Like a Child 2017

First Like a Virgin was corrupted; now Like a Child is being corrupted. Have you ever noticed that everything of God, all that is good, true, right, beautiful and of Christ is counterfeited? The counterfeit is slowly, meticulously introduced into society and then the agenda is furthered by nudging and budging and shaping public opinion and giving a DIFFERENT meaning. STEALING the words and sayings of Christ, offering an ALTERNATIVE meaning that ROBS you of the FREE GIFT of God signed, sealed and DELIVERED by Christ Jesus to ALL.

Christ was PRE-EMINENT in all! All that exists came FROM CHRIST, THROUGH CHRIST, and FOR US. But human beings FELL out of Christ when satan/serpent/devil/dragon/many other names tricked, fooled, deceived, lied its way into giving his seed to human beings; offering Adam, the man of DUST, the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Fruit has seeds and those seeds replicate the tree they came from. Instead of being ONE with God, they were tricked into making THEMSELVES gods of DUALITY, having to TOIL, WORK, STRIVE for what they have with enmity between men and women. The TWO PILLAR system was in place: two polar opposites with NETHER DARKNESS in between…

But in the FULLNESS OF TIME, God sent Christ Jesus, the FULFILLMENT of the prophets and law to CHANGE EVERYTHING in heaven and on earth. He became the ONE PILLAR, the direct RECONNECTION between God and man; one pillar of LIGHT, and all who COME TO HIM enter HIS LIGHT. We wake up and enter his Pillar of Light and NO LONGER VEER LEFT OR RIGHT outside the LIGHT. NO DARKNESS can enter the PILLAR OF CHRIST LIGHT!

WITH CHRIST IN YOU, your BODY becomes the borders of the new heaven and new earth; new seas and fountain of life! Holy Spirit moves your tent stakes out; increases the territory of your FIELD OF GOD containing the TREASURE of Christ in you; SPLENDOR in you; Delight in you; SALT and LIGHT in you!

Christ Spirit in you is always FRESH and FLAVORFUL; you can’t SEE it when Christ dissolves like salt into your body water, but you KNOW it by the spiritual fruit you can SEE and EXPERIENCE. His SALT or Spirit merges completely with your body water making you the NEW SEA of the NHOEN! The river of LIGHT, the river of Christ Spirit, a river of fire, oil, wisdom, power and glory continually refreshes, revitalizes, renews, re-forms Christ in you!!!!!!! Christ in you is a new heaven and a new earth and a new sea which becomes a FOUNTAIN OF LIFE in you! a fountain of Christ LIFE in you!!!!!!!

Like a Virgin: only Christ Jesus can MAKE YOU NEW, take the past no matter how tainted or messed up, take all sin and death and give you HIS righteousness, take the OLD away, and make you a NEW CREATURE in the NEW CREATION in Christ and say to you, “Behold, I make ALL things new!” His Word does not come back void but FULFILLED and FULFILLING the WORD of GOD!!!!!!!

When you COME TO CHRIST JESUS you pass OVER the cross/cursed tree OUTSIDE the camp in the “nether darkness” and ENTER CHRIST’S body of true LIGHT, pure LOVE, and HOLY Spirit! His Spirit River flows from the throne into YOUR BODY filling the root with the Love of Christ that rises up and up until it is over your head, where it becomes a FOUNTAIN of Christ Life that fills your energy body, emotional body, mental body, soul body and spiritual body, and your FIELD grows grace to grace and glory to glory! 30 fold, 60 fold, 100 fold!!!!!!!

