Edited 10-13-16 Trumpets only for God


“I heard the sound of a great multitude, like the sound of many waters” Revelation 19:6

Updated 9-24-20: As a registered INDEPENDANT voter, I am embarrassed to say I voted for Barack Hussein Obama in 2008. I fell for his promises for “change” and quickly regretted falling for all the lies, deception, manipulation, meaning a completely different meaning of “change” than was promised; he lied that he was a Christian, he lied that he was for biblical marriage, and so much more. It was clear by the end of his eight years that he was not for America, a constitutional republic under God, but destroying America as a Christian nation, indoctrinating people to try and push forward the luciferian agenda of OWO and OWR under satan. I promised myself, NEVER AGAIN; enough is enough; Father we cry out for Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven!

Updated 10-13-16: Turn to God and heal from dirty politics and false religion and come into the kingdom of God with the only righteous leader, righteous judge, righteous ruler, the King of kings and the Lord of lords! Thank God for Jesus the Christ! Make a way, Father, where there is no way!

Update 10-3-2016: The “pot” is calling the “kettle” black. It is time for the Light of Christ to reveal the Way where there is no way. Continue to pray, fast if you are called to, be humble, turn or return to God, repent, forgive, love your enemies, pray for ALL sides and pray for “increasing discernment to approve what is excellent” and be led by the Holy Spirit to a NEW POSSIBILITY where all seems impossible! Spirit of Truth lead us into ALL Truth! God works for good in all who love him. God takes what is meant for evil and uses it for the Good, highest and Best for his beloveds!

Bottom Line: Do not judge by outward appearances, God goes by the heart! Trust that God can use highly flawed people to show HIS GLORY!

Reason for this blog message: Today I was given the book of Jonah, Matthew 23 and 1 Cor 1:26-4:10 and despite my inclination to do as Jonah did and flee away from the presence and the message that begs to be delivered, I must “arise, go and proclaim the message” that God has put on my heart…even though I do not want to…

Things cannot continue the way they are, continue to “go south” or continue to take the God of Jesus (the ONLY perfect person who ever lived, who was the PERFECT reflection/visible image of the unseen Lord God Almighty) out of this country. A house divided cannot stand. This nation was founded on the Declaration of Independence, the values of Christ: LIFE, LIBERTY and “unalienable” God-given sovereign rights. It is time to return to Pro-life, respect and honor of ALL LIFE, and Pro-freedom to openly worship, honor and glorify the God who sent the CHRIST to rescue, save, heal, deliver and set ALL PEOPLE FREE. By valuing LIFE, his human creation made in the image and likeness of God (Christ-like, bearing Christ’s image) including the unborn, and rising up with Christ into relationship with his God and Father, submitting and yielding to God, we are empowered and enlightened and wise UP for our nation to BE GREAT AGAIN; and America to be BEAUTIFUL again.

We return to FREEDOM to OPENLY worship the God of Christ Jesus, for he is the only RIGHTEOUS judge and King of kings. Jesus came to give everyone LIFE and LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY and FREEDOM! “for FREEDOM Christ Jesus set us FREE” “whom the SON SETS FREE IS FREE INDEED” Freedom does not come by new or stricter laws or winning wars or imposed religion; Freedom comes from making Christ Jesus Lord of lord and King of kings IN ALL!!!!!!!

No one would go to a Muslim country like Saudi Arabia and force them to disrobe their women or put an equal number of Christians in their affairs. We respect Saudi Arabia’s freedom to worship Allah but NOT to impose Sharia law on those who choose to NOT follow their religion. Likewise, the USA should  not be forced to change its laws to accommodate other religions especially Sharia laws, or satanic, luciferian religion that has more and more been brought in the open (statue of Baphomet in Oklahoma; arch of Ba’al erected in NYC; snaketivity placed in the Illinois capital building: satan worship). Political correctness is an attempt to get people to shame and condemn those who hold to the VALUES and principles this REPUBLIC “we the people” was founded on and thrived by: “We hold these TRUTHS to be self-evident that all are created equal UNDER GOD” Not placing religions or governments over God. “One nation UNDER GOD with liberty and justice for all” “We are given UNALIENABLE RIGHTS by our Creator: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” This is ONE NATION UNDER the Most High God Almighty who sent the Messiah for ALL! We humble ourselves, pray, repent, forgive and RECEIVE the kingdom of the beloved Son on earth as it is in heaven; and after we die we will be RECEIVED into the Kingdom of the Father!!!!!!! There is NO sin or death in Christ, only LIFE to LIFE from glory to glory!!!!!!!

Freedom does not mean every whim or belief is tolerated, but freedom from government interference in worship, freedom from back breaking burdens, freed from the YOKE to the beast, false prophets, false religion, counterfeit spirituality and “unclean or evil spirits.” Christ Jesus is freedom from a “one world religion” and freedom from a “one world government.” Christ Jesus is freedom from hidden darkness, hidden evil agendas in all seven mountains of the “world system.” The freedom that founded America is to openly express and worship the King of kings and Lord of lords, the LIGHT of the world, a beacon of Light for the world. The coup of bringing in massive numbers of unvetted immigrants to overload the system, break the back of taxpayers, and undermine the laws and principles of this nation to replace with things like Sharia law or luciferian worship or to bring “order out of chaos” by imposing a one world government of satan can no longer be tolerated. The example is a two bedroom home that is forced to open its doors IRRESPONSIBLY and it is flooded with tens of thousands, including those who wish to take the house down instead of showing those who are hurting or oppressed the Source of Life, to come to Jesus to come to His Father and receive his Holy Spirit to live in freedom in their own country, leading it to be a sheep nation under God Almighty.

Tolerance is a buzz word to undermine the values of this nation. Political correctness is a buzz word to shame the values of those who value the VALUES OF CHRIST. Every nation has the right to keep their founding principles and not be forced into a global agenda for the gain of a few power-hungry individuals. The United States has to get back to our FIRST LOVE, the Creator of heaven and earth,  renewed patriotism, respect for God and country and the sacrifices made for our FREEDOM, kingdom values, feeding and housing the massive number of homeless, including homeless veterans, the poor, especially children, and repairing the crumbling infrastructure, MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN starting at home and when restored THEN HELP other countries. The funding of the global agenda, the hidden hand that is stealing, killing and destroying HAS TO STOP.  America has to PUT ON HER OWN OXYGEN MASK FIRST to recover or she cannot help anyone else and we ALL will go down with the plane. The destroyer is trying to destroy America so the whole world falls into their global beast agenda.


Removing the “North Star,” the Christ morning star (not the counterfeit thousand points of counterfeit light hiding darkness and an evil agenda), removing the LIGHT OF THE WORLD and God who so LOVES the world, leads us into darkness. It is time to TURN and REPENT and PRAY for both Clinton and Trump, for our nation, for her people, and for all hidden darkness to be revealed, all evil agendas to be exposed by the Light of Christ, to be GREAT AGAIN.


