Present with Presence!

“Christ is all, and in all” Colossians 3:11

There are many different ways of knowing something. You can read it and it is only words on a page, or you are totally distracted and you could read the same words over and over and it never registers in your consciousness. Or you could physically know it, experience or directly encounter it, intellectually know it with your mind, have a thought or opinion about it, feel  it with your heart and soul, spiritually perceive it, have a gut feeling, a heart intuition, or know that you know that you know! When it all comes together for your good in Christ, you read something like “Christ is all, and in all” and you become present to the Presence of the Word made flesh IN YOU! The Dawn breaks through the darkness and the morning star rises in your heart and you intimately know it and begin to live it! The Living Word, Jesus made flesh and living in you as Christ in you, changes everything! The fullness becomes available to you and it depends on how much you can believe or wrap your mind around it to receive!

Unbelief is the ONLY thing standing in anyone’s way! And the worst unbelief takes prayer and fasting (this kind of UNBELIEF, not demon, comes out only by prayer and fasting Matthew 17:21) to CONQUER your own mind conditioned by the hive mind of the world. You go from OWN to WON with the Mind of Christ (conquer your own mind with fear and trembling! come into the Mind of Christ!)! Faith of a tiny mustard seed moves mountains, grace is power to overcome everything, and glory is the Presence of God in which everything that is not God dissolves!!!!!!! Only unbelief can keep you from the Good of God!!!!!!!

When Jesus died, resurrected, ascended and was glorified by our Father and God (John 7:39), He sent the glorified river of Spirit from the throne upon and within us (John 4:14; John 7:37-38; Revelation 22:1; Revelation 22:17; John 14:16-17). It is the potential and limitless possibility of receiving ALL the fullness of God! But everything in the world, and sadly in religion too, that tells you it is not possible, that you have to slave away and grab all the worldly pleasures you can or in the case of religion receive your reward when you die. BUT when you wake up and receive Christ’s Light, and KNOW EXPERIENTIALLY the Love of Christ, receive and experience in your body temple the river flowing with the glory fire and Spirit of the fullness of God, you BURST with Presence and as long as you stay awake and present to the Presence you KNOW the manifest word, manifest Christ, manifest glory, manifest Presence of God IN YOU and THROUGH YOU!

Being present to the glorified river deep inside you–the kingdom of heaven on earth river–brings new life to the earth! His glorified Spirit river comes from the throne to live in us forever–his Holy Spirit–the Spirit in and of Christ–his glory–his river of comfort, help, healing, transformation, reformation, transfiguration, translation, counsel, wisdom, understanding, power, knowledge of God and fear of the Lord to replace our fear of man, connecting you to God forever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah!

Christ’s glorified Spirit river of water of life upgrades your human spirit and soul and body to accommodate his Spirit in every cell, organ and body system; every thought and way of mind; every thought and way of the heart; every thought and way of your will/motivation/intention; and makes your human spirit perfectly one with His Holy Spirit–the two become one Spirit! “Those who unite with the Lord become one Spirit with  him” Those who receive the glorified Spirit river of the living water of life become one body and one Spirit with Christ and our soul is made spotless as we take his Mind and let it rule and reign over our flesh and soul (heart, mind, will)!!!!!!!

You have WON when you are able to OWN the past, repent, and give it ALL to Jesus and receive ALL of Christ!!!!!!! Receive the fullness and be present with Presence!!!!!!! Focus on God! Focus on the Light in you that has already overcome the world of darkness! Direct the Light within to whatever you encounter in world of appearances and what appears will begin to transfigure into Christ’s Light! Arise, shine! Arise, go, shine! Call forth the Light of Christ and be present with the Presence of God!!!!!!! When darkness reveals itself, call forth the light of Christ, the river of glorified Spirit within you and let it pour from the throne and within you! See?


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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