Like a Child: only becoming like a child allows you to enter the kingdom of heaven on earth. Children are totally OPEN, RECEPTIVE, TRUSTING and KNOW CHRIST before the foundation of the world UNTIL they are conditioned, taught, FORMED by humans into the antiChrist system, which sadly INCLUDES man-made WORLD religions. The Jesuits say that if they can GET a child before the age of 9 they have them for LIFE; a life of slavery to their system. “The deceived BUY her lies and sorcery and among their cargo is SLAVES, that is HUMAN SOULS. The fruit for which thy SOUL LONGS FOR is GONE from thee…thy SPLENDOR is LOST to thee…a millstone is placed around your neck [a false, counterfeit IMAGE]…and the LIGHT of a lamp shall SHINE IN THEE NO MORE; and the VOICE of the BRIDEGROOM and the BRIDE are heard in thee NO MORE [The Spirit and the Bride saying, Come!”]” (Revelation 18:8-24)

The disciples [religious mindsets/legalistic, satanic,not born anew of God yet] saw people bringing CHILDREN to Jesus and REBUKED THEM but Jesus said, “Let the children come to ME, and do not hinder them; for TO SUCH belongs the kingdom of God, Truly, I say to you, whoever does not RECEIVE the KINGDOM OF GOD like a child shall NOT ENTER IT” Luke 18:15-17

“Do NOT be CONFORMED to the world.” Spiritual FORMATION by religion is antiChrist. Christ SPIRIT within is for BELIEVERS; external religious laws are for UNBELIEVERS and they are spiritually formed into world religions of the antiChrist system, remain under the law therefore under satan, eating the fruit of his tree, therefore containing his seed. Their father is the devil making them OF the antiChrist system. “Come out of her, my people, lest you TAKE PART in her sins, lest you SHARE in her plagues”

Be transformed IN CHRIST; Holy Spirit will form CHRIST IN YOU! This is TRUE SPIRITUAL formation!

Christ CHANGED EVERYTHING in 0-70 AD, therefore, NOW and is to come IN CHRIST, born to BORN ANEW FROM ABOVE parents of HOLY, RIGHTEOUS MARRIAGE to God as SPIRITUAL SPOUSE and physically married to and EQUALLY YOKED physical spouse, the CHILDREN are born IN CHRIST and are the IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD. This is why PURITY and RIGHTEOUSNESS are so important!

ONLY Christ Jesus can make you pure, like a virgin again, and righteous like a child of God again!!!!!!!

Will THIS be the generation that WAKES UP and RECEIVES the ALL and EVERYTHING OF CHRIST??????? to walk as Christ walked, to be as Christ is, IN THE ONE PILLAR LIGHT OF GOD with no darkness at all???????

Let NO ONE take you BACK before the Christ event that CHANGED EVERYTHING; everything in the world tries to take you back BEFORE THE RESURRECTION of Christ Jesus to try and cancel the GIFT OF GOD to every human being who will WAKE UP and RECEIVE and WILLINGLY ALLOW everything to be made NEW in their spirit and soul and body and life! Those of the antiChrist system have to tell human beings what they are going to do before they do it and get your CONSENT. Therefore we must STAY AWAKE, be watchful, alert, stay in the Holy Spirit true GUIDANCE SYSTEM and CONSENT ONLY TO GOD, not their gods, world rulers of THIS PRESENT darkness, powers, principalities, or spiritual hosts of wickedness!

Abba! Father! thank you for sending Jesus the Christ, the Messiah! Christ Jesus thank you for FINISHING the will of the Father and work of the cross! Thank  you for sending the COUNSELOR, even the Spirit of Truth to lead us into ALL TRUTH!!!!!!! The world does not RECEIVE you or SEE YOU, but you MANIFEST yourself to those the Father sends the Holy Spirit, fire, and anointing to, allowing us to LOVE YOU by pouring the Father’s LOVE into our hearts by the Holy Spirit! “If anyone LOVES me, they will keep My Word [life and Spirit], and my Father will love you, and WE WILL COME TO YOU and MAKE OUR HOME WITH YOU” John 14:16-23


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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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11 Responses to Like a Child 2017

  1. There are many antiChrist spirits in the world, just as there are MANY in the many-membered body of Christ. The DIFFERENCE is IN CHRIST we have ALREADY CONQUERED THE WORLD, and WITH the King of kings and Lord of lords we are ALREADY VICTORIOUS; ALREADY WON and are ONE with our God and Father IN CHRIST!!!!!!!

