Speak the hard TRUTH in Love

The “prince of the air” has spread lies, deception, fear, doubts, hatred, chaos, enmity, vitriol, division, and a critical spirit against our President and those praying, supporting and seeing the potential and possibilities WITH GOD in Trump.

People are listening to satan’s voice and those satan gives his thoughts, feelings, will and mouthpiece to, to degrade, disrespect, dishonor and incite others to join in…
instead of listening to the Voice of the Good Shepherd,
instead of agreeing with God.

They find themselves yoking with the luciferian agenda, antiLife, antiChrist, antiTruth, antiGrace, antiGlory, antiMercy; spouting tolerance, choice, love and light, but expressing antiChrist sentiments, led by the spirit of the world instead of the Spirit of God, in bondage to satan, unable to choose anything but that which leads them further into bondage…

led by the father of lies instead of the Father of lights…

Father of glory, give us eyes to see and ears to hear the Holy Spirit.

God bless Donald John Trump, Michael Pence, “we the people” and God bless America to be able to BE A BLESSING again to the whole earth, stewarding the hidden TREASURE of God, Christ Jesus, and the mystery of the gospel of the knowledge of the glory, the gospel of the kingdom: Christ in you.

We lift others UP by giving them Christ, not handouts into disempowerment and loss of dignity, not yoking people to the government and religion, but yoked to Christ we are truly FREE with all the endowments and perfect GIFTS from Above from our Father and God, FREE for all in Christ!

“How beautiful for spacious skies for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above thy fruited plain, America, America, God shed his GRACE on thee, and CROWN HER GOOD with brotherhood [with Christ], from sea to shining sea!”

Our blood Brother is Christ! our Friend is Christ! our Spouse is Christ! our new Spirit is Christ! our new body is Christ! our higher Wisdom and Understanding is Christ! our higher Knowledge of God and Reverential Awe of God is Christ! our Counsel and Power is Christ! our King of kings and Lord of lords that makes US kings and priests in His kingdom is Christ!

“Christ is all, and in all” for those who RECEIVE HIM!!!!!!!

The Spirit and Bride say, “Come!”

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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30 Responses to Speak the hard TRUTH in Love

  1. It is a critical time for ALL the earth to turn to God our Father and away from the corruption, lies, and deception of the father of lies; let your outrage propel you into the ARMS of the everlasting, almighty, PURE, holy Love of our Father through the Christ, the Messiah sent for ALL people; who was, IS NOW, and is to come!

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  2. Spirit of Truth, lead us ALL into ALL higher Truth!

    “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”
    “Come to Me and you will find REST for your mind and heart in our Father!”
    “I will pray the Father and he will send you another Counselor, even the Spirit of Truth to lead you into all truth and will be WITH you and IN you forever!”

    Do not trust in government, do not trust in religion, do not trust in the world of men; TRUST IN GOD and the Messiah he sent to FIX what was broken, to HEAL what was sick, to DELIVER you from what was harassing, oppressing, enslaving your soul, addicting, mind-controlling, or possessing you; to FREE you from bondage to lies and deception, to GIVE YOU BACK your true identity in Christ to RETURN HOME to be RECEIVED by our Father, to give you RIGHTEOUSNESS, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit; to be able to live in the kingdom of heaven on earth.

    God is REAL! you are the chosen ones! choose God back! “Come to Me!” grumbling, complaining, criticizing Trump, his family, his wife, his children, just keep you circling around the mountain in the wilderness instead of being lifted up by Christ to take refuge in the Holy One, the righteous One whom you can trust completely…in the midst of…to be a light in the darkness, a city on a hill…

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    • ginovat says:

      The political and religious spirits have definitely attacked this nation and the earth as never before but I am so thankful Yeshua that Your Light shines brighter than any darkness and that even in the midst of great turmoil in this nation MANY will see Your marvelous light and be changed forever and walk as children of Light.

      Ephesians 5:8 for you were formerly darkness, but now you are Light in the Lord; walk as children of Light.

