Child-like Awe and Wonder!


Mark Worcester Photo

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

This scene from my childhood home

stirs awe and wonder!

and it is below one of my favorite spots as a child, Pulpit Rock,

yet when we behold Christ, we become what we behold, and Christ is all we see!!

With everything that is in me I trumpet, “Come out of the world and into the Kingdom of God with the King of glory!” Be born anew from Above, born of God, no longer flesh and blood to enter the kingdom of heaven on earth as a child of God! Grow up IN Christ into the Head and begin to rule and reign with Him! (Eph 1:16-23; 2:1-6)

Our Father of glory is the Father of the Bride and our Bridegroom, Christ, the Messiah who is now and is to come; the only One who can present us as a spotless bride before the presence of his glory, his manifest Presence, here, now, IF WE LET HIM! Come and drink of his glorified Spirit! Come and take the water of life without price! Come to the Real; there is so much counterfeit that can never satisfy or fulfill, heal, deliver and set us free!

Direct your mind to be positioned IN Christ to receive right standing, right Spirit, right attitude (the be-attitudes!), right mind, right speech, upright heart, right will/intention/motivation, right knowledge, wisdom and understanding from the God who is LOVE and all Goodness, right root (the righteous root of Judah, the holy root, the offspring of David), and the right LIGHT (let the morning star rise in your heart): the pure crystal-clear, highest frequency Light of Christ Jesus, the Son of God in whom we die, resurrect, ascend and sit in heavenly places WITH when we turn, repent (change our mind, change our way of thinking), and COME to Jesus to yoke/join/unite/spiritually marry, learn from him, receive his anointing, his sevenfold Spirit, and rest our soul IN CHRIST. We are grafted on his righteous tree, the tree of life, no opposites; we begin to abide in him and he is us! This is fullness of Joy so our Joy can be complete now: to KNOW our Father through the Son in us, within us, above us, below us, to our left and right, and all around us like a garment of LIGHT!

We begin to live in BEAUTY, in the garden paradise of God in our body temple, the curtain and dividing wall between us and God is removed through Jesus. The two become one in Christ! He opened heaven to us and we seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness and ALL things are given to us as co-heirs of the kingdom of glory as we put the King of glory and his Father on the throne of our heart! We give our lives to the King of kings and Lord of lords and he fills our innermost being, our spirit man with HIMSELF! We begin to live from our core, our spirit man united with the Spirit of Christ. The pillar of fire man (Rev 1:13) becomes our center, our core, in the midst of our body temple! This is HOT! never lukewarm or cold! this is the fire of glory! this is the warm liquid LOVE of our Father, his river of water of life, his Spirit, his glory, his life in us, his JOY, his PEACE, his LOVE, his gentleness, goodness, lovingkindness, compassion, patience, self-control, faithfulness, steadfastness, perfection, completion and unlimited, infinite supply, potential and possibilities IN US! His pillar of fire in our inner spirit man is the connection between heaven and earth!

We are no longer devoted to causes or issues or man-made religions or idols; we are devoted to our Father who has given us EVERYTHING through Jesus! “All paths lead to Jesus, only Jesus leads to the Father” (Mary Colbert) “A human with a vision of God is not devoted to a cause or to any particular issue; he/she is devoted to God himself” (Oswald Chambers). Inspiration comes from a vision/encounter of God; everything is quickened or energized by God. We COME ALIVE in Christ and everything comes alive around us! We become like children living in awe, wonder, creativity, curiosity, inspiration, revelation; everything opens to us and reveals the BEAUTY and FRAGRANCE of our Christ which becomes the only thing we ever want to share again! My passion is God! I delight in God!!

Everything becomes JOY because we know that everything works for good; we know even trials and tests lead to greater faith, completeness, perfection, and infinite, unlimited Goodness! We have the power to endure anything because we see God in all things, even when he seems to be absent, we know he works in and through ALL things for all Good, all Love, all Light and all holy Spirit. We can trust the Living One who is always Faithful and True, Truth and Trustworthy! We stay AWAKE with the ascended Christ Jesus; judge angels, and discern spirits, bind and loose, forgive and not retain sins, while we wait or tarry for the fire Power and Holy Spirit to act in and through us in every situation. When the Spirit and fire falls, nothing but Goodness can remain; only Christ remains! Prove it to yourself! Work out the salvation Jesus won for you with fear and trembling! Know God is at work IN YOU; let him work unhindered; surrender all and be who our Father created you to be: male and female in the image and likeness of God! Don’t change the outside; let Christ’s Spirit and fire transform the inside and the exterior will follow! Signs follow BELIEVERS and Jesus confirms his Word in us! (Mark 16:14-20)

We live UP to the highest standard of Christ; we raise the standard in our body and life! We raise the standard of Christ in our city, state, nation! We live from the quickened spirit man in our core; we live from heaven on earth. We let the Holy Spirit and fire purify, refine and make our SOUL white; when issues arise it shows you there are gates still open in your soul that only Jesus can close: 1) believing a lie 2) iniquity or unforgiveness of sins of fathers 3) sins of commission or omission 4) trauma (Monte Bromily). Jesus has the keys to close the doors to the enemy that no one can open, and open the door to our Father and heaven no one can shut! We give our living body as spiritual worship and the Father and King of glory make their home in our body temple! (Romans 12:1-2) Be conformed to the Son, not the world! Put on the Mind of Christ and let it be renewed every morning!

We allow our body and soul and spirit to be sanctified wholly; the pain only lasts as long as we stubbornly rebel, resist and persist in unbelief! We begin to live, move and have our being in Christ in God! We are hid with Christ in God; knowing the truth that sets us free, “Christ in you, the hope of glory” “Christ is all, and in all” when we turn to Jesus and come HOME to our Father of glory, the Father of lights! We receive Christ’s Light, Love, and Holy Spirit and the journey to wholeness begins! We let the Holy Spirit lead us as sons of God; we let the fire of God burn all the chaff, wood, hay, metals, idols, rust, impurities and reveal the refined gold within! (Rev 3:18-21)  We put on his white garment of Light, our wedding robe of righteousness! We yoke with Christ and wherever he goes, we go!!!!!!!

Christ in you reflects the Light of our Father! Our inner moon becomes the light of the sun; our inner sun becomes the sevenfold light of his Spirit, like the light of seven days!!!!!!! (Isaiah 30:26) The Son is thousands of time brighter and clearer and more powerful than the sun!!!!!!! Christ in you is ALL you will ever need!!!!!!! Even darkness is LIGHT in Christ!!!!!!! Begin to reflect the Father of lights and the Son!!!!!!! “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory” but in Christ, Christ in you, the glory returns to your body temple!!!!!!! Glory Divine! Rapture! Delight! Youth is Restored!! Child-like Awe! Wonder!!  Joy!!!!!!!

Let the flame be re-lit in you! Arise, shine! Awake and receive Christ’s Light! Let the eyes of your heart be enlightened! When your eye is sound your whole body is FULL of Light! Live from the spirit man at your core filled with the pillar of fire of Christ Jesus and bring Christ’s flame of fire, his Spirit and Light with you wherever you go and SEE the Light transfigure!


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