The Difference

The difference between Christ Jesus and all antiChrist systems is the antiChrist spirits feed off of you…

Christ Spirit feeds you in every way, spiritually, energetically, mentally, emotionally, and physically!

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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10 Responses to The Difference

  1. In the midst of a world filled with lies and half-truths, it is totally REFRESHING to know the Truth is Christ and Christ Jesus is Truth! You can TRUST in Christ; you can REST in Christ as He abides in you! The ONE THING is Christ who is the ONE PILLAR of God; the two pillar system is NOT of Christ.


  2. In Christ there are NO marginalized, for ALL are brought into Himself; seated with Him in heavenly places to rule and reign with the King of kings and Lord of lords now and is to come from glory to glory! led by a RIGHTEOUS God! guided, taught and empowered by his Holy Spirit embodied in us…
    only the evil one and his followers are marginalized in the “nether darkness”
    only the righteous can live, move and have their being in the new heaven and new earth!


  3. They say life begins at
    but God says,
    Life begins at Christ!!!!!!!

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  4. Trey says:

    What a great line! I will put a condensed version on Facebook.

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  5. Trey says:

    Trey Tomeny- Facebook post-
    1 min ago
    Antichrist spirits, feed off you. Holy Spirit, feeds you.

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  6. You either belong to Christ or you belong to satan


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