Globalism or Nationalism?

Peace Children

Upside down world

I got a picture this morning illustrating the problem of globalism:

“someone” declares every newborn baby must be placed in the same nursery; no more national borders, no more separate governments or religions, no more families getting to choose what is best for their family…

the global nursery has one caretaker…

the result?

MOST of the babies will be neglected, a deficit of care, starved, their “life” stolen, even some may be killed for the “betterment of other babies” since there are limited resources. The one caretaker can only take care of a few, they choose who will get the “resources,” the rest languish as orphans, just numbers, faceless, grow up hurting, not knowing whose they are, loss of identity, stunted growth with a very limited future and most likely end up serving the few elite the caretaker gave attention to…

but in the nationalism picture–“we the people”–every newborn is allowed to be raised in their own family with those who know them and have LOVE, caring, time and attention to raise each newborn to be the highest and best for the good of ALL; not the good of a few. No one breaks down the doors/borders of the home and lets in everyone; new parents are VERY selective who they will allow in to the family home of a newborn for the protection of their vulnerable child. No father would let just anyone in to his home: not those with infectious diseases or a criminal past, no child rapists, no pedophiles, no religious radicals, no governmental interference, no religious law imposers with external restrictive laws telling their baby girl she is chattel or property with no rights, mutilate her genitals, possibly throw acid in her face or kill her, cover her with black, veil her, or treat her as a slave/less-than/second class citizen unable to freely come and go.

In nationalism no one tries to IMPOSE a “one size fits all” global family, global government, global religion or global currency. No corporate entity or beast system gets priority over human beings. Society is not forced to be genderless, sexless, culture-less, religion-less, physical machines or slaves to the system. Each city-state-nation family gets to have its customs; each family gets to raise their children with their highest values and highest potential from God-given sovereign rights, unalienable rights given to each person from the Creator.

BEYOND globalism or nationalism (both physical) is the kingdom of God (spiritual)! The kingdom of heaven on earth is an eternal city-state-nation of Christ, the King of kings and Lord of lords, the Name above all names, the manifest NEW THING of God our Father on earth as it is in heaven! We die to the world system with Jesus and we are raised with Christ to live in the kingdom of the Beloved Son, our spiritual body seated in heavenly places with Christ while our physical body is on earth: both/and! We have a physical body FIRST; when we invite, welcome and receive Christ Jesus into our body-soul-spirit, we become a NEW spiritual being by reconciliation with our First Love through Christ!

“It is sown perishable, it is raised imperishable…sown in dishonor, raised in glory…sown in weakness, raised in power…sown a physical body, raised a spiritual body…we die to Adam, we are raised INTO CHRIST’S SPIRITUAL BODY…FROM HEAVEN…bearing the image of the man of heaven…inherit the kingdom of God…no longer asleep…CHANGED…victorious” 1 Cor 15:35-57

Jesus said, “YOU must  be born anew from above…born of water AND SPIRIT…to SEE the Kingdom of God”

The Creator of heaven and earth is the one true God who LOVES his children, protects and provides, loves, honors and calls each one precious; seeing the highest and best in each and nurturing us to reach our highest potential: the image and likeness of God! He MADE A WAY WHERE THERE WAS NO WAY in the world by sending the Messiah, the Christ appointed for ALL, to remove bondage to false gods. False gods are partial, biased, prejudiced, favor one sex/race over another, restrict, make demands, force, impose, make conquests, force conversions, KILL, RAPE, SODOMIZE, steal, destroy, take SEX SLAVES, remove rights, make UNRIGHTEOUS judgments, TAKE AWAY FREE WILL and FREEDOM TO CHOOSE.

“In the world you will have tribulation…in Christ you will have peace”

Christ is NOT A RELIGION; Christ is the RELATIONSHIP with the HOLY, RIGHTEOUS Creator of heaven and earth who is holy pure LOVE, the holy and righteous Father of glory and lights, pure Light, pure HOLY Spirit made manifest in Christ, pure awareness, pure LIFE, pure Truth, and pure FREEDOM!!!!!!!


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5 Responses to Globalism or Nationalism?

  1. Paul Harvey’s If I were the devil
    I could not watch this without weeping for the world and praying for every human being to wake up and take your God-given sovereignty in Christ. God DOES NOT LOOK AT THE EXTERIOR like the world does, judging unrighteously by the color of your skin, your sex, your religion, your family…NO!…God judges by the heart, are you willing to learn to love as God is Love; are you willing to be reconciled to our Father through the Messiah he sent: Christ Jesus so in relationship with the Creator you can live, move and have your being in the image and likeness of God once again; are you willing to forgive, have compassion and kindness instead of division caused by those devoid of God’s Holy Spirit.
    We The People do not give consent to the devil or the world rulers of the present darkness (Ephesians 6:12) The battle is not with people; the battle is spiritual and Christ Jesus has already defeated the enemy. We have to wake up, leave the dead man, and rise with Christ into the new creature, the new creation, spirit-soul-body, the image and likeness of Christ who is the perfect refection of our Creator! We worship the Creator of heaven and earth not the creation! We are on the one Vine that connects heaven and earth, the one pillar that connects us with the Creator and allows both the living water and holy fire of the Holy Spirit to live in our body temple, the new habitation of God!!!!!!!


  2. Kristi Ann says:

    Nationalism!! God Bless All my Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus-Yeshua and Your Families and Friends!!

    Love Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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