New Heaven!


The old heavens are our old mindsets. The old heavens are the old mindsets of Adam. The old heavens are the old mindsets and current mindsets of the world. The new heaven is the Mind of Christ and we grow up into the Head! The new heaven is the new mindset that became possible when Jesus overcame the world and its mindsets, the old heavens, where the battlefield of the mind is a spiritual battle between good and evil, a devil on one shoulder, an angel on the other. Abraham Lincoln said to choose the better angel; choosing a better thought; but Jesus didn’t just bring better thoughts, he brought the possibility, the true potential to RESTORE the image and likeness of God, a new heaven and earth in us! The old earth before Jesus came was filled with the old heavens, old mindsets of Adam and his fallen ruling mind. The king in Adam, the king over the old earth is Abbadon in Hebrew and Appolyon in Greek which means destroyer. The old heavens, the old mindsets, battles of the mind, destroy the earth.

Conflicted minds zap your energy, setting up chronic fatigue, tiredness, listless, don’t care, give up and give in to fears, worries, doubts, stress; the cares of life become overwhelming, hopelessness, helplessness, depression, anxiety, “what’s the point,” death wish, despair of life, no more will to live, accept lies and live down to them, live in confusion, chaos, anger covering sadness, personas covering emptiness, or putting on pride or rebellion, masking the darkness, emptiness, or nothingness within.


The old heavens are a battlefield of the mind, ambivalent, wavering between the shores of okay and not okay; lies and truth mixed, polluted waters, numbed, distracted, or preoccupied with the cares of life that choke out the good and leave no room for God. Care is cremated, so in the end you just don’t care and your actions reflect a wanton disregard for life…

The old heavens are old mindsets that bind, keep you enslaved to what you don’t want or need. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Insanity is living in the mindsets of the world, the old heavens, that form the same earthly misery, suffering, disappointment, discouragement, dismay, disgust, disasters, and despair of life…


The new heaven is the mindset of Christ! Conceive it; be it! Christ in you forms the body of Christ: wellness, wholeness, complete, lacking nothing…full potential, full possibilities, well-being, mind of rest, ease, flow, that forms an earthly body that is strong, vibrant, full of vitality, light, joy, full stillness, full silence, fully occupied with divine health, harmony, peace, loveliness, abiding in rest! The new heaven is a mind fully occupied with Christ! no vacancy for distress, disturbances, disease, divorce…but ALL ONE with our Father’s higher thoughts and ways that manifest a REFORMED body! With the new heaven, Christ’s Mind in our body, we are reformed clay into a new vessel formed by the Potter, God, the Creator of heaven and earth, into his image and likeness!!!!!!!

The new heaven is the new mindset of Christ in you that changes the atmosphere in you that is compatible with the new life of the new creation!!!!!!! It is an atmosphere in you that is incompatible with disease, virus, germs, infirmity, sickness, illness, chaos and disorders…


Change your mind! replace the mixture of lies and truth, replace the lie with His Truth! Now what is possible? All things are possible with God in you, the mind of Christ in you, a new heaven in you! Do you believe it? It is done unto you as you believe! As you think in your heart, so are you! Christ in your heart is a new heaven! As Christ is, so are YOU in the world! (1 John 4:17) A new heaven in you forms a new earthly body so you can carry the atmosphere of Christ everywhere you go; carry the Presence of God; to expand His Kingdom of heaven on earth!


Live “Christ in you” that is a new heaven in you! the Light in you! Be safe, secure, loved, cherished, adored, valued, accepted, approved of, and belong with Christ in our Father! Do not be condemned by what is not, but believe God and rise with the Son! (Malachi 4:2) Do not try not to sin or make mistakes, but be righteous! Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free! Christ in you is a new heaven and a new earth in you! Do not be condemned by what is happening or not happening, but know God gave us freedom in Christ! a new life in Christ! a new body, soul and spirit in Christ! Begin to live in the light of Truth: Christ in you! His Light in you! His glory in you! His pillar of fire and clouds of glory in you! Take the water of life without price and Arise! Flow! (Revelation 22:17)

God’s higher thoughts and ways in you, his heavenly mind in you, forms a heavenly earthly body! Be REFORMED by the Potter! reformed heart, reformed mind, reformed motivation, reformed body on the Potter’s wheel! NO MORE revolution and evolution; they are backwards love of the world! Be reformed NOW in the image and likeness of God: a new heaven and a new earth!!!!!!! We were born to shine God’s Light! Arise, shine!

