Jesus did not conform in his “day” because He came to bring the NEW THING: a new heaven and a new earth, a new kingdom of God on earth, a new righteousness for a NEW CREATION, born of God anew from Above! If you are in Christ and Christ in you, CC yokefellows, you do not conform to the world but you are TRANSFORMED by His renewing Mind so you can conform to the image and likeness of the Son!

Jesus NEVER said to come into a new religion…

Jesus said, “Come to Me” “Yoke to Me” “Learn from Me” “Drink from Me” “Eat my flesh and drink my blood” not literally but BECOME AS HE IS!

RADICAL TRANSFORMATION from born of Adam’s lineage to born of God in Jesus’ lineage by the Spirit! Conform to Christ, not the world, world religions, one world religion, a new world order…NO!

We come to Christ and transform into a new being, one body and one Spirit with Christ!

In Christ we no longer VIEW from a human viewpoint…

we view FROM CHRIST, from heavenly places, from the Mind of Christ, from the NEW BIRTH, born of God, a NEW CREATION!

“The deception is that you are not, and therefore must become. My friends, this revelation can transform your life! When you are born from above, believing what God has done for you in Christ, then you realize that you are not trying to become like Christ, you are like Christ – Complete. This word has absolutely no negative influence. When God made the earth, it was complete. When he made the heavens, they were complete. When he made all the creatures, they were complete. Has he done anything that wasn’t complete? When he made man – yes, that’s right, complete! Completeness is our original design but man gave up completeness for a lie. Then Jesus came and did what? Made us complete again. He restored us to our original design. It is finished. No more needs to be done. The lie again is that God made something incomplete.” -Evan Beecham


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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