Calling All Spiritual Pioneers

THE Pioneer is Jesus! He changed EVERYTHING both in heaven and on earth forever! When Christ comes to live, move and have HIS BEING in you, He continues to pioneer IN YOU and THROUGH YOU! We put him in charge within us to rule and reign with His Kingdom that has no end and expands NOW and ETERNALLY IN YOU and THROUGH YOU with Christ in you and upon you and ALL AROUND YOU! Now what are WE going to do today Lord!!!!!!! Christ in you, glory to glory!!!!!!!

The spiritual pioneer does not go alone, even though it appears physically, for Christ in you will NEVER leave you or forsake you! The new Way is two walking together as one, in the one Truth and one Life of God with Christ! The new covenant is between the Father and the Son and we become one with the Son through the Door of Jesus to enter their eternal covenant! It is the new thing, a new way, whenever someone wakes up to see through physical reality to the MORE REAL spiritual realm and the REALITY of Christ in you. The two become one as they walk together, learn together, agree and become one in the Father! We give up trying to walk with a human being for the blind cannot lead the blind, or if so, they both end up in the ditch! No, the One we agree to walk with in this world is the Word made flesh, the Living One alive forever more, the One we can ALWAYS agree with, the One who leads, rules, reigns with holy, pure, perfect Spirit upon and in us! We can never totally agree with another human being, but we can absolutely agree with the Christ of God always and forever! Where two or more are gathered: Father, Son, Holy Spirit and you, his Presence is present, and you can fully TRUST in that!

The two that agree are the Word and Spirit of God! The two that walk together are the Word made flesh, the Word as Spirit and Life, in you! The two that walk together and agree are Christ Jesus and you! Then you can have fellowship with others through the fellowship of Christ in you, the true yokefellows!


We choose to walk with the Word of God made flesh! We choose to walk with Christ Jesus! We choose to walk in His Light as sons of Light bearing the fruit of Light: everything good, true and right! Others can follow and join in the Light, but we can only walk in the Light with Christ who is the Light, and in His Light we see Light and shine Light and become the Light of the world! We are one body and one Spirit with Christ in God! We can only walk as two together with the Truth and Life, or we cannot walk in perfect, holy Light! We are born alone, we die alone, no one can truly walk in our shoes EXCEPT Christ in God! the two who are perfectly one, and become perfectly one in us as we choose to walk together with the only three-fold cord that cannot be broken: Father, Son and Holy Spirit! We become one with the Son, who is one with the Father, to be a three-fold cord, THEN every relationship in life becomes a holy relationship!

hand in hand with the sun

You might see me at a restaurant table and think I am alone…I am not! You might see me walking on the beach and think I am alone…I am not! I am walking in total agreement with Christ Jesus, hand in hand, heart to heart, one mind and one Spirit! You  might wonder why I see the person in the restaurant or on the beach going through a difficult time; you don’t see Christ pointing them out to me and giving me words to say as we approach them. The church is Christ’s Body in one Spirit, one accord, the two become one as they walk together in agreement!

True yokefellows are yoked with Christ Jesus, learn from him, and find rest for their souls. Christ made a new way in the world, a path of Light! When we agree with him and begin to walk with him, the new way of Light goes from narrow and few finding it, to more and more seeing the Light and choosing to take his Hand, agree with Him and begin to walk with Him until soon the whole earth will be covered with glory like water covers the seas! All praise, glory, honor and dominion to our Father and God!


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to Calling All Spiritual Pioneers

  1. ourkairosnow1017 says:

    THanK You Yeshua!
    we are pioneers indeed.

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  2. Before the cross, Jesus sent them out two by two because he was in physical manifestation or form, therefore separate from them. After the cross, resurrection, ascension, and glorification, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be with us forever, both upon and within us! Now the two sent out are you and Christ in you! Woo Hoo! Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords and he can live in us permanently with his Spirit in us and upon us! He is in us for us; He is upon us for others needs!!!!!!! Yesssssss! Lord God Almighty!

    “Then said Jesus to them again, Peace unto you: as Father hath sent me, even so send I you.” John 20:21 KJV


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