We cannot support the status quo any longer, the same politics that led us into the ditch; we need REAL HOPE AND CHANGE from God, not a continuation of the downward spiral into darkness led by the hidden hand. The mountains of the world system (beast system), kingdoms of satan that Jesus overcame, have to go down in flames, melt like wax, so a NEW FORM in the image and likeness of Christ can arise, the Son of righteousness RISE: the new creation of the new covenant UNDER GOD. We desperately need a new trumpet of God, an instrument like a Cyrus (Isaiah 45), a leader who is willing to receive a Christ anointing, a new voice (outside of politics as usual) to trumpet one nation under God with FREEDOM and RIGHTEOUS JUSTICE, honoring the SOVEREIGNTY and KINGDOM heritage of God, to make America great again, not watered-down, homogenized, religiosity, but Christ as King of kings and Lord of lord over all. Government needs to be kicked out of churches and the TRUE, HOLY, Almighty God invited to COME IN with the Holy Spirit and holy fire of God to destroy everything that is false and restore the TRUTH!


“The tidings reached the king…he made a proclamation and published, ‘By the decree of the king and his nobles…cry mightily to God; yea, let every one TURN from his evil way and from the violence” Jonah 3:6-9

Matthew 23 describes what has happened to America and religion by taking the God of Jesus the Christ out of her. “They tell you one thing but do another…they preach but do not practice what they preach” They have one set of rules for the elite and another for the masses. They place heavy burdens on her citizens while they live it up. They do deeds to be seen, love the appearance of goodness and serving the highest good, but instead exalting themselves over God, taking the best for themselves. But WOE TO YOU D.C. and Vatican, you hypocrites! because you shut the kingdom of heaven against men; for you neither enter yourselves, nor allow those who would enter to go in…you make others as much a child of HELL as yourselves” Matthew 23:2-15

We all need to start trumpeting the TRUTH: the LIFE of Christ Jesus will SET YOU FREE! The kingdom of heaven is open TO ALL through Christ in God, now and forever!!!!!!!

TIME IS CRITICAL! We need trumpets to trumpet the message of God to this nation: Turn to God and Repent! God our Father TRUMPS all, always, and for all time, and is the answer to EVERY problem; the ONLY SOLUTION to TURN and RISE AGAIN as a powerful nation, putting our oxygen mask on first, recovering from the dive into darkness and arise, shine to be a beacon of true hope, a light-house for other nations and ALL peoples. From the top down we need to TURN TO OUR FATHER and be ROBED, RINGED, SANDALED, FED, and DRINK from the KING of kings and Father of glory’s cup, be CELEBRATED and BLESSED and FAVORED AGAIN by our Father of LIGHT! The USA is like the prodigal younger son and the Father WILL RESTORE US BACK TO WHOLENESS despite the protest of religious older brothers who want to see us punished and rejected and go down in flames. (Luke 15:11-31) When we turn back to God as a nation, God will say, “You are always with me, and all that is mine is yours. It was fitting to make merry and  be glad, for the USA was dead, and is alive; she was lost, and is found” Luke 15:31

This election is so strange we can expect the great surprises of God if we KEEP OUR EYES on God and not on the problems. “God chooses what is FOOLISH in the world to shame the wise [in their own eyes], God chooses what is WEAK in the world to shame the strong [by the world’s standards], God chooses what is LOW AND DESPISED [unlikely trumpets] in the world, BRINGING TO EXISTENCE THE THINGS THAT ARE NOT [visible Kingdom of God], and BRING TO NOTHING things that are [beast world system; ruling hidden elites; the hidden satanic top-stone; political correctness; world’s agenda, globalist agenda, chaos to take freedoms and sovereign rights]


God raises up unlikely people so it can be KNOWN that it could only be through the POWER OF GOD. Knowledge of the glory will cause widespread TRANSFORMATION! We can no longer CONFORM TO THE WORLD or we are going DOWN; it is time to conform UP to the SON, arise, shine! Be lighthouses shining Christ’s LIGHT! 

We need to PRAY unceasingly for greater DISCERNMENT for this critical election; let all hidden darkness be revealed by the Light of God. Pray for all hidden agendas to be revealed. Spirit of Truth lead us into all Truth.

Father “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” show us YOUR GLORY in this election! Show us YOUR POWER in this election! Show us YOUR KINGDOM in this election! Raise up standard of Righteousness, the King of kings, in every person to proclaim and decree Almighty GOD, the God and Father of Jesus the Christ, as the God of this nation and place us UNDER his mighty Wings of protection and provision as we let the sun of righteousness RISE WITHIN US! To God be the glory now and forever and ever. Amen. Hallelujah!!!!!!! 

beach and palms

“I saw a new heaven and a new earth coming down out of heaven from God” Revelation 21:1-2

We keep our eyes fixed on Christ Jesus; we become what we behold! We speak the truth in the Love of Christ, who fills us with all the fullness of God to work in and through us more than we could ask or think. To God be the glory, now and forever and ever. Amen.

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61 Responses to Edited 10-13-16 Trumpets only for God

  1. “He is about to SURPRISE YOU with things that you NEVER thought could happen” ~Lana Vawser


  2. “The mind is trained to fight. Life is a struggle.”
    The heart trained by Christ in you is ease, light, rest, wisdom and power; the kingdom of God within: righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit; we are instructed by the bible to “strive to enter God’s rest” and submit to God our Father, resist the devil and he must flee; we are called to come to Christ and rest in God and let the Holy Spirit work in and through us, doing greater than we could ask or think. I trust God! I keep my mind set on things Above, and God will keep us in “perfect peace” Isaiah 26:3. Our help comes from Above; let us all humble ourselves and pray.


  3. Christophe says:

    Praying for peace and prosperity for every country! So people stop feeling the need to move abroad to get a better life but can safely stay in a place that reflects their prefered lifestyle, culture and values.

    Let’s be honest the reason muslims are fleeing their countries is because of all those wars and turmoil caused by the West for the sake of natural resources. From colonization to the Iraq war and the CIA-funded rebels in Syria (remember the CIA already founded Al Qaeda to defeat the Soviet Union in Afghanistan during the 80’s and they’re doing the same in Ukraine) all those divide and conquer strategies, “chirurgical” strikes and so on bringing death and misery, mass migration and terrorism all for the sake of power and wealth, not peace and liberty as is often claimed.

    So let us pray that our leaders whomever they may be, should be guided and inspired by divine love and truly work for the greater good of all and the betterment of humanity.


