I am I am I am

Tirza Hephzibah Beulah

My Delight in her, My Wisdom in her, My Power in her, My Love in her, My Beloved in her, My Son in her, My Christ in her, My Word in her, My Spirit in her, My Light in her as clear water reflecting the Son, radiant clear gemstones, sea of glass with fire, transparent, shining gold,  luminescent silver, radiance, brillance, numinous, luminous, illuminated, enlightened, morning star rises, dawn breaks, new dawn, glory arises, light comes upon and within, see the light, come into your right mind, come to your senses, become aware, be covered with Light as a garment, get understanding, a light bulb moment, aha, beyond knowledge to knowing! Put on the Lord Jesus Christ!

Delight I am! Joy I am! Awe and Wonder I am! Curiosity I am! Spontaneity I am! Creativity I am! Freshness I am! Aliveness I am! Awareness I am! Light I am! Love I am! Peace I am! Spirit I am! Yes! Delight I am: de-Light, the Light, pleasure forever more, satisfaction, glee, bliss, joy, joie de vivre, ecstasy, happiness, enjoyment, rapture, gladness, gratification, happiness, cheerful, thrill, awe, wonder, enchant, ravish, transport, slay, moved, quickened, activated, relish, attract, wow, allure, glory, exult, enrapture, fascinate, jubilate, tickle pink…

Tirza I am!

Hephzibah I am!

Beulah I am!

Bride I am!

Here I am!

Here am I Beloved!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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2 Responses to I am I am I am

  1. Christophe says:

    I pray for the friendly, divine takeover of our souls, NOW!!!

    Cleanse and Rinse us O’ God!!! Cleanse with holy fire and rinse with holy water!!!

    “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”!!!! Forever abiding in truth and light! Forever new! Forever refreshed! Forever young! Forever happy and fulfilled! Forever cherished and glorious!!!!

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    • Yes! Thank you God! Yes! Forever Yours God! Spotless mind, heart, will, body and spirit in Christ, Christ in us! Yay! God! The Best in the West, East, North, South, above and below and all around and IN US!!!!!!!


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