Safe Refuge

Just come through the open Door of Christ Jesus and let our Father love you with a love you always longed for but didn’t think you deserved, thought you were not worthy of, not good enough or didn’t matter enough to receive…

that you are unloveable, unworthy, not good enough or not enough is the lie of the Deceiver…

God is Love; God is Light without any darkness at all; and holy, righteous, pure Spirit and Truth…and He loves everything he created for he is Love. He Loves you and wants a relationship with you so he can pour His Love into your heart though Holy Spirit and revive all that is hidden, lost, covered over…the Son, the glory of the Father, Christ’s image and likeness!

This is the Truth;

you are not an orphan or a widow in God,

you are a son of our Father and a bride of the Son!

Thank you Father! pour your Spirit upon all flesh! Come Home to the Father, the only true, safe refuge for your heart. He is gentle, humble and all Powerful…

Your heart is safe with Him…

and so is everything else!

About NewHeavenOnEarth

I am my Beloved's and He calls me His own!
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3 Responses to Safe Refuge

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  2. yes, our Father Loves you too; that is why he sent Christ Jesus…

    open up your eyes, ears and heart and allow Him to Love you like you have always wanted to be loved, but never thought you could be held, comforted, accepted, and embraced, warts and all.

    His perfect Love knows what your heart needs right now and its depth is below the darkest past, its height beyond the greatest joy you have ever felt

    and it fills the holes left from living in a culture of death and darkness,
    and heals the wounds of uncomforted hurts,
    and comes into our weakness and makes them His Strength.

    Thank you Abba Father! We come and lay our head on your bosom and find a place of rest. You wrap your arms around us and we enter your heart where we have been carried from before the foundation of the world…a truly soft place to fall into nurturing, nourishing, healing, reviving Love once again…


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