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    • Yes, yes! we pray for the highest and best for ALL creation! Thanks for joining in the conversation Christophe!
      Yes, the policies of “man” have caused havoc and are leading us to destruction, but the Way of Christ is the paths of light, the path to life, life more abundant, and freedom for every human being! We can’t turn to the left or right anymore, but keep our eyes fixed on Christ! We need trumpets of Truth and Life and Freedom for all, and only the Creator of heaven and earth has provided the Way, Truth and Life by making it possible for “Christ in you” Christ in us! the Way to freedom for all his creation!
      We can’t see the big picture, but we can TRUST the Creator of heaven and earth “the Father of every family in heaven and on earth” (Ephesians 3:14) None of us can provide the perfect solution or answer the tough questions apart from God, but God sent the ANSWER to free EVERY human being on earth through Jesus! It is done but we have to be “present” awake to receive the Light of Truth (Eph 5:14) and the Light of Life and the Light of Awareness of the great Gift all have received. Religious spirits and written codes of law kill; the Spirit gives LIFE!


  4. Stand in the breach and proclaim the good news: “Christ in you, the hope of glory”


  5. “Milton Vincent in his book titled “Gospel Primer” describes the glory of God as the most powerful agent of transformation available to mankind. He goes on to describe that it is so powerful that it transforms those who merely gaze upon it.” ~Jordan PD

    Father fill the earth with the knowledge of the glory! “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM. And we ALL, with unveiled face, BEHOLDING THE GLORY of the Lord are BEING CHANGED INTO HIS LIKENESS from one degree of glory to another; for this comes FROM the Lord who is the Spirit” 2 Cor 3:17-18

    TRANSFORMATION is the key; inner transformation, inner change leads to outer manifestation!


  6. Raise us up into Yourself Christ and shine your light in and through us to dissolve all darkness! Your Light dissolves all hidden darkness and reveals highest Truth! We trust you to make the impossible possible; make the Invisible unseen visible for all to see!


  7. All nations sing to the King of kings: Revelation Song!


  8. Christine says:

    Hello my dear sister in Christ Yvonne.

    I understand your point about God using the low and despised for his purposes. But consider this – Trump being a shill (knowing or not) to lead people to one side or another. Consider also the timing of Colin Powell’s emails being “hacked”, specifically indicating, or appearing to indicate, a “plot” against Trump in the higher echelons of established politics. Add that onto Trump’s protests that he’s the black sheep and there’s an agenda against him. Consider also, his lies, bombast, and tailoring his speech to his audience.

    Look at his core. He is not a man of God. Yes, God picks the low and despised. However, time after time, the low and despised He picks, are those whose heart is after Him. Trump’s heart is not after God. We will know them by their fruits. Trump has no fruits of God.

    In fact: the signs against Trump are plenty. His biggest sign is Pride. Who’s main characteristic is Pride? I think we know. – Donald J. Trump – the name itself reads, in meaning, Anglicised Don Drumpf, who’s gematria number is 666.
    – Nostradamus speaks of a false “trumpet” that conceals madness and will change money and standards. Also in another verse he says: “The trumpet shakes with great discord. An agreemenrt broken. Lifting the face to heaven, the bloody mouth will swim with blood, the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground.”. Both the US and Israel have been referred to the lands of “milk and honey”.
    – The Bible speaks of a “little horn” and spouts great words but will betray Israel, and a trumpet is a little horn.
    – Ancient Hebrew prophets predicted a “trump of doom”. Trump certainly predicts doom at every corner if he isn’t elected, doesn’t he?
    – He lives in gold and diamond encrusted penthouse on the -66th- floor of Trump Tower. Trump Tower is 202m/666.6 feet high.
    – His son in law bought 666 Fifth Avenue.
    – Trump was going to spend 666 million dollars on One Journal Square. The financing was originally secured by Santander bank. (Notice the anagram.)
    – His love and first god is clearly Mammon. Anyone whose god is Mammon hates God. One cannot love Mammon and God.
    – He inherited his grandmother’s real estate when she died on 6/6/66.
    – His first venture into politics when he “trumped” NYC mayor Ed Koch during a meeting at his office on 6/6/86.
    – He announced his candidacy for president on 6/16/16.
    – He announced one of his hotels on his old reality show on 6/6/06.
    – He’s all over Fox News Network. Fox gemetria is 666.
    – On the Ides of March, he had 666 delegates. The Ides was a turning point in Roman history, as the Republic became ruled by dictators.
    – Trump and Fox – terms that both have connotations of trickery and deception.
    – The Bible’s first reference of 666 was the weight of gold King Solomon collected each year. Trump loves gold so much he plates his toilets and faucets in it.
    – He has been endorsed by many Baptist leaders. The last hymn in the Baptist Hymnal is hymn number 666.
    – He turns practical advice and wisdom on its head. He and Putin will be besties. They are already mutual admirers.
    – There was a blood moon lunar eclipse on the day he was born, 6/14/46, which is also 666 + 8 days. 8 is the number of the Son of Man and Resurection. His birthday is a combination of 666 and the Son of Man, who is the Son of God, Jesus.
    – The Bible states the antichrist will be a cult figure. Who is -the- cult figure today?
    – Trump has been playing Sympathy for the Devil at some election events. This song is the anthem of the Church of satan.
    – He is not a Christian. Why does he surround himself with Christian pastors? To pander to the evangelicals, by which he gains an air of legitimacy with them. Yet, he wouldn’t know a Bible verse if it hit him in the head. He doesn’t even know the shortest sentence: Jesus wept.
    – Hitler claimed he alone could make Germany great again. What is Trump’s campaign slogan about the US? Hitler’s base were white supremacists. Who is the current poster boy of the same bloc in the US? The only ego bigger than Hitler’s, is Trump’s. The similarities do not end there.
    – 666 denotes pride, arrogance, ego, love of money and power, war. Who’s characteristics are a mirror to this? Although I’m not a fan, even Pope Francis pointed out he is not a Christian.
    – He owns many casinos. How do casinos make money? Gambling, liquor, boudoir shows. Do these sound Christian?
    – He mocks, ridicules, hates people of different races, babies, women, religions. How does that promote unity?
    – Now here, and other Christian sites, are promoting him as a type of saviour. Yet, he is the opposite of the True Saviour, Jesus Christ. What is the term for the opposite of Jesus Christ?
    – I can go on as there is disturbingly more, but I believe my point stands.

    These are not just “coincidences”. They are warnings.

    Put the signs against Trump together with the “establishment against” Trump. Those released emails were just too laughably conveniently “hacked” at the perfect time, with the perfect content, to mesh perfectly with his protests, to push the agenda that he’s the man, and everyone is out to get him. He isn’t, they aren’t, and the alternative on the jackass party side, is almost as bad…

    Yvonne – there is no choice. Both sides are controlled by the one who controls the world. All the world, is but a stage. It is not real. Veer not to the left or right, but walk His line in the middle.

