Do you Know?

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It doesn’t matter what Mary knew, it doesn’t matter what the world knows, or religion knows, or what we THINK we know. And we certainly do not want satan’s knowledge of good and evil which leads to stolen life, kill joy (“killing me softly” with his tainted love and false peace), and destroyed peace, love and relationships.

Yada, yada, yada!

Yada means to know! (yaw-dah) must be where we get “dah!” like you are stupid to not know! But what the world knows and teaches, conditions, programs, and imposes on human beings is not pure Divine Knowing, but tainted knowledge with a hidden agenda, duality, conflict, separation, division, war and a “tempest in a teapot” where the pot is calling the kettle black; making a mountain out of a molehill, bent out of shape over nothing but distorted thinking from a constructed, false self or ego, self-righteous lecturing, arrogant hubris, prideful put downs, the “love, light, and accept everything” crowd turning ugly, hateful, prejudiced, biased, blind, and calling evil good, and good evil; a sense of entitlement coming from a lie.

What you are DISTRESSED about is your constructed reality coming from programmed belief to think a certain way. You are upset by what you THINK about the situation and you have the power to REVOKE at any moment your THOUGHTS ABOUT IT and SEE WHAT IS REALLY PRESENT! In the midst of the world is the PERFECT, STILL, SILENT, HOLY HUSH, HOLY SANCTUARY SPACE, HOLY ALTAR, and the presence of the present PRESENCE OF GOD beyond the storm, beyond the waves, above duality, the highest, deepest, pure Awareness of the actual Presence of God WITHIN! It is pure contentment, satisfaction, fulfillment, wholeness, completeness, nothing missing, nothing broken, shalom, perfect peace, love, harmony, health, well-being, and fullness of Joy! Christ in you! his Kingdom within! his righteousness in the midst of an unfair world! his mercy instead of revenge! his righteousness instead of deceptive lies, sin and missing the mark! his Holy Spirit instead of other disturbing spirits! pure Light instead of darkness or counterfeit light! holy Love, perfect Peace and fullness of Joy instead of distress and turmoil!

If you are distressed about anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but your own estimate of it: and this you have the power to revoke at any moment” ~Marcus Aurelius

“A shift in consciousness, consciously chosen, makes a world of difference” (Katherine Saux). “Come out of her lest you take part in her sins and share her plagues” You must become like a child to enter the kingdom of God! Toddlers love everyone, do not judge by color, race, gender, religion, culture or nationality; their HEART is open and they intrinsically know the heart of others. They have to be TAUGHT to hate, distrust, fear, avoid, shun, defend and be suspicious of “others” by their parents, or taught to accept everyone, believe everything everyone says and not spiritually discern the heart. Both perpetuate the lie, putting to sleep or death the true Life, Light, Love and Truth of Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Holiness, the Spirit of Righteousness, the Spirit of Life, the Spirit of the Living God! What spirit are you of? spirit of the world, human spirit, unclean spirits, evil spirits, or Holy Spirit?


The question is: do YOU know?

The highest, best KNOWER from pure KNOWING is Christ knowing in us! We WAKE UP and receive the direct revelation (see the LIGHT) from the Father. When Peter spoke from the consciousness of the world, Jesus said, “Get thee behind me Satan” but when he was speaking from revelation of the Father’s heart, he knew Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God and Jesus blessed him. When we KNOW the Truth from the revelation of the Father we have the keys of the kingdom, the powers of death and hades cannot prevail against us, and our words become keys to loose and bind (Matthew 16:15-23). “The tongue has the power of life and death” (Proverbs 18:21).

The highest Knower brings his Knowing to be with and IN YOU! Christ’s Word and Spirit come to dwell in you! Christ in you is all the fullness of the Godhead dwelling bodily in you! Instead of being hungry and thirsty for righteousness, you are FULL and QUENCHED, fulfilled and satiated, filled to overflowing, a NEW fountain of life, a fountain of the Living Water of Christ Spirit from the throne above the highest heavens from the SOURCE of the pure, crystal-clear, fire of glory and grace water of life!!!!!!!

The four rivers of Love, Peace, Joy and Righteousness converge in you in the Holy Spirit and fire river of water of life on the ONE PILLAR of Christ Light in you connecting heaven and earth in you!!!!!!!

To “know” in the biblical sense is intimate, direct knowing BEYOND knowledge; true intimacy beyond sexual, physical, mental, or emotional knowing. It is experiential beyond experiences, encountering the actual presence of God and knowing the presence within. To  just have heard ABOUT Jesus, or intellectually believe in Jesus, or accept the CONCEPT of Jesus, or buy into the religious ideal of Jesus is NOT KNOWING THE REAL LIVING ONE! Our concepts, ideas, constructed reality or platonic ideals are NOT spiritual Reality, where the invisible, unseen Holy Heavenly Father and God is MADE MANIFEST in you as Christ in you. The kingdom goes from being “at hand” to being WITHIN you! The Living Active Word and Living Flowing Holy Spirit are made flesh IN  YOU; the presence of God is made manifest in and through you for the sake of the world!

For the sake of the world, burn like a fire in me! For the sake of the world, flow your river above, in and through me! For the sake of the world, let me KNOW with Christ’s KNOWER and KNOWING in me so I can make him known in the world!!!!!!!

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4 Responses to Do you Know?

  1. ourkairosnow1017 says:

    We are One Within our Father.
    Thank You Yeshua

    Thanks Yvonne 😊

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  2. Rob says:

    Wow blown away by this. Incredible share, I needed this today thank you!

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