Spring Cleaning!

Light into darkness

Does your house need spring cleaning? then our houses of God do too! not only the external man-made churches, but also, and more importantly, your body needs a spring cleaning and daily maintenance to prepare for our Father and his Lamb to make your body their House or Habitation, and their One Holy Spirit to rest and remain upon you!!

We all need spring cleaning; so receive the River of Water of Life to continuously pour above, in and through us as a SPRING of living water! We all need to KICK OUT the father of lies and the enemy of your soul, and FILL with the fresh breezes of Spirit from the open heaven of Christ Jesus into our spirit man and into clean, crystal clear, transparent windows of our soul when we let Jesus heal the wounds of our soul! We all need refreshing and renewal maintenance of the fresh, bright Christ Light to every cell, organ and body system to dissolve the spots of darkness!

Take the upgrade from our Father and his Lamb: the glory Lamp within! (Revelation 21:23) Take the seven spirits from the throne; the anointing of the Spirit of our Father, Wisdom and Understanding, Counsel and Power, Knowledge of our Father and Reverential Awe of our Father. Receive the Son and become a co-heir of the entire inheritance from our Father! Who are we apart from Christ Jesus? orphan spirited or widow spirited or a habitation of unclean or evil spirits. Wrong thinking gives access to unclean spirits; twisted thinking gives access to evil spirits. No longer consent to any spirit in your body, soul or spirit but the HOLY Spirit of our Father and his Christ! Put on the Mind of Christ and the helmet of salvation to hold to what you have attained!!

True religion is discipling orphan spirits to their true identity as beloved royal sons of our Father, and discipling widow spirits to beloved royal brides with no more spots of darkness! Our Lord Jesus the Christ of God is the Living One alive forever more; the only one found WORTHY to present you before the Presence of our Father as spotless brides! The end of world religions is the beginning of Kingdom living and gathering in one accord to collectively encourage, inspire, pray, praise and worship our Father of glory! “It is our Father’s good pleasure to give you his Kingdom!” but we must receive it as His child, no longer a child of the father of lies.

Who are we in Christ? We are co-heirs of the entire inheritance with ascended Jesus! Who is Christ in us? Our Father’s kingdom, power and glory: his visible manifest Presence, his Spirit, Truth and Will in us!! Again, we must believe AND receive Him as Light, Love, Spirit, Life, and Water of Life to become a spring from his deep, deep well of Living Water and a river from his Throne that meet in our innermost heart!!

Once we are “spring” cleaned we maintain with prayer, praise and worship! Prayer from a pure heart is true communion with God, in one Spirit! Praise is “finding your hallelujah” and receive the complete Joy of Christ, the fullness of Joy which becomes your true strength! You sacrifice whatever spirit or thinking or feeling or sensation of the world in your body, and in praise, honoring, thanking, appreciating, remembering the Goodness of God, mercy, lovingkindness, grace and glory of God, raise cleans hands from a pure heart and ascend from our heart to the Heart of God! Angels ascend from our pure heart to God’s Heart and descend back to give us the good endowments, perfect gifts from Above and spiritual impartations to equip us for the work of Jesus AND greater works because he is now perfectly one with our Father of lights! Jesus said we are his lights of the world!! When we receive the glory of the Son we can become perfectly one with our Father as Jesus is one with Him! (John 17:22-23)


We praise and worship by sacrificing our living body (Romans 12:1-2) to usher in the glory, the manifest Presence of our invisible Father! Where can I go from your Spirit? Nowhere! For it is everywhere present AND now here! But his MANIFEST presence is what we can see, hear, touch, feel, sense, smell, taste, and perceive with our heart as we usher in his glory! We encounter the pure Love of our Father’s mothering heart and we are transformed, transfigured and changed in a twinkling!

Tree of Life

If you follow religious spirits instead of Holy Spirit, you stumble and fall into the pitfalls. If you follow your own understanding, you stumble and fall into pitfalls. The way that seems right to man leads to destruction. If you follow Jesus to our Father, you do not stumble over the Rock or fall without Him, but:

receive the Holy Spirit and fire baptism of ascension Jesus, TAKE the whole armor of God, take the armor of Christ’s Light and put on Christ as a garment of Light and allow his Light to penetrate to your very core to be light, parTake of the divine nature, take the water of life for FREE, stay awake with ascended Jesus, sing the new song of the Lamb, be led by the Holy Spirit, be taught by the sevenfold Spirit anointing, have your senses and faculties trained to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s promptings, use the Sword of the Spirit: the Word of God as a sharp two-edged Sword to cut to the separation of soul and spirit and joints and marrow, become the Word made flesh by letting Holy Spirit write it on your heart and mind to become the Word, don’t rebuild the wall Jesus tore down between you and his Father and between earth and heaven, stop eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and begin to eat of the tree of life in the paradise of God, take the knowledge of the glory of God, receive and REMAIN in Christ as Christ remains in you as a branch on His Vine that connects heaven and earth, his Father and his royal sons and brides!


Spring has sprung! Flow with the river of Spirit in the kingdom of the beloved Son: the kingdom of heaven on earth that Jesus brought to earth that we receive and maintain as we allow spring cleaning and continuous maintenance by his Holy Spirit! To the God of gods, our Father, through his King of kings, Lord of lords, Faithful and True, The Word of God, be all honor, glory, praise, worship, dominion, authority, majesty, blessing, thanksgiving, power, might, wisdom, and true knowledge before all time and now and for ever and ever! Amen. Hallelujah! (Revelation 7:12; Jude 1:25; Rev 19:11-16; Rev 19:1-4)



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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to Spring Cleaning!

  1. When the Lord met me, I was a real Fixer Upper. Thankfully, the Lord is a Rehab Addict who went about the work of renovating me. Though He and I are brothers, sometimes I found myself opposing His work where it was Brother Vs. Brother for a time until I learned to cooperate and we became Property Brothers together. Some of the things He did made me Flip! Other times I thought Flop! Now that He’s revealed His work in me, I LOVE IT and would never LIST IT! Though by boasting about the Lord and opening my house for others to see, like Him, I too have become a House Hunter. While I may be a Tiny House as far as the Lord is concerned, His presence in me makes for some Big Living! The Lord is truly HGTV! His Glory, Transfiguration and Victory!

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