Shaking Mindsets

You no longer want to be a part of the mind of the world,

come out of her,

through the open Door

to freedom,

from the prison mindsets of the world’s kingdoms,

to the Kingdom Mind,

not set in stone,

but flowing with the ever-renewing River of Spirit,

the ever-renewing Mind of Christ: the new heaven on earth now and is to come from glory to glory to glory to glory to glory to glory to glory to glory to glory…

You no longer can stand to be a part of the world mind–to put it bluntly, it is a prison mindset of the antiChrist spirit, the ruling spirit of prison mindsets–causing all stumbling and falling–loosing your balance–loosing your mind–loosing your peace–loosing your inheritance in Christ.

“Come out of her, lest you take part in her sins, lest you share in her plagues” (Revelation 18:4)  (4 is the number of completion in the world under the god of this world; 7 is the number of completion in God, the Creator of heaven and earth)

Her mindset, the Queen Mindset of the hive mind, the consensus trance of the world is OF the antiChrist mindset. She is arrogant like queen bey (symbolic) who demands others bow down to her baal-ness and her babylonian fertility rituals, distract the masses-put a “spell” on you; flattery like the black “abomination” (metaphorical) who told you what you wanted to hear while he took freedom from you; and the counterfeit christ, like the white and black vicar, jesuitical (deceptive/fakery/hypocritical), on both sides of every conflict because they are on the hidden side of antiChrist spirit (allegorical).

It is found in all mindSETS of the world, humanism, atheism, agnosticism, gnosticism, all prisms of world mindSETS and world religions including churchianity, denominations which all have a mindset set in stone as does the roman catholic church; mindsets that replaced the original pure Mind of Christ OF the Spirit of God after 70 AD, the great tribulation, the “shattering of the holy people” the Jews who were not Jews but the synagogue of satan. The Kingdom of heaven on earth, Christ’s Mind flowing with Holy Spirit river, was given to the remnant and the Gentiles: every nation, tribe, tongue and people groups on earth.

My spirit really resonates with the 70 years of Daniel’s prophesy being 0-70 AD: the birth of Jesus, God with us, Immanuel, The Christ sent for all humanity, to the complete destruction of the external temple, no stone left unturned in 70 AD. The 40 year grace period between Christ Jesus’ ministry 30 AD to 70 AD, the patient forbearance of our Father, the loving kindness that all would come to repentance, like Saul who persecuted Christians to Paul (from a mind set in stone to Christ Mind), all were given merciful time to turn from the world and antiChrist mind to the Kingdom Mind of Christ flowing with the Holy Spirit.

“Do not be afraid, for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you Christ’s Kingdom”

We are either of the world mind of the antiChrist spirit or we are of the Kingdom of Christ of His Mind. We are either fed by media, hollywood, fallen stars/angels/spirits, world leaders of this present darkness or we are fed by Christ: his Word and Spirit.

The Holy Spirit and fire shake and burn old mindsets; we can’t know and partake of something that is beyond the consciousness we are in. You  may think a religious spirit is better than an atheist spirit but they are both of the antiChrist spirit. The Christ Spirit is for all; none are excluded; we can only exclude ourselves by allowing the world’s mindset to continue in us, being fed from satan’s tree of the knowledge of good and evil instead of waking up and receiving the Light of Truth and Life of Christ to feed from His Father’s tree of life.

We can do nothing of our own human will power except try, try and try, which results in getting more and more trying. But when we are clothed with fire Power from on high and breathed by the Holy Spirit, we are overcomers, more than conquerors in Christ, with his renewing Mind, renewed continuously with the Spirit rivers from above, out of heaven from God, into our spirit and soul and body. The new temple that houses our perfected spirit and completed soul yoked with Christ, the glory returned to the temple! the latter glory greater than the former!

Jesus did everything he saw the Father doing; now see what the Holy Spirit is doing and join in! we hear the Voice of the Counselor and we are led to the springs of Living Water!



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I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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6 Responses to Shaking Mindsets

  1. the ones who got to enter the promised land were the two out of twelve who gave a good report, seeing the potential, possibilities and promise of God, trusting the Word and Spirit of God,
    unlike the ten who gave a bad report from their faith in fear and doubt and unbelief, walking by physical sight instead of spiritual senses


  2. it has nothing to do with what is on the outside, what label you wear or role you have taken, white or black, religion, culture, nation, tribe, or people group…
    it has everything to do with what is in the heart,
    and if the Destroyer can use your mind for an hour,
    if you yoke with his mind,
    instead of Christ’s Mind.
    “As you think in your heart, so you are”


  3. it seems everything of Christ is “now and is to come” for all,
    and everything of the antiChrist kingdoms push everything good to the “future” to make you accept their slavery and bondage now…to enrich only themselves


  4. If John in 1 John said, “it is the last hour” and “we know it is the last hour because many antichrists have come” so very long ago, isn’t it about time we just believe and receive in faith through grace the Promise of the Father now: Christ in you!
    Just this one thing will transform everything…won’t it?


  5. If Jesus prayed the Father for us to be one as they are one, and gave us everything he inherited, even his glory as co-heirs so we can become perfectly one with our Father, all I can say is I am all in!
    I choose to walk by faith not by sight, to take every thought captive, to let Holy Spirit keep me in the Mind of Christ, to walk straight not veering right or left, led by the Holy Spirit!
    I trust the Word and Spirit of God; it is the only thing that is eternal and a new heaven and new earth now, here, and is to come from glory to glory. I’ve had foretastes and nothing can keep me from living the end from the beginning and the new beginning from the end here and now in the fullness with Christ in God! All are called, few choose to enter in…why?

    Father I thank you for sending The Messiah for all human beings. Abba Father I thank you for the finished work of the cross. Let it be done in us on earth as it is in heaven. Father open the eyes of our hearts to see as Christ sees. Father pour your Love into every heart by your Holy Spirit. Father, pour your Spirit upon all flesh. Father, I thank you for the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, thank you for the Spirit of Counsel and Might, thank you for the Spirit of the knowledge of Christ and the Fear of the Lord, thank you for Holy Spirit upon and in us, even the Spirit of Truth to lead us into all Truth! Amen.


  6. Loving Him loving me right now, warmth, melty liquid love, more than relaxing, beyond words, when entered into, it spreads and increases. I could just stay in your Arms forever. It is for all…just let him Love you…open your heart and receive all our Father is waiting to give you…there is so much more to life than what is seen with your physical eyes…


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