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  3. There will never be peace in the world; peace is found in Christ Jesus. There will always be poor in the world; all are rich in grace and glory in Christ! God supplies all the needs of his children. Come out of the world of lack, limitation, not enough, not good enough, not lovable, not worthy and all the other lies of the father of lies, blaming, projecting, criticizing, degrading, complaining, grumbling, siding with the luciferian agenda to divide and conquer, inciting hatred, violence and trying to push us into a civil war, an oxymoron. Instead of identifying as a victim in the world; identify with Christ Jesus who gives the bread of life, the water of life, and is the DOOR to God our Father to be transformed and transferred out of the dominion of darkness into the kingdom of the Son.

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  4. Great blog! Notice that those who oppose President Trump have been unable to do anything other than hurl baseless insults. It’s largely because Trump’s executive orders are generally viewed by the American people as desperately needed and decades overdue. In little more than a week, his approval rating has skyrocketed to 59%. The whiners are relentless, but the results are real. Imagine an elected official actually doing what he promised during the election. That is wildly refreshing.

    Franklin Graham said that Trump won the election because, “God showed up!” Nevertheless, President Trump and his administration will do many things that, as believers, will make us stand up and cheer. They will eventually do other things that will make us drop to our knees in fear (hopefully to pray while we’re down there).

    What America looks like four years from now will depend far more on the collective actions (or inactions) of believers than on the actions of the Trump Administration. The Lord has given us a four year reprieve. It’s up to us to stand up, stand out, and speak up about all precious aspects of the Biblical worldview.

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    • Thank you so much for your comment! I concur, “It’s up to us to stand up, stand out, and speak up about all precious aspects of the Biblical worldview.”

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    • soulspeak says:

      I so believe3 Franklin Graham indeed. The very day that President Trump, then merely a mighty candidate, rode that escalator down to toss his hat in the ring of fire..I SAW JESUS WITH HIM..Melania got on first and it was as if Mr. Trump saw Jesus and he seemed to say..Lead the Way…and then Mr. Trump got on that escalator. I cried, for I saw Christ our Lord right there with him and I KNEW..IN MY FAITH AND IN MY HEART AND IN THE LIGHT OF MY SOUL..he would be our President..
      I cried glorious tears of happiness for days after he won this election. We are indeed at days ends..and we very much needed our Savior to be in the forfront for all to witness…at work through President Trump and Vice President Pence. What amazing men…Thank you

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      • Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. It is so important for people to know they are not alone in supporting our President and Vice President, and see how God is using them to bring his perfect plans and higher purposes to fruition. In God we trust! God bless you and your precious heart!

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    • ourkairosnow1017 says:

      Yes a four year receive to go out and make disciples of the nation’s not just converts. Amen

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      • ourkairosnow1017 says:

        May we begin to follow Jesus into the Kingdom, laying aside all that is not worthy to be followed and walk this out as a united fellowship, One baptism, One Spirit, One mind, One body the many parts.
        Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Amen

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      • disciples of Christ Jesus! yes!
        “Come to me and I will give you rest; yoke with me, learn from me, I am gentle and humble; I will give you rest for your soul; I will give you light and ease”
        “The Spirit and Bride say, ‘Come…take the water of life for free!”

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  5. Christophe says:

    Yes, yes, yes. Truth is not always nice to hear or easy to tell, but it often needs be told. Speaking the truth requires thoughtful or should I say spiritful consideration though.

    First, we must distinguish opinions from truth: opinions come from the ego, they divide us and bring trouble, whereas truth comes from the spirit, it unites and heals us. We must also check our intentions before speaking to discern whether they are benevolent and selfless, or malevolent and selfish. We must then be careful not to speak it in anger or spite (anti-christ spirit) but in love and humility (christ spirit).

    In any case, it is best to remain silent and still and only speak when God prompts us to.


    • Interesting comments, Christophe. However, the body of believers has been stifled–virtually shutdown–for decades by the cultural pressures of political correctness. President Trump seems to have slashed political correctness with a Star Wars light sword. The opportunity for believers to stand up, stand out, and speak up couldn’t be greater!

      We are all flawed people living in a fallen culture. As such, when we do speak out, we will occasionally error. Guided by the Holy Spirit, the errors will be minimal. We can no longer remain silent for fear of making a mistake.

