In Weeping Recognition…

I am in tears, in weeping recognition every time I read this…maybe it will awaken something in you too…


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“There is a place where you belong, yet in this world you never felt you were wanted. You never thought that you fit in. You were always cast out and made to feel rejected. But I tell you, my beautiful one, you were always called to Me. To be a powerful tool in My hand. To bring My children to Me in the last days. To bring your brethren to know My Son. You have a place deep in My heart where you are loved, and very important. You were called for such a time as this and also in such a time as this! You have been called to see the greatest day man has ever seen. All the pain you suffered from rejection has been turned to great strength, and has been given to you as a powerful gift. You have a special election, with special training. And in all that I ask you to do, you will be safe, and remain in good standing. I saw every tear you cried, and each was precious to Me as I stood by your side. All of your pain will be redeemed. All of your suffering will be erased. Your place has always been with Me, and in Me you will know the joy of family.”

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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16 Responses to In Weeping Recognition…

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  2. soulspeak2013 says:

    Touches my Soul deeply. I have nothing but Love and Immense FAITH , the truest faith that rises more, as I continue to know nothing but Love and God Through Jesus

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  3. soulspeak2013 says:

    Thank you for all you share so completely. You are immensely appreciated.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    This was Beautiful..

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  5. Letter from a down-syndrome child:

    A Letter From Charlie
    State of the Union Address from an Earth Angel

    “We have a lightful future for all of us and healing life is everything for Nations of God. We can hold the light in everything we live because we must make understanding of ourselves. This is just the beginning of a life connecting with our God to shine in our days and nights.

    We are feeling in our hearts right now and forgiveness is our hope. We can heal our strength for the emptiness of minds with hearts to be strong to our brightest eyes. We must make healing for us to live with our clearest thoughts. We are the angel beings of Earth.

    We have been connected with our Divine wings for the light of self. We are compassion and together for life. We know all this truth of ourselves to remember. This is our joyful in the healing sun of light. We are one forever with our God of the hopeful. Our Divine love connect our lives to the planet of our future of peaceful life.

    When we fear inside, we are forgetting our joyness with people. This is our truthful hope of God with forgiveness to hearts around this living light. We can shine our love for healing to our inner eyes in spirit.

    Living hope is the key to our spiritness and our mistakes are healed with truth and light. We can open ourselves to the God of freedom and light. Hopefulness with our hearts, our souls, and our holiness means being free.

    This is our lightful kingdom with our shining spirits. We can love with our joyness and forgiveness and happiness. We will just love everybody with our feeling hearts. We must go to the pain with lightful love to feel our fear and bring the light inside to heal in heaven’s home.”
    ~Charlie Fenimore, 11/11/2016

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  6. Christophe says:

    Yes! All we have to do is ask for redemption! Forgive and forget! Open our hearts and minds to receive the spirit: His Love & Wisdom! Let Him transform us from inside out! Let Him transform our lives and fill them with all good gifts! But most importantly let Him gift us His Eternal Life!

    “Behold I am making all things new” NOW!!! (past, present and future)

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