    ALL his PROMISES and Yes! and Amen!

    John said back in his “time” it was the LAST HOUR and they KNEW it was the last hour of the last days BECAUSE many antichrist spirits had come (1 John 2:18-27). the “times” and “half-time” is another thing…the time was probably the Jews who were not Jews of the antiChrist spirit killing the prophets, apostles and early saints up to 70 AD…the “times” could be the killing of various Christian groups after 70 AD, such as the inquisition, crusades, killing the reformers/saints of the reformation, nazi killing, and half-time could be Isis killing innocents…I just can’t SHAKE that the “shadow” in the Vatican is behind it all…


  2. ginovat says:

    In years of searching for the truth of who we really are in Christ and the glorious life that He has given us through Holy Spirit, I was granted mercy from the Father in leading me to your site. Everything is coming together now in perfect unity. I was never one to be content or satisfied with doctrine that centered more on human effort than Holy Spirit. There had to be a better way of “walking by faith”.

    It’s been a week since discovering your site and a few hours have already been spent reading and pondering over your blog posts and letting the truth soak into my soul. In reality the articles that you’ve written are much more than posts, they are a living testimony to who you are in Yeshua and who we can all be in HIM and how much Father loves us in giving us the privilege to become partakers of His divine nature!!! You are truly a blessing to the body (ecclesia) of Yeshua!

    Yet there is still one perplexing mystery in my walk with Him that has not been revealed that is essential. So I proceeded to visit your Inspired Wellness website. After reading a summary of what the purpose of the site exists for, I knew it was time to take another leap of faith. This is a faith that Father has placed in me that is stubbornly determined to be free in Yeshua. I sent an email to the site in hopes that you or someone like minded in spirit could shine “LIGHT” on this mystery. The only reason that I’m posting a message here is because it appears the other site is not updated as frequently and emails may not be checked as often. I apologize if this is the wrong platform to post this message and you can edit or delete any part of it.

    My closing remarks is a great thanks and blessings to you for the clear way that you present the truth. You are the only one that I’ve come across who actually connects the dots together (which is essential) so that others can easily understand how we are to walk as children of “LIGHT”.

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    • Thank you Abba Father! Christ Jesus is amazing and powerful and ALL we ever need and the WAY to the Father!
      You are correct that inspired wellness is mostly inactive, and is a latter iteration that has grown out of earlier sites as the Holy Spirit has been leading me deeper and deeper into Him!
      I will pray about it and I encourage you to continue praying, asking and receiving, seeking and finding, knocking and opening, and open to hearing and seeing so you can open further when Christ Jesus comes knocking at your Door!
      I truly believe now is the time for ALL to go DIRECTLY to Jesus to the Father. He is no respecter of persons; what he did for one he will do for ALL. Only the Father knows when each of us is RIPE!
      God bless you ginovat!
      God is AMAZING, ASTOUNDING, GLORIOUS, MAJESTIC, all POWERFUL as well as gentle and humble, worthy of praise, dominion, honor, thanksgiving and all glory!!!!!!!

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      • ginovat says:

        The first article that I read on your site was “How to Transform Your Body Through Light”. That was the beginning of finally understanding truth about His Light from someone who was actually living and walking in the Light. The fragmented pieces of truth that I had read from others were now becoming unleavened bread with the discernment of what was leaven (errors and darkness) in their beliefs. Yeshua used you to feed me with the living bread of TRUTH and I have been enlightened.

        I read another Light filled article that is a thorough summation of what the Pastors,
        Ministers, Priests and the Church should teach. This took over an hour to read and the seeds of truth that was planted from this article will continue to grow in me. What a wonderful instrument of glorious Light you are!!! You have immensely helped to forever change my destiny!

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  3. ourkairosnow1017 says:


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  4. Andrea L Evers says:

    I want to expressh how grateful I am to be able to get an email of such love & understanding. it is truly amazing to follow this author & know the Truth & beauty. Love you & all that you manifest !!

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  5. Andrea L Evers says:

    ” I can only imagine” Thank you for so much that you give!!

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