You Belong!

We are all “con men” conformed to the world until we wake up. We have to be born of God, of water AND Spirit, to ENTER the kingdom and SEE the kingdom of God. That which is flesh is born of flesh, sons of Solomon you might say, who STARTED wise and ENDED a fool, saying, “All is VANITY” indulging in concubines and lots of gods; but that which is born of the Spirit is spirit, sons of David you might say, who STARTED a fool with adultery and plotted a murder, but ENDED wise!

Jesus, the LAST Adam, was a son of David! and when we COME to him we become of the lineage of DAVID not Solomon, our HEART belongs to God and it CHANGES our MIND!

Jesus said we have to be BORN ANEW of Spirit, of God, FROM above to SEE the kingdom of God; so it IS with every one who IS born OF the Spirit: the wind/spirit blows where it WILLS and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know whence it comes or whither it goes (John 3:3-15)

You can feel the effect of the wind, see the effect of the wind but not the WIND ITSELF, but you KNOW it because you see the trees blowing, feel the air moving on your cheek. The CAUSE is the Spirit of God, which you cannot see but you can experience the EFFECTS as it moves you, touches you, uplifts you, transforms you from the inside out: thoughts, words and deeds; brings you into deep peace, stillness, silence that is FULL OF GOD’s Presence!

We are sons of David physically in Christ; we are sons of God when Christ is also in us; his Holy Spirit and fire dwell with us and in us!

We either BELONG to Christ or we belong to satan…

Tolerance is of lucifer’s counterfeit light, to tolerate everything fed to you, conditioning you to his mindset, and not able to tolerate or bear the Truth of Christ…

under the luciferian agenda of satan, you have to tolerate more and more things that compromise your true God identity and it slowly kills your soul…

and the fruit of it is the spirits of fear, worry, depression, stress, fatigue, confusion, doubt, lack, limitation, disillusionment, discouragement, misunderstanding, and conflicts. When we hit bottom, we realize our broken-ness; we become aware we have been seeing from a human perspective and not Christ’s higher view with God. For me rock bottom was getting everything I thought I wanted physically, materially, and found it empty. The highest dream I had for myself turned out to be a house of cards. But God’s plan for us is SO GREAT that we need HOLY SPIRIT to conceive it IN US!

I woke up to the fact that I was of the beast mind/conditioned world mind which made me of the harlot. When I was ripe (not good) only the Father knows when that is, the Holy Spirit presented me at the throne and I came back changed, THEN I HAD TO WORK OUT WHAT GOD ACTIVATED, INITIATED, BIRTHED IN ME in his glory. I have to work out what God is working within me, HIMSELF! He remade me NEW, a BRIDE in the MIND OF CHRIST, but I have to CONTINUE to make MYSELF READY (Revelation 19:1-16; Jude 1:17-25; Revelation ch 2-3). Now I KNOW Christ which means I KNOW the Father and I KNOW I am of Christ, of the Bride!

I WAS a harlot, of the beast mind; NOW I am a bride, of Christ Mind; what I WILL BE I do not know but I know we move from grace to grace and glory to glory WITH CHRIST IN GOD! We live, move and have our being/existence/life IN CHRIST as Christ lives, moves and has HIS being/existence/life IN US!!!!!!!

Do not remember FORMER THINGS or consider OLD THINGS or let them COME TO MIND…

take EVERY thought captive to God…

let Holy Spirit transform you by continuously being OPEN to receiving the RIVERS of the Spirit of God which will continuously RENEW your Christ Mind not the beast mind of the world…

NOW I am doing a NEW THING…

NOW it springs forth…

perceive it as Holy Spirit conceives it in your new consciousness…

become AWARE, AWAKE, ALERT, ATTENTIVE to the Spirit, AWED, ALL-IN, ALL CHRIST: God’s light, love, Spirit, and life!

In the flesh we are brides or wives by marriage; in the Spirit we are BLOOD BRIDES, truly become one body and one Spirit with Christ in God!!!!!!!

You belong WITH CHRIST!!!!!!!

“You are Christ’s and Christ is God’s” 1 Cor 3:21-23

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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5 Responses to You Belong!

  1. is it possible that it is easier for women to come to this awareness because men have a more difficult time conceiving of their soul as either a harlot or bride? who need The Bridegroom: Christ Spirit?
    while conditioning my hair, I realized the world, under the god of this world and of spirit of the world, has to CONDITION you to make the lies and corruption go down smoothly so you don’t see the tangled web of deceit…
    and turn to God of heaven and earth and become of the Spirit of God in Christ!


  2. Con men do the conning – they run cons. The ones who are the targets of con men are sometimes called “marks” … it’s interesting in Revelation how the ones so conned are said to have the “mark” of the beast on their hands or forehead … the hands being the symbol of work – i.e., they’ve put their hands to work in service of the beast – hence hands with the mark of the beast … in similar vein, the forehead is the symbol of understanding (foreheads like flint or hard heads, anyone) … so the ones with the mark of the beast on the forehead have really just received the beasts understanding as their own …

    Oh that the Lord would eradicate every mark of the beast in and on me …

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  3. Trey says:

    Awesome post, Yvette! Thank you for brightening my day in Christ!

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