    I say this in utmost Love.


    • Thank you Christine for joining the conversation! When there are two impossible choices we have to dig deeper and rise higher, choose values: pro-life and pro-freedom and pro-Truth and keep our eyes fixed on God, not left or right. When there are two deeply flawed characters we can’t judge by the outward appearance but trust that God knows the heart and pray for “Thy Will to be done on earth as it is in heaven” Both candidates say they are Christians but we know people can say any thing with their lips and be far from it in their heart. It all boils down to the motivation, intention of the heart and who can God use to show His power, His glory and His kingdom revealed. I pray for ALL hidden darkness to be revealed by the Light of Christ!


      • Christine says:

        That’s the thing Yvonne. There is no choice. The impossible choice means, there is none.

        Participate not lest one participate in the sins of the Whore.

        Wait and watch in wisdom, but do not participate. This alone, is turning neither right nor left, but walking in His way.


    • Christine says:

      Also Yvonne, please consider who founded the US. It was not founded on true Christianity, but a counterfeit light. You know the reasons for the symbology on the dollar bill and the overhead mapping shapes of the streets in Washington, whose monument is an obelisk. It was created as a counterfeit to fool the masses with the false light of a lesser freedom. It is no coincidence the country is without God. It also is no coincidence for the prosperity for many years – for even the fallen angel comes as a being of light.

      All the world is a stage – and we are entering the final Act! Be an observer, not a participator by choosing one or the other side of the same coin, less one participates in the sins of the Whore of Babylon. Consider who runs the world, and who the Whore of Babylon is. It isn’t the RCC, as faulted as it is ( for even that is laughably adorned in scarlet and purple, what another clever counterfeit of the counterfeit.

      God’s people perish for lack of knowledge. 😦


      • I feel your deep passion Christine! Thank you for sharing your heart! I am speaking of the republic for which our flag stands, not the gold-fringed US corporation in bed with the gold-fringed Vatican flag world-system; not the city-states that have put themselves above God. I am speaking of the true republic “we the people” ruling as “sovereign kings” “of the people and by the people and for the people”, the majority “of Christ” still standing as “one nation under God” in the kingdom of heaven on earth: Christ’s kingdom, the kingdom of the beloved Son, trusting God even while governments and religions have been corrupted.
        I think we can both agree to keep our eyes on Christ Jesus and be led by the Holy Spirit and watch as God gets all the glory. We don’t know how or when, but God will act. When things are strange I always look to see what God is up to. God raised up Pharaoh in the time of Moses to show the POWER of God through a man who could not speak well and was a murderer. The “magic” of Pharaoh was NO CONTEST for the Power of God in Moses’ staff! I trust God is in this strange situation!


        • Christophe says:

          Yes, let’s just chill and trust Jesus Christ!

          Pharaoh’s magic is man trying to impose its will upon God, whereas miracles open when we open ourselves to God.

          I’ve read some tweets from alleged Christians praying God that Hillary might get sick so Trump gets elected. This is so unlike Christ that brings love and healing and wishes the best to everyone. God is above political or religious dissensions. He is unity and peace in the midst of division and strife.

          Also, I’ve just re-read my first comment and I forgot to mention true freedom in Christ in my prayer for ALL countries and ALL people. So I’m just going to pray for ALL good things to ALL people from the good lord above!

          As it is in Heaven so in Earth!



          • Amen! A new heaven on earth! A new thing! Christ’s new Things! Whoever God can use to further His Kingdom I am all for!
            Key: TRUST our Lord Jesus the Christ has our back, front, sides, below and above! Believe and Receive Christ in us to be and do out of His Being all our Father has for us to give to the world through his Son anointing: bring good news to the afflicted, bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim LIBERTY, freedom to the captive souls, taking away the chains that bind us; to proclaim the eternal DAY OF CHRIST, eternal dawn of His Light, the rising of His morning star in our hearts to arise and shine His Light and for His Glory to be seen! To comfort all who mourn, give them a garland instead of ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, the mantle of praise instead of a faint spirit; that they may be called oaks of righteousness, trees of life so He may be glorified! Built UP, raised UP, repaired, fed, thirst quenched with the Holy Spirit anointing! wealth, riches of glory, a double portion, rejoicing, everlasting JOY, in covenant with God, blessed, the soul exulting in God, clothed with Christ’s garment of salvation, covered with the robe of righteousness, dressed as BRIDE, a garden Paradise of God on earth as it is in heaven springing UP in our HEARTS with righteousness and praise before all the nations!!!!!!! (Isaiah 61:1-11)


        • Christophe says:

          Thank God I went back to that thread! Just now seeing you’ve updated your latest answer. Wouldn’t want have missed it for the world! HE’s doing it right NOW melting my heart, healing old wounds, binding with no scars, bringing back that which I believed was lost, bringing his peace and love and wisdom into the bargain. The frown I had on all my life is disappearing and a smile that can’t be wiped off is appearing!

          Hallelujah! This s*** is REAL! (pardon my french)

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  9. I think it is important to point out that there are two dimensions on earth here and now: the world, and the kingdom of Christ. We are to come OUT of the world system so we don’t share in her plagues and sins and demons, and are transferred, translated from the dominion of darkness into the Kingdom of the beloved Son. Christ made us a kingdom and made us kings and priests to his God and Father. Our part is to stay in intimate relationship with God through Christ and be led by the Holy Spirit to the best of our ability; to give our utmost for His highest and to pray at all times in the Spirit! I pray that we all can increase in discernment, have our senses trained by the Holy Spirit, the eyes of our heart enlightened, our ears opened to hear His voice and our heart united as one with God to love as He loves!


    • Christine says:

      Right on Yvonne. :). Thank you for this post, I think it and your later followup clarify things re. The two dimensions this is playing out in and your focus on staying in the higher one. This was a little unclear to me earlier. Considering your writing is consistently at that higher dimension, the earlier postings were a little less clear to me, seemed to be looking at a lower part.

      I imagine it may have been clearer for some and less so for others. However this post and later now brings the earlier postings into focus. Thank you.


      • Thank you Christine! 🙂 God loves you so much! It is hard sometimes to convey in words what the heart is saying! My aim is Love, I earnestly desire the highest spiritual gifts for the good of all, to reveal Christ as the amazing, awesome King of kings and Lord of lords, the way to Truth and Life Abundant and Freedom in God, expressing and manifesting His Kingdom; shining Christ’s Light to expose all hidden darkness and remove yokes that keep souls heavy with burdens; to replace the bad news by His Good News! and so much more!
        I don’t have the answers but Holy Spirit is the ultimate Teacher! We can’t go wrong yoked with Christ in God!
        I yield to you Holy Spirit! Keep opening our eyes, ears, hearts, and minds to your promptings, to your Truth! Make us more and more sensitive to your still small voice, your whispers, your messages, and all the way you speak to us!