      Virtually every Biblical hero was flawed and did make mistakes, but God used them anyway. He’ll use us too! Just start speaking; let the guiding words of the Holy Spirit flow. It’s a vital principle of sharing the gospel message and of everything we else we utter.

      The late Howard Hendrix (Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary; Chaplain–Dallas Cowboys) was fond of saying, “It’s much easier to direct a moving object; resurrection is difficult at any level.” Now–let’s grab the ball and run with it. We have at least four years to score often.

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      • Christophe says:

        Exactly right, we must not mistake fear for wisdom. The fear of the Lord might be the beginning of wisdom, but the fear of others or the fear of offending others or the fear of being unpopular are not wisdom. So even as we must look inward in silence to find God and His wisdom, we must not remain silent in the face of error and evil, even if that means going against status quo.

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      • to Dr. Lloyd:
        there are prophesies that say he will be president for eight years
        interesting that I keep getting the prompt to rent Music Man
        and wondering if a con man trying to sell a town on something
        is instead CHANGED by the goodness, mercy, grace and glory of God who calls us in our human weakness and gives us HIS POWER, His Kingdom, His glory to DO what God calls us to do. He doesn’t call us when we ATTAIN something; he calls us in our WEAKNESS, FOOLISHNESS, and equips us with what we need to get the job done; to do the Will of the Father just as Jesus did the Will of the Father to FREE US, transform us into his likeness and image anew!
        Pence is from Indiana and Pence is one letter away from Peace!
        Trump is a warning to this nation which heeded brings us into the inheritance of Christ; we are to RETURN to one nation UNDER GOD, if ignored or rejected or denied, no matter who or what delivers the message, if we do not give the warning, the spilled blood is on our hands. The WARNING: it is full time to TURN to God; it is full time to WAKE from sleep and RECEIVE Christ!

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  6. "Devil's" Advocate (if you will) says:

    Just to put a question out there… God controls all things. He controls who’s in the White House at any one time. If He allowed Trump the White House now, He allowed Obama the White House for the previous 8 years. If Trump is in now for a purpose, obviously Obama was in for a purpose as well.
    Is this not true?

    Let’s not forget that history tends to repeat itself. I am not a fan of unfettered immigration, far from it, I applaud Trump’s attempts to get the border under control. However, his announcement on Holocaust Remembrance Day, banning immigration totally, however temporary, from certain countries (the 7 Muslim majority countries such as Yemen, without regard to the people themselves – a good Muslim friend of mine, the kindest, most real, most gentle, most soft person you could imagine who loves his wife and little girls preciously and he himself agrees with most of Trump’s ideas as he is a liberal and moderate and modern Muslim, would be banned too by lumping him in with the killer terrorists – how right and fair is that?), many Jews lambasted Trump not only for the insensitive date and not mentioning the Jews themselves in Holocaust remembrance, but ALSO and ESPECIALLY – reminding everyone that when the US turned away those boats of Jewish asylum seekers, seeking safety and refuge – where did they end up? In the OVENS!!!

    Something to think about? How about praying history does not repeat itself instead of blindly jumping on the bandwagon of any one person! God allowed Trump in the White House, so did He allow Obama, please think about that everyone. ❤


    • "Devil's" Advocate (if you will) says:

      Also let’s not forget what Trump did NOT do when he banned immigration from certain Muslim majority countries now – he did NOT ban anyone from Saudi Arabia did he?
      Yet, that country and its’ Wahhabi brand of Islam, is the crucible of ALL Muslim terrorism. Do we forget that the majority of terrorists who hit American soil were from here?

      What does this say? Oh yep, Saudis are “allies” read, they have OIL and MONEY the US is dependent on.

      The ban is an illusion for other purposes, perhaps?


      • I do not allow any one to advocate for the devil on my site. I do not will.
        The new heaven and new earth is where ONLY righteousness may dwell and that is the work of the Christ sent from our God and Father by the Holy Spirit who we receive when we come to Christ Jesus. We advocate the Way, the Truth and the Life of God our Father through Jesus the Christ sent for all and who sends the Holy Spirit to all who ask our Father with a sincere, humble heart.
        We have no hatred, unforgiveness, partiality, divisions, politics, government, racism, sexism, agism, scientism, religisms, atheism, socialism, marxism, communism or any other “isms” in Christ who is the Messiah of God our Father and His government is upon our Lord Jesus Christ’s shoulders and has no end; all other governments or empires or kingdoms come to an end, but the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness is now and forever in Christ. We come to Christ and find rest for our soul. Thank you Abba Father.


