Live on the Mountain of God

Our Foundation is Christ Jesus! solid Rock! no sinking in mirey clay or sand or tempestuous seas! In Christ, we do not have one foot on land and one foot on the sea; we are not double-minded! We are single-hearted, single-minded and single-willed WITH our Father in Christ! This is our soul at rest, restored in Christ!!! This is the DAY we find when we come to Jesus, learn from him, YOKE with him, unite with Christ in spirit and soul and body, receiving his light, love and Spirit as we are sanctified wholly in total surrender! We submit only to God! Alone with Christ in God in our secret heart we discover the eternal Day of Christ, a new dawn every morning with new wisdom, understanding, revelatory grace, goodness, and all we need for the Day which we gladly receive! Jesus sowed his body in the earth and we reap his resurrected Body on earth!!!!!!! The morning star rises in our heart and circulates to every cell, organ, body system, and twelve gemstone radiant field of our soul united with Christ’s Spirit, if we believe and receive and become one with our Father again! (John 17:1-26; Ezekiel 43:1-9; Revelation ch 21-22; 2 Peter 1:3-19)

Christ Alone/all one with Christ! We root and ground in Christ, in Love! We are grown upright in Christ! Our cornerstone is Christ! Our top stone is Christ! Our altar is Christ as living white stones WITHIN, a pillar of fire in the center, a flame that goes from root to crown in our innermost spirit man uniting with the greater Flame of Christ connecting heaven and earth, the flame of life abundant, the life of Christ in us! his kingdom within us! his righteousness in us so we can also be one with our Father and God!

We transform from the inside out in His Light! We don’t try to change the outside leaving the inside dark…

We are Ninevah, evil in our heart/violence in our hands, until we repent and return to God to receive a pure heart and clean hands in Christ! Unlike Jonah who was angry that God saved Ninevah, we rejoice and are glad that when we turn to God, our eyes, ears, and heart are opened to perceive, understand, and hear the Voice of God to turn and be healed (Acts 28:26-27) We become a new Jerusalem, a bride, surnamed by God, given a new married Name when our soul becomes equally yoked with Christ; purified, refined and made white in his blood, water, fire and Spirit! “In that DAY, you will know that I am in my Father and you in me and I in you” Found-DAY-tion in Christ!!!!!!! Your Presence is heaven to me, transforming the earth within me!!!!!!!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to FoundDAYtion

  1. gmichaud1017 says:

    Amen and Amen!
    THanK You, Yeshua

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