Your Shadow

It is time to stop following your shadow; it is not real. Following your fears and focusing on the negative just gets you more to fear and adds to the darkness of the world.

The light outside of you casts shadows; ask and receive the Light of the world within you. You are Loved too much to continue in such hate and darkness; too valuable to be separated from the Light and Love of God any longer…

united we stand; divided we fall

Let us unite in the Light of God; no one is excluded from coming to the Light and walking forward united to do great exploits with God, led by the Holy Spirit instead of a shadow…

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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to Your Shadow

  1. Isn’t that funny! Or amazing! I woke up this morning thinking about invisibility. How so often I have felt invisible, even inaudible where speaking truth is concerned. But I don’t know why that should puzzle and trouble me like it does … clearly those without the Spirit can not understand the things of the Spirit. So, I suspect as we learn and grow and move closer to the kingdom, to Yeshua – to that place of living in unity with Him – that we should become less and less visible / audible to the world …

    I’ve often puzzled about Enoch, who walked with God, returned to his people, walked with God again and eventually was gone from them – never to return again. The writer says “God took him” … whether that was literal, or simply that Enoch walked with God until he could bear his people / the world no more and simply remained in the wilderness with God until his death, I don’t know. I don’t think the writer knows either … however it happened, it is still appropriate to say “God took him”

    Interesting to look at the life of Yeshua – early on in His ministry, throngs saw Him – the feeding of the 5000, 4000, etc., but after His death and resurrection, only His followers saw Him and then after the ascension, no more – except for what He says in John “I will not leave you alone … I will come to you”, etc. So only those with eyes to see and ears to hear, see and hear Him now. He has become “invisible” to the world – and visible only to those who receive Him and those whom He is calling to Himself.

    What’s interesting about someone who is invisible? They do NOT cast a shadow. The Light shines through and through – there is no darkness within to cast a shadow.

    So I woke with an understanding that the invisibility that has perplexed and grieved me so with this world – with my own family – is natural – it is part of the process of “going and growing with God”. It’s why we write songs, blogs, erect altars, dig wells, or otherwise “leave our mark (testament)” – it marks where we’ve been for any who come after … but we don’t remain there, we move on – until that day when we are seen no more and are fully with Him and the only shadow that remains, is cast by what we’ve left behind.

    Interesting too that the church that is visible – man’s church – traditional church, is visible precisely because they remain with the altars they’ve built – to defend them – to gild them – they are visible because they have stop moving with the Spirit. And Yeshua’s Church? His Spiritual temple – His body It is not so easily viewed because it is moving in and with the Spirit – it is not anchored down by the things of this world.

    Shadows are cast only by dead things. There are no shadows in the Spirit.

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    • thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Jack!

      “What’s interesting about someone who is invisible? They do NOT cast a shadow. The Light shines through and through – there is no darkness within to cast a shadow.”

      great insights!

      “Shadows are cast only by dead things. There are no shadows in the Spirit.”

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