  10. I think it is safe to say that the “world” is under the astral realms influence, the second heaven’s dimension of fallen angels and demons, elemental spirits of the universe, planetary/astrological “gods” etc.; while in Christ we are transferred OUT of the dominion of darkness into the kingdom of the beloved Son, ruling and reigning with Christ in God in heavenly places, third heaven to above the highest heavens, the throne of our Father. I believe this is why Jesus said he was the only way to our Father because Christ Jesus gets us past the dangers of the astral realm, the powers and principalities of darkness, in Him. Christ Jesus is the way to live above the duality of the world into the kingdom of heaven on earth by focusing on God, knowing who we are in Christ and knowing whose we are and what our Father did for us to set us free. To know God works in ways that are beyond comprehension and in people we never thought he could use to manifest his kingdom, power and glory!


  11. My quality of life is dramatically improved since I turned off the TV and stopped reading news sites and political forums. Haven’t decided what I’ll do come November. Probably nothing, unless of course the Father directs me to vote for someone. Otherwise, just another day – probably spend it quietly and prayerfully.

    Hmmm … that triggers a thought … one way the Lord has instructed me in recent years has to do with assumptions … i.e., the flesh assumes the responsibility to do something – to take action. Works of the flesh – vain works – it’s what the flesh does. Where elections are concerned, the flesh assumes the responsibility to vote. Where one presumption leads to another, the flesh assumes the choice is between the persons and agendas that the powers that be put forth.

    It was a presumption that moved me to give to man’s church for decades, a conditioning I never deviated from unless the Father told me to do something else – like give money to someone in need whom the Father would lay on my heart. Otherwise, presumption had me drop a check in the offering plate every week.

    What if our presumptions are wrong? Like the presumption that it is our duty, privilege, responsibility (etc) to vote? What if the right presumption is to have no presumption where the world is concerned? What if our fleshly presumptions that we must DO SOMETHING should instead be a spiritual presumption to DO NOTHING unless the Father specifically directs us to do something?

    How many times will God’s people be conned into voting for what amounts to a King Saul? Or whipped into a crowd frenzy and crying out “we have no king but Ceasar”?

    Would that the sons of God have no king, but Yeshua.


    • I’m not sure presumption or assumption are the right words … perhaps the better word is predisposition? Or assertion? Hope you get my drift, Yvonne! Blessings! 😉


    • Thanks for adding to the conversation! So good to have many voices! I have avoided the news for quite some time until I recently subscribed to the New York Times to see what the “controlled” media was saying and read with spiritual discernment! 🙂 As they are lifting Clinton up, blaming conspiracy theories, and tearing Trump down, I have been going with the opposite of what they suggest we think. The NYT says at the top: “All the news that is FIT to print” which seems to leave all that the controlled media deems unfit to be closer to the Truth! 🙂 The world is upside down; the kingdom is Truth, Life, and Freedom!
      I agree that we each need to be in close personal relationship with God to be led by the Holy Spirit as a son of God; not to lean on our own understanding but in intimate relationship with our Father, get divine Counsel. I also know ascended Jesus made us kings in his Kingdom of which he is the King of kings. If kings don’t proclaim, decree, rule and reign, with wise counsel of course, Holy Spirit as Counsel, Guide, Counselor, Help-mate, Wisdom, and so much more, then the ignorant (lacking the Light of Christ Awareness) who judge on physical, outward appearances alone decide public opinion. Jesus did not say to hide from the world but be the light of the world. Jesus was actively involved in the world but not of it. Does that mean voting? I don’t know. Does that mean Trump and Pence have the hearts that God can use to expose the world-system corruption? I don’t know. But I totally TRUST God! and that the prayers of the righteous are POWERFUL!

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  12. Reblogged this on Audacity and Supposition and commented:
    Amen! So be it…

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    • Thank you so much for the reblog Robert! It takes courage and bravery to go against the world’s tide, to stand for God instead of political correctness, to realize God uses the foolish to shame the wise, the unfit to show his power, the flawed to show his glory, the things of the dark world and thick darkness her people to show his Kingdom! All God needs is a willing heart and he can place His transcendent power into an earthen vessel!


  13. JK says:

    The conversation of the two worlds, or two trees, gave me pause to quote Joel Goldsmith:

    There is but one principal of life, weather for our own family or others, but knowing that God is the Soul of all beings does not mean that God is the parent of mortals.
    It means that all mortals weather good or bad eventually must “die” to the belief of mortality and awaken to the realization of their true identity.
    Knowing the truth does not imply a knowing of the truth about human beings or about any condition that is mortal. There is no such truth.
    Knowing the truth means knowing the truth about God and God’s creation, and this knowing of the truth awakens man and lifts him above and out of his mortality.


    • Hi JK! Welcome to the conversation! I agree that the truth of the “world” is not the Truth that sets us free. For God SO LOVES the world that he sent the Way, Truth and Life in the body of Jesus so we who believe what Jesus said about who God is and who he is to us: our Father, and what he was doing for us: making us a kingdom and His kings and priests and royal sons and brides to His Son, can join His Family by joining with his Christ as one in spiritual marriage! The two become one!

      I so agree that we need to wake up and realize our TRUE IDENTITY in Christ. Apart from Christ we can do nothing but with Christ in us we fulfill God’s purpose for us and the transformation of the world into a new heaven and new earth where righteousness dwells!
      You said, “Knowing the truth means knowing the truth about God and God’s creation, and this knowing of the truth awakens man and lifts him above and out of his mortality.”

      For God so loves the world that he will expose corruption, lies and deception, the leaven on false religion and the leaven of corrupt government, by using an imperfect vessel to show HIS POWER! Maybe its Trump, maybe its not, but I TRUST our Abba Father either way!

