Take the Gift!

burning heart

Jesus said, “Take heart!” We take your heart Christ Jesus!

The Spirit and Bride say, “Hear and take the Water of Life for free!” We hear and we act on what we hear: we take Your Spirit and we take Your Life as our Life, Christ, flowing with Holy Spirit!

The gospel of God that Jesus preached (preach is to express, manifest, demonstrate with Power, not just words as in dead churches, but in Spirit Power!) was time is FULFILLED! so all is NOW (unless you let the antichrist spirits take you back before the finished work of the cross of Christ), now and for ever and ever Now! and the Kingdom of God is at hand! so TAKE IT into your hand and place your hand over your heart and receive the KOG with your heart! let it circulate to your will! and to your brain and fill your mind with the New Mind of Christ! the always renewing Mind of Christ!!!!!!!

Let the “good news” become a river of Spirit and the bread of Life within you! Be fed by the Word and led by the Spirit of God to be a whole loaf of Christ Bread (you are no longer broken in Christ in God) and a new wineskin FILLED and OVERFLOWING with new wine: the water of LIFE, the Holy Spirit and fire!!!!!!!

Come! Take the water, drink, and it will transform to the new Wine of Christ within your spirit and soul and body!!!!!!! In Christ you are fresh, RISEN bread of Christ’s Body! In Christ you are FRESH WATER, an eternal spring that wells up into a fountain, fed by the River from the throne of God; no longer the dirty Jordan river, but the RIVER from the throne of our Father and the Lamb of God! ALL NEW, ALL THE TIME, NOW, HERE, IS CHRIST IN GOD, CHRIST IN YOU! GLORY!!!!!!! (shouting from the roof tops and mountain tops!!!!!!!) Take the new in Christ things!!!!!!!!!!!! (Isaiah 42:9; Isaiah 43:18-19; Isaiah 48:6-8; Isaiah 60:1, Isaiah 61:1-11; Isaiah 62:2-5; Isaiah 65:17-25; Isaiah 66:7-22; Revelation 21:5-27; Revelation 22:1-17)

“NOW set your mind and heart to seek the LORD your God. Arise and build the sanctuary (your heart) of the LORD God, so that the ark of the covenant (holy Presence) of the LORD and the holy vessels of God (sanctified spirit and mind, heart, will) may be brought into a house (your body) built for the name of the LORD” 1 Chronicles 22:19

How??? Come to Jesus and receive his Christ, the pure, holy, righteous, fruit-full, healed, whole, complete, perfect, every good gift, unlimited supply, infinite potential, eternal love, peace and joy, …, now and eternally YOURS in Christ in God our Father!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Fire of God

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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