I woke up with this thought after a fascinating dream:

Most humans know about Jesus,

most humans do not KNOW Jesus;

all demons know Jesus.

Why are so many humans bewitched

and what is the source of their bewitchment?

“Who bewitched you?” Galatians 3:1

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to Unbewitched

  1. Good question! But no believer will ever answer that for I’ve yet to meet the one who would consider the possibility that they had been bewitched / deceived.

    I’ve asked a similar question and have earned only a scowl in return: the scriptures paint the picture that in the end times, the deception will be so great, that even the very elect might be deceived if not for the mercy of God to cut short the days. And of course, most believers consider these the end times, therefore, this must be the time of that great deception. “What therefore makes you think you are not deceived?”

    It was such consideration years ago, that led me to pray “lash my leg to your leg, Lord, so that when you turn, I turn, where you go, I go …”

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    • Good Answer! God Answer! You asked for your leg to be lashed; I asked for my shoulders to be yoked with Christ; same difference, we go where he goes, see and hear what he hears and do what he does! Love God and Love one another as ourselves!!!!!!! Oh how I love and am grateful, beholding and thankful for Jesus!!!!!!!

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