      Interesting article:


  14. If Jesus were not SO DANGEROUS to corrupt rulers, they would not spend so much time and effort trying to discredit him, wipe his name and nature from the world, replace him with counterfeits, push counterfeit spirituality and false religions, mock him, scoff at his teaching, etc., etc. Dead idols and false gods/evil spirits cannot reveal truth so they are no threat to the lies, deception, manipulations of the web or net used to enslave human beings. Lord Jesus the Christ and his believers are a huge threat because with Christ in you, you are unstoppable and will see the truth, hear the truth, perceive truth with your heart and end their game/play/rule.
    “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and wickedness of men who by their wickedness SUPPRESS THE TRUTH…for although THEY KNOW, they do not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but they became futile in their thinking and their senseless minds were darkened. Claiming to be wise they became fool and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images. Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, because THEY EXCHANGED THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD FOR A LIE and worship and serve the creation instead of the CREATOR, who is blessed forever…they give up natural sexual relations with women and are consumed with passion for their own sex, men committing shameless acts with men…And since they do not see fit to acknowledge God, God gives them a base mind and to IMPROPER CONDUCT. They are filled with all manner of wickedness, evil, covetousness, malice, envy, MURDER, strife, DECEIT, malignity, gossips, HATERS OF GOD, insolent, HAUGHTY, boastful, INVENTORS OF EVIL, disobedient, foolish, faithless, HEARTLESS, RUTHLESS. Though THEY KNOW GOD’S DECREES they still do them and approve of those who also practice them” Romans 1:18-32

    “Hard and impenitent hearts store up wrath for themselves” Romans 2:5

    “There is tribulation and distress for every human being who does evil…but glory and honor and peace of every one who does good, Jew and Greek, for God shows no partiality” Romans 2:9

    ” God judges the SECRETS OF MEN by Christ Jesus” Romans 2:16


  15. The questions: Who will God be able to use for His glory? Who will move this nation towards God not away from Him? Whose heart has the possibility of yielding to God and whose heart is stone cold? Lord God Almighty give us eyes to see as you see the possibilities of the heart! Continue to expose all hidden darkness with the Light of your Truth!


  16. Must Read Quote from Theodore Roosevelt (1907):
    ‘In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language.. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.’


  17. More voices:
    The Dalai Lama says all refugees should go home to rebuild their countries. I think all able-bodied men should return to rebuild their countries; vulnerable children, women and the most vulnerable, the unborn should be sheltered and protected.



  18. Christine says:

    Food for thought… These “mysterious deatrhs” around the Clintons… The world is a strange place. To put another possibility in – consider Trump’s associates, (or others against Clinton, in addition to Clinton), having a hand in these happenings to pin the blame on the Clintons, knowingly or unknowingly. To choose the “not Clinton”, when the “not Clinton”, is just as bad. Same goes for the “not Trump” band. They are all the same thing.

    The point being, nothing is what it seems. We will never know what happens in these situations, or who is responsible. Yet, they successfully manipulate, deceive, confuse. Who is the author of those qualities?

    All the world is a stage, and unfortunately there are real life victims. All is manupulated, and controlled by one entity, in this dimension. That is the only truth in this dimension. The “truth” that appears apparent, is never apparent. All is manipulated into whatever the powers that be prescribe. The truth is in the lie, which is all it is, that it is all a lie, is the only truth herem.

    Clinton is no angel. Trump is no angel. They are all controlled by one. As for us, trust only the One.

    It is in fact, dangerous to post or believe one or the other. All are lies. Promoting one at the cost of the other, or denigtrating one to the benefit of the other, is still playing into the same hands. Trump is no more “anti-establishment” than Clinton is. All works for the one, because the one is in control of everything in this dimension.

    It is nothing but a play – sit back and watch the greatest show on earth. All will get worse, no matter who is elected. It is by evil, that we choose good, yet that’s still the same tree. And all is evil, and some appears good. Only when we reject that tree, do we choose the Tree.

    I understand that you always operate on the higher level Yvonne, but an alternative viewpoint is, by promoting (or appearing to promote) by posting visuals leaning one or the other way, such as these visuals against Clinton, is that not operating at the lower level? Come up higher… The higher is over the lower, and does not appear to push one side of the tree or another. The real Tree is above that. Watching all of this at the hgher level, one realizes there is no use promoting or choosing one or the other, or even voting. It is participating in the lower system.

    With much love.


    • Christine says:

      Also consider… “Clinton’s” “body count” (if they really are the Clintons’), may be incomparable to Trump’s “body count”.

      Trump’s may not be “fatal” in the literal sense, but he has left a -very- real body count in his wake. Anyone who has ever “double crossed” him or insulted him or challenged him, is steamrolled and left for dead (in all ways while perhaps maintaining their physical existence) with quick and vicious efficiency, if not to their mortal life, definitely to their life they have to live. He will turn and destroy anyone in his wake who does not bow down to him. As I said, no identifiable group is off limits to him. He ensures people will not be able to pick up their lives again unless they want to work cleaning toilets, and maybe not even then.

      They both may be vicious in their own ways. They may just go about it in different ways.

      No one knows the real story on any of it. Anyone who thinks they do, is the most deceived. Be skeptical of all, and you’re probably closest to the real.


      • I do not believe in being skeptical of the world, we KNOW it is fallen and “dark and deep darkness her people,” ruled by the father of lies. But we are not of the world, we were transferred out of the dominion of darkness into the kingdom of the Beloved Son and IN CHRIST we Trust that God is in the midst of every circumstance waiting to be recognized, waiting for a soul to turn to God and he returns to them. One step toward God and he comes rushing in and can change things in a twinkling. For God SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE SENT THE MESSIAH FOR ALL and we can be led by the Holy Spirit to see what our Father is doing, what/who he can work with, and hear the still, small voice, my sheep hear my Voice, so we can be led by his Holy Spirit. Again, GREAT DISCERNMENT is called for and unceasing prayer in the Spirit. God can use this election to show His Power, His Kingdom and His glory. I just don’t think it is a coincidence that one candidate is politics as usual and the other outsider’s name is TRUMP. Either way God can use what was meant for evil to show His Goodness. I don’t trust Clinton or Trump; I TRUST our Father and his Christ!


    • You only “participate in the lower system” if you consent to it, blindly follow the spirit of the world instead of choosing to be led by the Holy Spirit. I still believe that great discernment is needed to see which HEART the Holy Spirit can transform so God can use them mightily to change the tide AWAY from God in this country. The only One who can know each candidates mind, heart and spirit is God, but it feels that one heart is more yield-able than the other. I watched both conventions and my impression of the DNC was a very SLICK orchestrated show with all the words that sounded right but a heart that was far from Jesus. One heart feels stoney and cold, possibly sold to the hidden hand, a puppet for the satanic/luciferian ruler of this world; and the other says he wants to expose the corruption in government, is pro-life, pro-freedom and pro-Truth: wants to reveal the global agenda to remove sovereign God given rights and freedom we have now. Have you read all the prophetic voices with dreams and visions of God using Trump? I don’t know, only God knows, but I am praying for ALL hidden darkness to be exposed by the Light of Christ; I am praying for all hidden agendas to be exposed by the Spirt of Truth. Spirit of Truth lead us into ALL Truth; expose the spirit of the world, the spirit of error. We all need to pray, ask for great discernment and then pray some more. Holy Spirit intercedes within us beyond words; our High Priest intercedes in and for and through us. Let Thy Will be done Abba Father!
      Christine, why do you seem to favor Hillary Clinton?


