into contact with in the world…

The world is a lower dimension in time and space, of the past and future, of the human Adam, and the god he made in his own image and likeness when he found himself naked and separated from God…

Heaven on earth is our Father’s kingdom of his his beloved Son, always now, always here, present with His Presence, right relationship that gives you the full divine inheritance!

“The real deep crisis of abandonment is reached internally, not externally. The giving up of external things may be an indication of being in total bondage” Oswald Chambers

We don’t focus on changing the outside, try to fix the external, or just make the exterior look good, for that is the way of the world and the spiritualized ego mind tries to fix up the old man, tries to be good, trying to patch the old Adam, trying to put new wine into the old body…holding on to the dead self on the cross…fear of the unknown…clinging to the familiar or known…

But the truth is we have to let go, surrender all on the inside…we empty to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit and fire that consumes all that is false and breaks open the Christ seed in us, the hidden splendor, the hidden treasure, so it can grow and become visible! Our Father bought our whole field through Jesus and when we let Abba be the Vinedresser, the Gardener in us, he prunes and burns the unhealthy branches on the Vine and tenderly, lovingly and patiently nurtures the righteous branch until it is mature in heavenly places, bearing fruit on the earth, and its leaves for healing. The Vine within us connects heaven on earth in us!


“The Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come!’ ” (Revelation 22:17)

Do not let anyone or anything distract you or take you back before Christ’s finished work in 70 AD. Come, be drawn up, and take all that Jesus won for those will just believe him to receive all our Father wants to give you! Those who believe without wavering (unbelief) will see the promises manifested in their life. Ask, do not doubt, waver or be double-minded, but believe in your heart that you have already received it and you will see the grace, glory and goodness of God in the land of the living! Doubt cancels faith; wavering cancels belief! Fear is faith in the god of this world rather than our Father and God above the highest heavens! Agree with God not the world! Align your mind, heart, will, words and actions with the Word and water it with Spirit and you will see the garden of God grow in you until the glory can be seen, fragrance smelled, Presence felt, Voice heard, when open your mouth it is filled with the Holy Spirit, and those you touch are comforted, healed, delivered and set free to the glory of our Father! Jesus gives us his glory to the glory of our Father! The sons of man transform, re-form, in the fire and Spirit of God through yoking with Christ in their body temple to become a pillar of fire connecting heaven to earth! Our heart becomes the throne of our Father and his Lamb; our body their holy temple filled with divine glory and flowing with the river of water of life! This is the new creation of Christ!

The chosen ones are chosen on the inside, a matter of heart! When we choose in return to follow Jesus to our Father and True Home, we receive Holy Spirit and fire in divine timing to transform, transfigure and conform us to the image and likeness of Christ. Of our own self we can do NOTHING, but with God all things are possible;  when we yoke with Christ all things are possible in us and even greater things around us! Let go of your preconceived ideas and let God conceive his image and likeness in you! Continual application of his Word and Spirit will grow you into the manifestation and expression!!!!!!! To God be the glory!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new wine is on the inside of the new wineskin body temples that will flow eternally with the water of life! Jesus said, “Come to Me and drink and out of your heart will flow rivers of living water!”




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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to The Way of the Heart

  1. The King of my heart is the fountain I drink from…he is good, good, oh, oh! He never lets us down!


  2. “And our Father will guide you continually, and satisfy your desire with good things, and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters fail not” Isaiah 59:11


  3. “The moment you think you “need” someone……. don’t…….. loving someone and needing someone are two entirely different things…….. love has no needs.” Bola Muyis
    Love loves! God is Love so needs nothing of you, gives everything to you without expecting anything in return……we receive his pure Love and can’t help but fall in love and want to give God everything! Simple, a matter of the heart!


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