Piece of Me


“Do you want a piece of me?”

Anger, threats, hostility, egging on violence, fighting, conflict, battles, terror, eye and ear gates assaulted by violence all give pieces of our soul away to another who triggers the anger in you, or to what we engage ourselves in or with, opening ourself to let more of the same in; what we think will make us stronger, weaken us as we give our power away with the pieces…Violence is damaging to our soul…

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but leads to destruction”

Lust, sex outside holy marriage, adultery, idolatry, pornography, all give pieces of our soul away…sexual trauma, abuse, molestation, sexual perversions give pieces away or tear pieces away, fragment us into pieces, split, double-minded, torn…love is tarnished…love/hate relationships insue, love hurts, walls erected, defenses fortified, heart hardened…polluted eye and ear gates pollute the soul…sex gives pieces of our soul to another and we take on their pieces, the wounded pieces…Sex outside holy marriage is damaging to our soul…


What we join ourself with we become…

“Those who join themselves with God become one Spirit with God”

What we let in our eye, ear, and heart gates can either heal us or hurt us…Jesus heals our soul wounds…the world’s way ruled by the father of lies hurts us…

Unforgiveness, unrepentance, unbelief, all keep our soul wounded, polluted, fragmented, split, divided-mind, broken heart and body, down in the dumps spirit, openings for unclean and evil spirits and when you rid yourself of a spirit, seven worse spirits come in the open door of your soul…

“Lean not on your own understanding”

Kingdom is Within

When we are hurt, wounded, offended, abused, molested, violence perpetrated against us, terrorized, beat down, criticized, condemned, falsely accused, identify with persecutors, victim, scapegoats, the world of men (Adams and Moses and Solomon and Kings of Babylon and gods/goddesses of Babylon) our soul is damaged and open to everything we don’t want…

“Guard your heart for all the issues of life flow from it”


Beth Moon photo

Adam was tricked into giving up paradise when he fell…Moses brought the law and because of taking solving the problems into his OWN HANDS never got to enter the promised land…Solomon started out great and was sought out for his great wisdom, but fell when he turned to gods/goddesses…Babylon of old has become mystery babylon of today, hidden, secret societies, occult mysteries that take your soul for the promise of fame,  elite contracts, material wealth, monetary riches, power, sex, success in the world…What is given takes the soul with it and continual sacrifice is necessary of all that is good, true, beautiful, right and holy…animal sacrifices and even human sacrifices are required to feed the antichrist spirit found in the hidden darkness…

“We perish for lack of knowledge”


When we are sinned against, if we don’t forgive, we begin to sin against others. The world says we are justified in our anger, taking revenge, being bitter, resentful, hate the person or persons…but Jesus said we forgive to be forgiven…the enemy is not flesh and blood, the enemy is the powers and principalities of darkness, the prince of the air, the hidden mystery babylon, the satanic, luciferian, lilith snakes in the grass that strike and slither away while you blame the person and bring more harm to your soul (emotions, mind, will). They create the chaos and then watch with glee as we hate, strike back, go to war, and become defensive, touchy, trigger happy, vengeful, and bitter that causes disease, distress, sin, iniquity, infirmity, weakness, further stumbling and falling…


It is not the knowledge and wisdom of the world or the secret occult mysteries that  solve our problems or bring us to “enlightenment”…Jesus is the true light that enlightens all human beings (John 1:9), the light of the world and when we wake up and receive Christ’s Light, the hidden darkness is illuminated so we can come into his Light, see the Light, make our eye sound and our whole body becomes light! We begin to walk in the light as sons of light, sons of the day, and Christ’s morning star can rise in our hearts, his Light shine upon our body temple covering us with his Light garment, his glory begins to rise upon us and we begin to glorify our Father as Jesus glorified our Father by being his sons and brides through Jesus the Christ of God!

The SOLUTION to every problem we have or ever will have is Jesus! When we finally give up, “enough is enough,” we give all the broken pieces to Christ Jesus and he gives us his WHOLENESS, his relationship with our Father: perfect oneness, his perfection: perfectly sure of God, his completion: complete identification with the Son as Christ in God, his kingdom of heaven on earth and his righteousness so we lack nothing and are given everything, the whole inheritance of the Son from our Father as co-heirs with Christ!

We go from pieces to his perfect PEACE as our mind is stayed on him and we trust him! He is truly the only trustworthy person to place our trust in and to hitch our wagon to his rising morning star, not the fallen stars in the world…wormwood, wood rot, viral infections, plagues, sin, affliction, infirmity, fallen angels and demons, Death and Hades, darkness, torment, despair, desperation, eternal strife, pushing a boulder up a hill over and over again just to have it fall and crash down to the bottom again…


We give Christ every broken piece and we enter his peace…his rest…we begin to live, move and have our being in Christ Jesus! The beginning of the journey into Christ is the end of the world! Don’t hold on to the world or your self; die and resurrect with Jesus! Ascended Christ Jesus brings the new thing! heaven to earth in you! the new beginning! the fresh start! the healing! the rebuilding renewal reforming rejuvenating restoring revitalizing! the regeneration of all that is good, true, right and beautiful! the reconciliation with our Father! the royal blood! the perfect DNA! the forgiveness! the wiping the slate clean! the restoring of our soul! the deliverance from evil! the setting free to be who we were created to be: the image and likeness of God!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to Piece of Me

  1. Kelly Weiler says:

    very well said, having some new language is needed for the deeper things of the Spirit. Our previous language for the Way, who is Jesus, limits us. Because many are going deeper into the Lord, new language is welling up to explain Him beyond the singular dimensional experience that for many Christ followers has become entirely inadequate to express our appetite for Him which refuses to be constrained with shallow thoughts of He who is so vast, so deep, so high; and yet He IS, FAR MORE than an impersonal vibration, but the person of God Himself. Though vibration is an expression of frequency, experience, dimension and light. I like how you share both, sharing how personal He is, beyond the flaky yogic kind of Buddhist stuff that does not know God at all, they only vaguely perceive there is such thing as vibes and ethereal. Yet they do not know Him, although many claim he is not a person, but merely a force, this lie you address well, while at the same time showing HE is much more than mere logic, religion, or simple doctrine, but the God creating all, and filling those who come to Him in His Son. No other may approach His throne, or His heaven, without being washed and renewed in the very dna giving blood of Yeshua/Jesus, the Christ of God and the Lamb from eternity past to eternity present, to eternity forever. Those who realize they cannot EVOLVE by THEIR OWN WILL, come in meekness to the Lamb of God. Only He will receive those who come to Him. To think we as man, may elevate ourselves to where He is, by meditation or vibrating at a new frequency or something, are so ignorant in their arrogant stance that in the pride of our fallen ignorance, think that mere man, created and fallen too, may come to dwell with HIm, where He is! ONLY THOSE WHO RECEIVE HIS PARDON OF SIN, AND NEW BIRTH, and whom He inspects for true conditions of such humility, are accepted by Him. This is THE FAITH, that may approach His heavenly realm. All others, merely investigate and poke around the fallen dimensions of the lesser realms of the spirit, but none but those He Himself lifts up to His presence, may come into His presence, or live forever. All others, are like thieves, thinking they may approach His realm some other way, will in the end be treated as thieves, thus the final judgment, and the very unfortunate hell of their final abode.

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    • Thank you so very much for sharing the Truth with love Kelly! You have so eloquently expressed what is wrong with both false religion and counterfeit spirituality; and is so right with real, powerful, amazing Christ Jesus! God bless you! ~Yvonne


  2. Spread the word.

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