I may be the only person in the world who doesn’t have an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or iCloud! But what I do have is summed up in one thing: iChrist! My life is dedicated to Christ Jesus to see as Christ sees, to hear as Christ hears, to spiritually perceive as Christ, to know our Father like Christ, to manifest our Father as Christ manifested his Love, Light and Spirit! This is a VERY lofty goal, the upward call of God in Christ, the heavenly call to be a new heaven and a new earth! It is a life-long journey! I am not normal or special, but iChrist!

Some aspire to be on top: king of the world, some shoot for the stars, others shoot for the  moon; but for me, I hit bottom to be lifted into Christ! iChrist! Some seek to conquer the seven mountains of the world; I know that in Christ, they are already conquered! I rest and abide in Christ above the highest heavens! iChrist! Some seek to climb the highest mountain on earth; in Christ we have summited the highest of high peaks in the kingdom of God!

Greater than the greatest career! greater than the best vacation! greater than the highest high is being filled with the Holy Spirit, iChrist in the cloud of witnesses! in the cloud of glory! in the cloud-covering of Christ who surrounds us with his light field, and fills us with his fire-light of glory!

Can we STAND this 24/7? Can we BEAR the Truth 24/7? Not yet! but it is now and yet to come! If we can only yet bear a trickle, it blows our mind! We are titrated into the glory of Christ which glorifies our Father! His Love is so pure, full of awe and wonder, so blinding a fire Light, that we can only take so much at a time! A mere drop of his Love is greater than the greatest love in the world! Instead of focusing on technology to save you from your problems, look to iChrist! Instead of focusing on yourself and your problems, the world and her immense problems, TURN your focus to the Solution! the Source of Life! the Source of power and wisdom to become whole and complete in Christ, his Holy Spirit and fire of Life in you!

Instead of following fires to put them out, let the pillar of fire connect heaven and earth in your body. Instead of grumbling and complaining about cloud-covering or rain, receive Christ’s cloud as a garment of fire Light and the rain of Holy Spirit! iChrist!

If you are looking for happiness, do not try to find it in people or things! Seek first the kingdom of God (righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit) and all things are given to you! If you are looking for love, don’t try to find it in people. When you find the Source of Love you will have a never-ending flow of Love and you won’t need to be needy or withholding or lacking or limited or selfish/narcissistic anymore! God is love! “This is my prayer, that your Love may abound and overflow more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so you may know what is truly excellent!” Philippians 1:9-10


Take your focus off people and things and put on the Source of Life! Some wish Jesus were walking on earth now, but Jesus said it was BETTER to have his Spirit upon AND in you! Let Holy Spirit MOVE YOU, awaken, breathe new Life in you, resurrect, enlighten, activate, quicken, and fill you to overflowing with the warm, liquid love and light of God our Father!!!!!!! Let the Holy Spirit give you your new name in Christ; no longer go by what the world calls you!

Instead of trying to find yourself, find Christ in yourself! iChrist!

Let Holy Spirit fill your mind full of Christ, radiant pure Light shining brightly, transparent, not holding grudges, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, unbelief, unholy thoughts which cloud the mind. No longer hold on to the past or worry about the future. “Cast your cares on me for I care about you”

Be radiant, shine brightly with the pure Love of Christ; iChrist heart! transparent, not holding on to hurts, unmet needs, wounds, scars of past, traumas, losses, betrayals, abandonments, disses, offenses, or trespasses against you; but iChrist!

Be radiant–shine brightly–pure Holy Spirit flowing like a river of water of life connecting heaven and earth in your body–watering your garden body from crown to soles and tree of life soul! iChrist! Bestirred by God’s holy Spirit and fire! God says, “I will stir my people up and requite evil upon evil’s head” “Come out of the world-system (the beast) my people, for all the evil she has done will be turned back upon her own head”

Submit to God alone, the Creator of all life, the Cause; don’t submit to the effects or the creation! Resist the devil, the cause of all tribulation, don’t resist evil which is the effect; instead bring Christ’s Light to the darkness! iChrist! Bring Christ to the effects of evil and they transform! reset! restore! renew! regenerate! iChrist! The Light of Christ has overcome all darkness now and always!!!

iChrist and then bring it into everything in your life!!!!!!!


About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to iChrist!

  1. a more accurate description of the bride’s relationship with her Bridegroom may well be weChrist 🙂 but iChrist does point to the “two become one” and as an action verb, doing out of being, doing out of hearing!

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  2. As for GOD , you can blame and justify too yourself about Gods impact or lack of impact but it comes back to individually collectively owning our thoughts. The only blame and justify our thought, words and actions excuse is the operating system we plan and reflect with, namely the irregular and arbitrary 28,29,30,31 4 year leap year and mary had a little lamb. The Gregorian nasty labels for marking time ie mon,tue,jan,feb payday weekend xmas halloween etc force our thoughts to follow irregular negative thoughts along with the spinning ball theory of us spinning at a thousand miles an hour, when my eyes see the sun moon and stars go around us(eric dubay 200 proofs). So blame the calendar, how many fingers am i holding up ?and what day is it ?are 2 important questions for a suspected head injury and if you answer with 12 month labels then you know not what day it is…wwwlawoftime I’ve watched the moon for the past 7 years this fullmoon is the 13th this 52week 81 fullmoons in 7 years, following 13 month calendar tunes you into synchronicity and the synchronic clock. I know we live in an enclosed flat environment, and the elite bankster hollywood nasa puppets have hidden our created environment therefore hidden our divine creator. Please think about how everyone is influenced negatively by artificial calendar and come to new zealand and force a calendar reform and adopt league of nations 1933 calendar change, culture of peace through a calendar of peace. Choose love over fear, forgiveness for they know not even what day it is.If you answer with 12 month gregorian labels then you have not stepped outside that operating system which perpetuates the dysfunction associated to all our lives.

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    • Mike, I agree it is time for all to take personal responsibility for our part and be accountable for our thoughts. Without the Mind of Christ in us we will continue to fall. You said, “you have not stepped outside that operating system which perpetuates the dysfunction associated to all our lives” and “Choose love over fear, forgiveness for they know not even what day it is” Yes!
      Jesus is the resurrected righteous King of kings and Lord of lords and he told us a long time ago that time was fulfilled, the kingdom of God was at hand, to forgive, “lose our messed up, controlled by evil-ones, life to gain his real Life,” just as you have said, before the Christ of God is in us we are living dysfunctional lives being played like a chess board as pawns and prey. The answer is now and forever Jesus! who IS, was and is to come NOW! Now it is past time, more than time to get Jesus inside each of us, he is holy, pure Spirit and pure fire of Life! He is the final solution, the final answer, the last and the first, the beginning and the end!

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