Travail, and the Holy Spirit

I can relate and resonate with so much of this post, that I had to share it with you dear readers! I also welcome this meaning of the “narrow way” as it is my experience as well; it is in the travail that our new life, born of God, comes to fruition! “I am in travail until Christ be formed in you” Just as Jesus went through intense suffering for the Joy on the other side of the cross, we suffer with him, die with him, resurrect with him and share his Joy, complete Joy, Christ’s fullness of Joy when we receive all the fullness of God when we KNOW the Love of Christ as we are seated in heavenly places in Him! Be still and KNOW; go through the floods and fire and enter the promised land: a new heaven and a new earth (NHONE)!
“Beloved by God, he has chosen you; for our gospel came to you not only in word, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction…for you received the word in much affliction, with joy inspired by the Holy Spirit…you turned to God from idols, to serve a living and true God…waiting for your personal second coming from Jesus who delivers us from the wrath to come” 1 Thess 1:2-10
“When he comes to you, receive him…stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God…see that you fulfill the ministry which you have received in the Lord…Grace be with you” Colossians 4:10b-18
The ministry we have received is the Spirit of the living God written on our hearts to be ministers of a new covenant, not the law that kills, but the Spirit giving us new life. If we KNOW we abide in Christ as Christ abides in us, we can bear the same fruit as the tree of life we have been grafted on! Be fruitful and multiply Christ’s spiritual fruit! Root in Christ, in Love Itself, and bear fruit of pure Love of our Father and Son, by his Spirit, our new Life!

An Exodus Journal

V0014914EL A woman seated on a obstetrical chair giving birth aided byI have recently found myself in a bit of a predicament recently, I have struggled to pray in groups, with a heart full of prayer, but nothing coming to my mouth. It was worst last Tuesday, the 10th of May. It was getting towards the end of the prayer meeting and someone began to pray the words of a song that had come to mind “Open the eyes of our hearts, open the ears of hearts”, something like that. The general feeling was that we need our eyes and ears open to see and hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking to us. As soon as that prayer was finished and as I continued to wrestle, the Holy Spirit spoke to me immediately something like:

“Why would I speak when the ears of my people are closed to the Truth, and their mouths are closed from speaking it?”


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2 Responses to Travail, and the Holy Spirit

  1. freedom for all
    To our dear incarcerated soul’s

    Your release from incarceration will be immediately actioned after C.R.A.N.Z Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand is initiated.

    No Gregorian date on any document will stand up to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    In 1919 the league of nations forerunner of the United nation’s was formed after the “Great war” the war to end war’s.

    In 1930 after years of mustering western support it was agreed to adopt the indigenous peoples ancient calendar following natures time frame, of 28 days per month and 13 months with1 day out of time for nature to recalibrate.

    So there it was: In 1933 January 1st we would start, Tricember being the thirteenth month. The bill got stopped by the church and Hollywood and co.

    After the radio broadcast of the war of the worlds brainwashing experiment in 1938 and the start of another world war, the Rothchild/Rockerfeller foundation invented Television, 50 years of Tele-scope the vision of the Hollywood stars and in doing so made over 800 billionaires by 2008 this has kept the masses disconnected from natures law of time.

    The moon governs the birds, bees oceans and the seas and yes Humans.Quarter moon builds to fullmoon then wanes to a 3quarter moon then wanes back to a no moon called a new moon cycle.
    Writers like Raoal Dahl write under the light of the new moon!!! There is no moon in a new moon cycle. The cycle flows and repeats every 28 days following our human heart bio-Rhythms of the 13 month moon cycle.

    Science has proven we human’s have a brain in our hearts that sends signals to the brain in our heads. Our heart mind bio-rhythms are as unique as our fingerprints yet collectively we are traveling on this planet at 66,666 miles per hour. In knowing these cycles of time and living in natures moon cycle, we collectively will engage our heart bio-rhythms in this bio-sphere no-osphere.
    We as the masses refuse to work as cash cows under a calendar that has been deliberately designed to make money and disconnect our heart bio-rhythms. The labels for marking time mon,tue, jan, feb etc invoke old karmic, tapu connotations associated with Gregorian calendar programme of tele-scope vision of Hollywood and co stars, not our stars in heaven. Disaster means disassociated from stars in heaven.

    C.R.A.N.Z Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand is supported by Kiwiallegiance. Please understand the importance of the tv of our minds we on mass create our reality, we write the book of love, peace and harmony. Aotearoa New Zealand our time is ahead of the world, land of the rising sun, Alpha Omega BE the media BE the blessing, I am another yourself, resonating love.


    • I am not sure I understand everything you are conveying here, but I do appreciate your passion! I do agree that television is tell-a-LIE-vision. Christ is the Truth and Life of God; the way to our Father and all Goodness, love, righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit! I KNOW for 100% surety that Christ Jesus is the true Light, the anointed Messiah, who brought heaven to earth and reconciled all human beings to our Father and God. I KNOW that keeping our focus on Christ and knowing the kingdom of God is within, not focused on the seven mountains of media, entertainment, world religion, world government/economy, education, political correctness or family issues, we keep our heart and minds in Christ Jesus and his light abides in us to spread to cover the earth and the knowledge of the glory can spread like water covers the sea! One taste of Christ’s glory and you never want to eat or drink from any other spirit, especially not dead religious spirits ever again!


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