We the People

We the People no longer consent to lies, deception, corruption and perversion. There is a LINE drawn in the sand by the CROSS of Christ. God sent the Spirit of Truth after the resurrection, ascension and glorification of Christ Jesus to be WITH US and IN US forever. We CROSS OVER THE LINE NOW and PERMANENTLY into Christ who is the TRUTH and the LIFE of God. Evil cannot cross the line of Christ for we are IN HIM as a strong tower, a mighty fortress, a SAFE and SECURE refuge, the Name above ALL names, the HIGHEST and BEST the Creator has for us who are made in the IMAGE and LIKENESS of the Creator in Christ!

Therefore, we ACCEPT the ONE and ONLY MESSIAH–the Lord Jesus the Christ, the Righteous, Faithful and True, The Word of God, the King of kings and Lord of lords and HIS holy angel armies! We are covered, anointed, and FILLED with the Holy Spirit now and forever and ever, Amen.

Our Creator of heaven and earth gifted us with every good endowment and every PERFECT GIFT from above, as well as the gift of FREE WILL. Free will ALLOWS US, gives us the FREEDOM, to CHOOSE love or hate. Choose LOVE. Free will allows us the freedom to choose darkness or light. Choose LIGHT. And free will allows us the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE the spirit of the world OR the Spirit of God. Choose God!!!!!!!

That which you choose and IDENTIFY with determines your quality of life now and forever and ever!

We are given FREEDOM in Christ to CHOOSE FREEDOM instead of bondage to the spirit of the world. We the people are FREE IN CHRIST to CHOOSE FREEDOM now and forever and ever, Amen.

Our manipulated states of mind can be SET FREE in Christ to RECEIVE LIFE and TRUTH of God and be FREE to set our minds on heavenly things instead of the things of the world. The DISTURBANCE in the world is MAN-MADE; the RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACE and JOY in the HOLY Spirit comes DOWN FROM HEAVEN OUT OF GOD to be received by all without partiality IN CHRIST!!!!!!!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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7 Responses to We the People

  1. Conform NOT to this world, but be TRANSFORMED in your mind by the LOVE of our Father, the LIGHT of Truth and Life in Christ, and the Holy SPIRIT of God!!!!!!!

    Be transformed, transfigured, reFORMED, and conformed to the image and likeness of God in Christ Jesus!

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  2. The best thing we can do for the world is to ASK and RECEIVE Jesus The Christ; let the HOLY SPIRIT make Christ the CORNERSTONE in your HEART; and ROOT and GROUND you in Christ in LOVE; and WATCH Holy Spirit RAISE YOU, GROW you up into the HEAD which is CHRIST’S rule and reign over your LIFE; his KINGDOM within you; his MANY CROWNS covering you, his ANOINTING teaching you everything; God’s SPIRIT OF TRUTH living WITH you and IN you forever! This is Christ’s righteousness, peace and joy IN THE HOLY SPIRIT with you and in you forever and ever, Amen. Hallelujah!!!!!!!

    Then the deep well established in you, the fountain of life opened up in you, can overflow as a river of water of life that is SOURCED at the throne of God INTO THE WORLD, the wilderness, desert, valley of the shadow of death, where the law of sin and death rules over unbelievers. “Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins; lest you share in her plagues”

    The JOY of the Lord is our STRENGTH; if you are not experiencing his joy in the Holy Spirit then examine yourselves, test the spirits and cast out any religious spirits, unclean spirits, elemental spirits, human spirits or spirit of the world and ask HOLY Spirit to FILL YOU with the righteous Spirit of God, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of LIFE everlasting, eternal, NOW and is to come forever and ever and ever, Amen. Hallelujah!!!!!!!

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  3. We are UNVEILED by Christ to SEE the unveiled face of CHRIST, to SEE his glory to be CHANGED into his likeness from glory to glory!!!!!!!

    “For it is THE God who said, ‘Let LIGHT shine out of the darkness,’ who HAS SHONE in our hearts to give us the LIGHT of the knowledge of the glory of God displayed in the UNVEILED FACE OF CHRIST!” 2 Cor 4:6.

    Christ UNVEILS us to SEE him UNVEILED!!!!!!!

    Apocalypse means REVELATION, the revealing of Christ Jesus face to face in you, which is the END of anything that is NOT OF CHRIST IN YOU!

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  4. Don’t forget where, when and from whom true freedom, liberty, life abundant and ALL human rights came FIRST and who comes to steal, kill and destroy true peace, love and joy, tricking you into fighting for what our ALL-LOVING Father has already given us without partiality FOR ALL.

    In Christ you will have peace; in the world you will have tribulation. Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues.

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  5. There is truly only ONE thing we need to live in the world but not of it: KNOW Christ Jesus beyond knowledge!
    We enter his death and let go of it ALL for he already overcame it ALL; he rolls away the stone and says, “Arise, come forth!” and he sets us on the Rock of EVERY age and grows us up into Himself! We stand on the Rock to be able to SEE from the eyes of Christ in our soul united with His Spirit!
    There is only ONE THING we have to maintain: our relationship with Christ, abiding in Him and He in us!!!!!!! We enter his rest, grace, glory and Life now and forever and ever and ever, Amen. Hallelujah!!!!!!!


  6. Trey Tomeny says:

    All glory and honor and praise to Jesus our KIng! Thank you NHOE for sharing yourself!

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