      • Christine says:

        Yvonne, I do not favour Clinton. I do not favour Trump. In fact, I’m not an American. I couldn’t vote if I wanted to, and wouldn’t if I was American and could, for a very simple reason. It’s -all- lies. ALL of it. Yet, I’m passionate about it, because of the importance of seeing it not from one side or another, but above, for all. And by leaning to one side, one is in favour of one side. I lean to neither, but posted what I have, as a balance to the heavy preference of Trump here, in spite of the mention they are both “flawed” and “imperfect” and the choice “impossible”.

        Clinton is slick. She says what she needs to at the time she needs to, to the audience she needs to say it to. Obama did this, look how he denigrated HRC when he was competing for the DNC leadership. Now he sings her praises.

        Trump is slick. He says what he needs to at the time he needs to, to the audience he needs to say it to. He also is a chameleon. Look at his speeches to different groups at different times and see what I mean. Just because he spouts what others want to hear depending on his audience, is cause to believe him? Any more than Hilary?

        Both are liars. And who is the father of lies?

        I posted the information I did, about Trump, to provide the contrast to the against Clinton that has been posted here. And what I did post, is only a small litany of facts, out of many more. And the fact that these facts, ALL point numerically and factually to the father of this world, does this not give you pause for thought?

        Clinton left a body count? Trump leaves a body count too.

        Clinton appears to be a devil, true. But Trump, while “far from perfect”, appears to be a devil, too.

        Propaganda machines for both. It is balanced to list the flip side, and allow people to make up their minds, and not push, or appear to push, one or the other. It is fixed no matter who wins.

        Since these posts are heavily favoured to Trump and against Clinton, I simply show the other side. As slick as she is, he is just as slick. His rough and bombastic exterior is a cover for that. She is just messier and blunders more in covering it. His appeal to the “fed up masses” as “anti establishment”, also helps maintain his teflon exterior. His bombast, roughness, rudeness, teflon exterior and popularity beyond any reasonable understanding, reminds me in fact, of a late politician, a former mayor of a large city that was world famous for his unfortunate problems a few years ago, that we know of from his antics and problems being splashed all over newspapers and tv. The difference is this particular mayor was not evil, or even appearing to be. He was merely, deeply personally troubled, but with a genuine love for people. I fail to see that in Trump..

        Trump is pro life, pro freedom, pro truth? Perhaps as he seems. But all this is not as it seems. Some of the facts I posted above, certainly show that, and that is but a small smidgen.

        Even these email “hacks” are so laughably transparent in their timing and content, whether controlled and propagated by one side or the other. All of it is fake, all of it is manipulation. No matter what comes out when, what the message is, what the medium is, who is saying or denying it, it is fake, a lie, from the one controlling it. Not the One who yes, will still use it for His means. He is the only One who has Truith, not Clinton, not Trump. Of Clinton and Trump, one may be more clever than the other in appearing Truth. But both are not pro Truth. They, and this system, is all part of “truth”, which in fact, is the lie.

        Both are possibly devils. Hence my often cited recommendation – by voting for either, one is participating in the lie.

        As for the dreams, I put those together with what we know of Clinton, and Trump too. And then I put it together with what God says. These dreams come to many who subscribe to the Bethel Church and its ideas even if they are in their own congregation, and other “prosperity”, “spiritual power and healing”, “name it and claim it”, “identity” and other “movements”. The Bethel Church is beset with demonic activity parading as “Godly” spiritual movements, yet the fruits are not Godly. Yet many of these dreams are being had by people in thoe types of churches (and yes, I’ve read many of them and went to their church sites, and they are very much the same). I’m sure some have dreams that are not formally associated with these “movements”. But then I look at the fruit of Trump, and the undeniable, facts about him such as dates and numbers I posted above, especially of dates which are beyond being manmade or manipulated. Dreams do not “trump” God’s word. Dreams can be deceiving, and many dreams are given, by the deceiver, with the dreamer none the wiser.

        What I do know, is all the world is a stage. All are puppets and people fall for it.

        I propose looking beyond the two sides, and choosing neither, but raising prayers and hands to God only, who is beyond those sides. Not even promoting one or the other, but God only.

        I am for God, and not for Clinton or Trump, hence my recommendation to see from the higher, above blue and red, good and evil, elephant or jackass. The posts here appear to promote Trump and denigrate HRC. I haven’t promoted HRC a single time, or even denigrated Trump, merely posted known facts. But I have attempted to highlight the contrast on one who appears to be promoted here.

        And understanding your heart, as mine, in Christ, I just can’t understand the promotion of -either- one, be it one, or the other. All is the same. Anyone promoting, or for, one or the other, over the other, regardless of what either -appears- to be for or against, may very well be entangled in it. The only choice is to step away from it all, lest one get entangled in it. One can get entangled in it, if they are for one or the other, they are directing their energy and given strength to the same one thing behind “both” sides, if they feel one is promoting “truth” over the other… The only Truth is Jesus.

        Often, it is “both/and”. In this case, except, both/and are the same thing. It’s also not “either/or”, blue or red, since they are both and the same thing.

        In Truth, choose neither. Choose only Jesus.

        In love Yvonne, I also ask – why do you seem to prefer one of them? One is “up front” evil appearing, the other appears “pro life, pro freedom, pro truth”, yet shows all the markers, in addition, of the 666. He has these markers for a reason. God has placed these markers for a reason: They are actually facts and cannot be manipulated. He speaks a good game, and boastfully. While HRC may be considered by some to be “up front evil looking”, his is no more hidden. But people hear what they want in his bombast, which is why the numerical markers are also there, as a warning, for those who listen to what they want to hear, and yet may not be able to see what is in plain sight. (Although his love of self and Mammon are openly displayed.).


        • Again, as I have said, I am discerning and praying and asking to be led by the Holy Spirit to know which one God can raise up to show His Glory, His Power, His Kingdom, as he raised up Pharaoh to show His Power through Moses. Now that we have the finished work of Christ, the Holy Spirit can directly touch and transform one whose heart in moldable, not hardened, stoney and stiff necked. Only God knows who that is! My heart is saying Trump’s heart has a higher probability of yielding to our Father, but again, we all need to keep increasing our intimacy with God, stay close to His Heart to be led by the Holy Spirit with our eyes firmly fixed on Christ Jesus! I see troubling signs in Hillary eyes and what appears to be seizure and odd behavior that could be explained by demonic oppression. I have not seen that in Trumps eyes. Father, thank you for revealing your Heart for this election in the US. Amen. God bless you Christine!


  19. This election is VERY polarizing, the calling card of the father of lies, those devoid of the Spirit wanting to divide the elect; but we can KEEP OUR EYES FIXED ON CHRIST and be led by Holy Spirit into all TRUTH. So we continue to PRAY at all time in the SPIRIT and ask for discernment and TRUST GOD above all else! “His name is Faithful and True…The Word of God….the King of kings and the Lord of lords” Revelation 19:11-16


    • Christine says:

      Yes you are very right, it is very polarizing, and that’s another sign that it is all controlled by one deceiver.