    • Devil’s Advocate (if you will), I did not initially approve your comment because I do not in any way, shape or form “will” to share any advocacy of the devil or his followers. Followers of Christ Jesus, follow only ONE, the Creator of heaven and earth, and do not “blindly jump on the bandwagon of a person” rather with eyes OPENED TO SEE by and with the Holy Spirit jump on the ONLY wagon to our Father and God, the direct train to God in the PERSON OF CHRIST JESUS! now and forever and ever Amen! Christ Jesus is the Name above all names; unmatchless nature; the Holy One given ALL power and authority in heaven AND on earth now and forever! and we reign and rule WITH HIM in His Kingdom of God now and forever and ever Amen! Christ is the ONLY bandwagon we would ever jump on!

      Spirit of Truth lead us all into Your Truth.

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      • "Devil's" Advocate (if you will) says:

        Well I appreciate the response.

        As for the name, have you not heard of the common term “devil’s advocate” before? It is a well-known term for someone who takes a role to further discussion, hence the (if you will, in other words, for lack of a better term!):
        In common parlance, the term a devil’s advocate describes someone who, given a certain point of view, takes a position he or she does not necessarily agree with (or simply an alternative position from the accepted norm), for the sake of debate or to explore the thought further.

        So, no ill, harm or offense intended, simply questions to further an interesting discussion regarding if Trimp is in office by God’s allowance, so was Obama. One president is not better or more God-ordained than another. Both were there by God’s grace for His purpose, and neither is a savior of any kind.

        I simply can’t understand why some believe that Trump is standing on Jesus’s shoulders while Obama otherwise is thought of as the devil himself almost, by many people. It makes no sense, God is not behind one president and satan behind another. Whoever is in office, is in office, for God’s purpose, to lead the world where it needs to go, for immediate better or worse, for His ultimate good and plan in the end. We have seen where God allowed Obama to go and why He allowed him in office, now we will se where God allows Trump to go and why He allowed him into office. So far, seems a lot more strife, and this is only 10 days in. Only 3 years and 355 days to go. We will see how much more strife there is. Let’s hope it doesn’t get worse.


  7. ourkairosnow1017 says:

    Yes and Amen
    Acts 4:12
    He says it, I believe
    There is only One
    Thank You Yahweh
    Thank You Yeshua

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  8. “What you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, do; and the God of peace will be with you” Philippians 4:9

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  9. In the Hebrew year 5777, Donald John Trump, the new President of America, was inaugurated at age 70 years, 7 months and 7 days! His father’s mother’s maiden name was Elizabeth Christ! President Trumps name is also prophetic” Donald-great leader John-beloved of God Trump-God’s trumpet to WARN us to turn to God and be the SOVEREIGN NATIONALS our Creator endowed us with unalienable RIGHTS to justice, liberty, and FREEDOM for all. The media is twisting everything he is trying to do and using every dirty trick to discredit, dishonor, destroy, devalue, deceive, lie and disrespect our President and get them to jump on the bandwagon of bullying, resisting, slandering, degrading him and his wife and his children. This must stop now! Since when do we not give a human being the benefit of the doubt; instead the MOB MENTALITY inciting hatred and darkness declared our President guilty without even knowing him, just taking the word of those who are PAID to incite hate, discord, disunity, and rioting.
    This morning I saw Jeremiah chapter 17 in 2017 to be prophetic for today where Obama had the potential, as every human being, to turn to God and our “better angels” to “Thy Will be done” and be about the Father’s business, but he chose the fallen angels and what started out sounding and looking wise, in the end he will be seen as a fool (Jer 17:11) but President Trump started out a fool but turning to God and doing His Will and being about the Father’s Business with his anointing, letting the Potter REWORK his clay (Jer 18) into a VESSEL to show God’s TRANSCENDENT POWER, he can potentially end up after eight years all WISE and all will MARVEL at what God can do in a fallen human being in a fallen world.


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