Hillary is Broken

Hillary is broken. Trump is broken. The political process is broken. The election system is broken. The government is broken. Corporations are broken. The media is broken. The economy is broken. The entertainment/arts/sports world is broken. Education is broken. Institutions are broken. Nations are broken. Religion is broken. Communities are broken. Families are broken. Individuals are broken.

The world system is irretrievably broken…

When sports stars say they have never heard misogynistic locker room talk, we can be SURE that the scapegoating as old as time is happening…

If you look back to your own experiences in every group you have been involved with, you will realize that scapegoating happens. The group, family, or nation is BROKEN into persecutors, victims and scapegoats. In the scapegoat, all the projections of the group or nation is put on an individual (or religion or race or gender or level of income), all the hidden darkness is projected upon the designated “other” or designated “patient” and everyone else bonds over vilifying the scapegoat, elevating themselves, feeling quite sanctimonious, pious, self-righteous, thinking or saying, “thank God I am not like ____.”

The family, group or political party heap all their hidden darkness on an individual to carry all the “sins” so they can continue to live in the public persona, the mask hiding the personal persona, living the original lie and deception, as the self-righteous imposter looks GOOD on the outside but their insides are very broken. They can even fool themselves into believing the lie and deceptions. The scapegoat cannot bear the projections and either takes the victim role and asks for reparations instead of taking personal responsibility or takes the persecutor role and begins to hurt those who hurt them.

The world system is BROKEN, but the good news is Jesus came to the world to become the ultimate scapegoat, to take all the darkness upon himself, to become BROKEN so human beings could be WHOLE. I was totally broken before Jesus came to me and gave me new Life. Jesus TOOK every projection of hate onto himself, every lie, deception, manipulation, disease, disorder, disrespect, “diss,” offense, hurt, chastisement; every sin, past, present and future, and even death. Christ Jesus then resurrected NEW Life for every human being, FREE of scapegoating, victimization, persecution, sin and death. “For freedom Christ has set us FREE” All we have to do is come to Him and TAKE IT to partake in His divine nature, freely given to ALL people, groups, tribes and nations! “Whom the Son sets free if free indeed”

He took our brokenness and gave us His righteousness so we could live in a new heaven on earth, new wineskins filled with the new wine of His Holy Spirit, living in the kingdom of God: His righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. He TOOK all of Adam and the world, and GAVE us all of Himself so we could stop projecting blame and take personal responsibility; to wake up and see the conditioning of the world causing our old being to think, speak and act out of the darkness. Christ gives ALL who COME, His Light that dispels the darkness and fills our spirit and soul and body with His Life and Truth: His Spirit of Life and His Spirit of Truth that lead us into all Truth!

When we come to the realization of the Truth of Christ, the Life of God, where the scapegoat has ALREADY been offered or given ONCE FOR ALL, the “unholy trinity” of persecutor, victim, scapegoat, can be replaced with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit: the invisible Creator of heaven and earth, His visible manifestation in Christ in you, and the river of water of life: water, fire and Spirit of God from the throne into your spirit, soul and body, making you complete, whole, healed, delivered, set free and lacking nothing because you have EVERYTHING of Christ!

Instead of open borders, we need an OPEN HEAVEN over every human being! Christ Jesus is the Messiah who already OPENED THE HEAVENS for all his Father’s children whom he LOVES so immeasurably that he has been wooing you from before time! Every human being needs to realize their brokenness, accept personal responsibility for adding to the darkness of the world, TURN, take a 180 degree TURN, and run into our Father’s Arms and let His Lamb wash the past from you, let His Messiah save all that is good, true and right within you, let His Christ anoint you with His Anointing to begin to think, say and act from heavenly places with Christ and be filled with the LIGHT to overflow like a river to help change the world! 

No one can FIX themselves, their family, or country; but GOD IS ABLE through the Christ he SENT TO ALL, for ALL. We can no longer sustain worldly “fixers” like the character Olivia Pope, or high-profile lawyers where one side wins and the other side loses by dirty tricks, cheap shots, lies, deception, murder, corruption, black mail or bribes. The Christ for all, Jesus, died to the world as “the forerunner on our behalf” (Hebrews 6:20) so we could ALL be raised into Himself! “He is the first-born from the dead.” Apart from Christ’s Resurrection Light we are lost and broken. In union with His Spirit we are TRANSFORMED, a new creature, a new creation in the image and likeness of Christ who is the exact image of the one, true God!

In Christ, the old broken human is not only FIXED, but re-formed clay by the Potter into His image and likeness, into the NHONE version instead of the world’s version! The world rulers of this present darkness want to impose external order out of their created chaos. But we do not consent to the world system; we consent to Christ Jesus who has ALREADY finished the work so we can enter into Him and go immediately from chaos to INTERNAL TRANSFORMATION! New wine in a new wineskin! A new garment of white light, His robe of righteousness, His garment of salvation: completion, wholeness, lacking nothing, able to give from the deep, deep well of Christ that becomes a fountain in us to water the world until it too springs up the paradise garden of Christ in God!!!!!!!

“Therefore I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, that you may be rich, and white garments to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nakedness from being seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, that you may see. Those whom I love, I reprove and chasten; so be zealous and repent. Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any one hears my voice and OPENS THE DOOR, I will come in to you, and eat with you, and you with Me. Those who conquer, I will grant to SIT WITH ME on my throne, AS I MYSELF CONQUERED and sit with my Father on his throne!” Revelation 3:18-21



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