      I won’t be commenting again on political items, but the only reason I have, is to provide a contrast so you, and others, may question and look at the other side before believing one is “pro life”, “pro freedom”, and “pro truth”. That’s exactly what will get votes. Yet, God provided for facts for those who may have the ability to see, on both “sides”.


      • He who is in us is greater than the deceiver of the world. We truly have to keep awake with the ascended Christ Jesus, paying attention, alert, watchful, prayerful, and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. God bless you Christine!


  20. “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD; though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become white as wool. IF YOU ARE WILLING and OBEDIENT (listen, hear and act on the Holy Spirit’s guidance), you shall eat the GOOD of the land, but if you refuse and rebel (hardened stoney heart), you shall be devoured by the sword; for the mouth of the LORD has spoken.” Isaiah 1:18

    “Come, let us go up to the mountain of God…that he may teach us HIS WAYS and that we may walk in HIS PATHS” Isaiah 2:3


  21. More voices:
    Important video in the article showing it is not widows and orphans, women and children that are flooding and overtaking nations; their hidden agenda and true intention from their own mouths: http://www.politicalears.com/heres-the-controversial-video-obama-does-not-want-you-to-seeits-up-again/



  22. A strong voice: as always: go direct to Holy Spirit and ask for discernment, guidance and holy Counsel:


    There are moments in history when a door for massive change opens. Great revolutions for good or for evil occur in the vacuum created by these openings. It is in these times that key men and women – even entire generations – risk everything to become the hinge of history, that pivotal point that determines which way the door will swing. America is in a defining moment. We believe that right now heaven is looking for those who will shift our nation into a new day of mercy on a 40-day fast.

    Over the last 20 years we’ve seen major shifts take place as the Body of Christ united in extended fasts. Even now, TheCall Team have locked themselves away for 40 days in Colorado Springs to fast and pray for a Third Great Awakening and for a shift in these elections. We believe we are in some kind of an Elijah Jezebel showdown that will frame the future of our nation.

    In our gatherings together, God began to give us revelation. One young lady who led us in renewing covenant at the first Call in Washington, DC had a dream recently. In the dream she was in DC and there was a huge celebration going on in which masses were reveling in the release of liberal laws and the throwing off of our biblical foundations. She said it was terrifying as she watched the crowds get in buses to take that celebration through the nation. But in the last scene of the dream she saw inside one of the buses, down the center aisle, and there was a young woman who didn’t belong there. She could tell that she was a disruption to the entire celebration, and on her t-shirt in bold letters it said:
    We were stunned by this dream.“We the People” are the first words of our Constitution, which was the foundational covenant document of our nation. The Constitution espoused freedom for all men under God, guaranteeing equality and justice for all. Yet, it was the very people who swore themselves to this document that also broke covenant with the Native peoples, denied covenant to the African Americans, and dismantled the covenant of marriage. Could it be that we are being judged now on the basis of our own covenantal document before God?

    We believe we have come to a moment to stand again for the covenant of America and to uphold The Constitution. In doing so, we must first repent of all covenant-breaking in our own lives. We can’t bind what binds us. When Daniel began to intercede for his nation in Daniel 9, he pleaded the covenant and asked forgiveness for his sins and the sins of his fathers so that he could remove accusation from the nation. This is how he appealed for the great return out of Babylon and the rebuilding of the temple. We are in a Daniel 9 moment in the Body of Christ.

    For this reason, we believe that this next 40 days of fasting from September 30th through the elections could be a hinge of history moment. Let us go to the courts of the King and hold up our constitutional document, begging forgiveness where we’ve broken the covenant, and pleading mercy over our nation that we would return to the foundation that’s immovable. Brothers and sisters, we believe that this could shift history.

    Another dream was given to us, and in this dream a young lady from Alaska saw the White House and in one room was Hillary Clinton and in another room was Donald Trump. Trump was kneeling down weeping and broken and she said that in the dream she knew that people didn’t know the kind of man he really was. In the dream he had the bible open and he was reading Ezekiel 22:30 “I looked for a man to stand in the gap.”

    Brothers and sisters, we must judge these dreams as prophecy. If they are God then we are in a defining moment for the covenant of this nation to stand and the covenant of our forefathers to be released for a Third Great Awakening. We cannot afford to be jaded about these elections. We cannot be neutral and let history forge it’s own way. The future will be made by someone who stands in the gap and asks God to release his divine choice into this nation who will uphold the covenant. This is critical. God raises up one and brings down another. He’s the One who promotes kings but intercession can shift the mindsets of men and women all across this nation. I’m calling all of those that I’m connected with that know me with TheCall to take 40 days and pray and stand in the gap – 40 days of fasting, that God would raise up righteousness in the high places and loose another Third Great Awakening. Who knows but for such a time as this we’ve been brought into the kingdom.

    Sometimes we give elections to Caesar when Caesar was never to have the authority over the elections. I remember in 2000 when we were praying for a pro-life president. Even during the primaries a friend of mine had dream and saw George Bush with McCain in a battle in the primaries. In the dream he saw spiritual warfare going on over the top of the primaries and then he read a line “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s but render unto God the things that what are God’s. Profoundly, the interpretation came to us, that there was spiritual warfare over the elections. Therefore, only the Church could deal with that dimension because politics can’t deal with the dimension of spiritual warfare. God was saying don’t render the elections to the political process as to Caesar. It hasn’t been given to him. It’s been given to the praying church.

    Right now in these elections do not give the future to Ceasar. It’s not been given to him. Render unto God the things that are God’s”

    Download the Fast Forward America prayer guide HERE!

    – See more at: http://www.thecall.com/article/fast-forward-america?mc_cid=c22178ed26&mc_eid=c13f5272ad#sthash.3thoRoxN.dpuf


  23. Which is the real Donald? bombastic braggart or this man:


  24. Who is the real Hillary? Abba Father, reveal all hidden darkness, reveal all hidden agendas on both sides of this election. Father, make a WAY where there is no way! We trust your Holy Spirit to guide us!


  25. Father, reveal the TRUTH so we can be the Light of the world, not under any hidden deception. This is an unprecedented election with both candidates unprecedented, appearing very unpresidential. Father make a WAY where there is no way!



  26. Father, reveal all hidden darkness, all hidden agendas so your Will can be done on earth as it is in heaven.


  27. The corruption and deceit is just TOO PERVASIVE, Father, make a WAY where there seems to be no way…


  28. We keep our eyes fixed on Jesus; the government that is increasing and never ending is on Jesus’ shoulders; the Name above every name; one nation under God; Christ Jesus is exalted, glorified and is King of kings and Lord of lords now and forever; the matchless Name; the exact representation of our Father.


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