The new heavenly Mind of Christ in me creates the atmosphere in me that is incompatible with viruses and germs, physical sickness, mental or emotional illness, or spiritual malaise. The new heaven in me is compatible only with His Life, well-being, wholeness, wellness, complete, lacking nothing, divine Life of Christ, and his nature in me! Peaceful Rest! Perfect Love! Fullness of Joy! Alive Vitality!

brain blue light concept-of-idea-the-power-of-mind

The old heavens are the battlefield of the mind. The new heaven is the battle won in our mind: Jesus is Lord! Christ is in me, therefore a new heaven is in me! I live UP to the Truth! I live UP to the Life of Christ in me! Christ Jesus won! overcame the world! Seat Victorious Christ in your mind! Enthrone our Father in your heart! Thy Will be done in and through me on earth as it is in heaven! Glorious Day! “In that day you will KNOW that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am IN YOU!” End of STORY! End of old heavens in me! Beginning of Life as a new creation! Beginning of Life Abundant! Beginning of Christ in me! His Life and Truth in me! His Word and Spirit in me! His Wisdom and Power in me! His Spirit and Bride in me: living water of life, flowing light and Spirit river of fire and glory, love and light of God, flowing in me and through me, making streams in the desert and rivers in the wilderness!!!!!!!

“Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old (old heavens). Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? (new heaven! Christ in you!) I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert” Isaiah 43:17-18


Christ’s Mind, the new heaven in you, is a seal upon your forehead by the Holy Spirit that removes the mark of the beast and places your new name, Christ in you, upon your forehead (Revelation 9:4). The stamp of approval! The anointing of acceptance, belonging, value, salvation, righteousness, sanctification, glorification: his Light upon and within you! his Spirit upon and within you! Aglow in the Spirit!!!!!!! His Name above all names is written on our forehead declaring a new heaven on a new earth in you!

There is no more breach to stand in in Christ! He reconciled everything in heaven and on earth! We stand in the Light! Walk in the Light as sons of Light bearing the fruit of light: all that is true, good, and right! We are the light of the world to shine in darkness! Instead of thinking from the old heavens on earth, “there is something wrong with me,” begin thinking from a new heaven on earth, Christ’s Mind on earth as it is in heaven: KNOW that Christ makes EVERYTHING right in you! Believe and receive! Christ removed the old, it has PASSED AWAY and ALL THINGS WERE MADE NEW (2 Cor 5:17) KNOW that Christ in you is a new heaven in you that forms a new earthly body in you, made everything right in you so you can bring the TRUTH to your sphere of influence and His Truth sets everyone FREE to live a NHONE now!!!!!!!

Be caught up into Christ’s thought cloud! Live from a new heaven and a new earth! Live from Christ’s Mind in you! Its heavenly delicious! You were born to shine!!!!!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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5 Responses to New Heaven!

  1. Christ’s Mind is not the human mind. It is heaven on earth, beyond mind, beyond imagination, beyond consciousness, beyond experience, beyond anything natural on earth. It is supernatural presence, awareness, beingness, isness, knowing, truth, light, life and Spirit, holy, pure, innocent and powerful, the most simple is the most powerful. This one thing! Christ in you! Know it, beyond knowledge, surpassing understanding, and be free! Believe what Jesus taught and demonstrated and take it; only unbelief can keep it from you.

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  2. from Mark Virkler “Key truths that allow you to live naturally supernatural: 1) Its all about God (its not all about me) 2) I contain God 3) I live tuned to his indwelling Spirit 4) I release the in-working power of God”


  3. “I needed to awaken to a sense of play, I realized at last. For so long I had concentrated on the crucifixion, on the suffering and evil in the world. I had become so solemn about my spirituality; I took it very seriously; and I had forgotten Jesus’ words: “Unless you become like little children, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.” I had let life’s horror, pain, and devastation blind me to the joy that lies within it, forever sustaining and young. Creation itself reveals a Divine sense of play, over and over again.
    I wrote this prayer:
    Play, my Beloved, play!
    Swing on the trees adoring you.
    Swim in the ocean reflecting you.
    Gather the flowers mirroring your beauty
    Play, my Beloved, play!
    Dig deeply in the sand,
    in the dark recesses of the earth.
    Race with the flow of the wind,
    glide on the caress of the air.
    Play, my Beloved, play!
    See your humor in a giraffe,
    your happiness in a puppy,
    your mischief in a kitten.
    Play, my Beloved, play!
    Grab us with your joy,
    so that we ride a merry-go-round of ecstasy.
    Hug us with your love,
    and kiss us with your breath.
    Play with us, Beloved, hide-and-seek,
    so that what has been hidden
    may now be revealed:
    your play, Beloved, with that which is You.
    As I opened myself to a sense of Divine playfulness and joy, the outer circumstances of my life began to change as well.” – Marietta Bahri Della Penna


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