I Stand With God

I stand with God to value LIFE, compassion, lovingkindness, forgiveness, peace,  gentleness, self-control, patience, trust, righteousness, understanding, acceptance and Christ Jesus who IS truth and life, light, love and the Spirit!

Be careful! you may find yourself supporting the spirit of the world instead of the Spirit of God…

Put on the whole armor of God and stand firm!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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One Response to I Stand With God

  1. “We are entering a time of increasing warfare because the Lord is helping His Bride, the Church, arise into what He meant for her to be. We must KNOW who is standing beside us during these times, so that we won’t be unnecessarily attacked as the Lord brings us into His will for our lives. The Lord wants us to develop close friendships with those who walk in close friendship with the Lord.
    Religious people only look at the external. That is why Pharisees thought Jesus was a sinner, and condemned Him. They do not look at the heart, like God does. They only go by what they see with their physical eyes, and they only say what their natural minds think. Religious people in your life will also be used to condemn you, too, as your walk with the Lord grows closer and closer. Many of God’s children face unnecessary persecution by having religious people in their inner circle. Jesus was very, very particular about who He allowed to be close to Him.
    Religious people look at others through man’s eyes. Sons look at people through God’s eyes. Never let anyone in your inner circle who looks at you through man’s eyes. They will be used against you. The enemy controls those who are moved by what they see. Sons are moved by what God sees.
    To win the race, we need to fellowship with those who are also wanting to win the race.
    The Lord Jesus says:
    “My Bride is arising on the earth. I am drawing My Children into a closer walk with Me than they have ever known. Those who want to walk closer with Me will face persecution, even by their own brothers and sisters. So to help you avoid this persecution as much as possible, seek Me about who you fellowship with, about who you share your heart with, about who you spend time with. I am raising a powerful army on the earth, one which will shake the nations. So I want you to become friends with those who are friends with Me, so we will walk together as My Father’s purpose for the Church on earth is fulfilled.
    My Face shines on My Bride. As My Bride arises, your face will shine like Mine does. There are some, like those who stoned Stephen as HIS face shined with My Glory, who will not like to see My Glory in your life. That is because their hearts will condemn them, and they will be used to condemn you. And that will make your walk with Me more difficult than it needs to be. Those who persecute you will try to discourage you, condemn you, and sidetrack My Plan for you. So do not allow these people to speak into your life, but find those who also seek My Face. And together with them, I will use you to shake this world.” ~Jeffrey Stewart


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